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(Next in line, please)   Halle Berry on getting her Hollywood walk star: "I cannot tell you how good it feels inside me right now. I wish you all could be inside me right now to know how it feels"   ( divider line
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1533 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 03 Apr 2007 at 10:44 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-04-03 09:35:50 PM  
Me too, Halle.
2007-04-03 09:54:31 PM  
And just think. If this were a statement from paris hilton, we could all be next in line.
2007-04-03 09:56:41 PM  
Got damn she is gorgeous.
2007-04-03 10:10:12 PM  
anyone know how much the stars pay for those "stars" on the walk of fame?

They are required to pay for them.

Dom Roark: Got damn she is gorgeous.

Yes, yes she is.
2007-04-03 10:14:42 PM  
Yet Willford Brimley gives the same speech and everyone starts looking at their watches and claiming they've "got a meeting they are late to." There is NO JUSTICE IN HOLLYWOOD!
2007-04-03 10:15:19 PM  
Some of the best headlines really do write themselves. ;~)
2007-04-03 10:21:51 PM  
Every straight man, lesbian, and even a few of the gheys do too.

Sooo damned hot.
2007-04-03 10:27:17 PM
2007-04-03 10:28:16 PM  
Halle Berry on getting her Hollywood walk star: "I cannot tell you how good mathmatix feels inside me right now. I wish you all could be inside me right now to know how mathmatix feels"

oh yeah, thats it say my name, say my name...

a lil slap and tickle?:
2007-04-03 10:29:57 PM  
2007-04-03 10:10:12 PM PlagiarizeMe

I once heard something like 15k, just to get on the walk of fame and the best spots on the walk are 100-300k....

just what i read in the last couple of years, couldnt provide you a link... i just know it was discussed when donald trump got a star on the walk....
2007-04-03 10:33:32 PM  
2007-04-03 10:28:16 PM mathmatix

I don't know where you got that image but it reminded me of the Con Ed (or sewer) worker in a crew I saw on a major Brooklyn thoroughfare walking home from the subway to work tonight.

Some joker had spray painted "I Dig Men" on the back of his Hazmat suit.

- Repressed homosexuality for the win?
2007-04-03 10:34:28 PM  
mathmatix: I once heard something like 15k, just to get on the walk of fame and the best spots on the walk are 100-300k....

one of my good friends was approached by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to get one a long time ago...they told him he had to pay for it and he laughed at them. THey never told him the price.

Funny thing is this came up over beers last week.
2007-04-03 10:41:39 PM  
I'm going to jump on the "Halle Berry is hot" thing.

Wish I could jump on the "Halle Berry" thing, but that ain't going to happen ever.
2007-04-03 10:49:26 PM  
My cousin, Gerry Bucci, is being enshrined next month. I have no idea what it costs, but Merv Griffin is apparently footing the bill.

In case you are wondering, he was an ABC technical director for many years, working on Soap, Who's the Boss, Wide World of Sports, etc. His wife appeared in the early season credits of Soap as an extra seated behind the sisters.

But, yeah...Halle Berry is hot. Waaaaaaay hotter than Uncle Jerry.
2007-04-03 10:54:32 PM  
I am only commenting to say that I, too, have heard the 15K figure, but Wikiwikiwikipedia says that the "star" must kick in 25K just to cover the actual ceremony.
2007-04-03 10:55:09 PM

This thread needs more pics, here to help!
2007-04-03 11:03:36 PM  
Oh dear God...I was thinking the exact same thing.
2007-04-03 11:21:48 PM  
Better late than never...
2007-04-03 11:21:56 PM  
I wouldn't normally say this about any man, but...I'd take sloppy seconds from Samuel L. Jackson if it was Halle Berry. Just sayin'.
2007-04-03 11:33:08 PM  
We can't all fit in there at once, so everyone please be respectful, form an orderly line, and take turns. I'll let you know when I'm done.
2007-04-03 11:34:59 PM  
So hot in Swordfish
2007-04-03 11:47:33 PM
2007-04-04 12:05:10 AM  
2007-04-03 10:33:32 PM brap

beerfest, that scene he thought he was going home with something like halle berry but ended up with something more like barry white....

/must watch for farkers, imo
2007-04-04 12:39:18 AM  
I'll settle for humping her new star.

/david justice is the gheyest person, ever
2007-04-04 12:57:43 AM  
submitter: (Next in line, please)

2007-04-04 01:21:04 AM  
She wants everyone inside her? I thought it was her ex-husband with the sex addiction. Although for the record I fully encourage hot chicks to suffer from sex addiction. It makes the world a little more tolerable for all mankind.
2007-04-04 01:42:31 AM  
Weird Al was passed up for that sack of poorly acting antlers?

Jeez. The walk's as horrible as the Oscars are, now.
2007-04-04 02:06:10 AM  
2007-04-04 02:19:55 AM  
I took my sons to see the first X-Men movie. When we were walking to the car afterwards, they were talking about which X-Man they would like be. The eventually asked me, "Dad which X-Man would you be?" Without missing a beat I said, "whoever's dating Storm."
2007-04-04 02:25:33 AM  
Since I'm no worse looking than Billy Bob Thornton, I guess I've got a shot.
2007-04-04 02:38:54 AM  
I second, or third, the me too sentiment.
2007-04-04 03:52:47 AM  
I don't know about what she said, but on an unrelated topic, I'd like to put my penis inside her.

OOHhhhh wait, I just got it.
2007-04-04 08:17:13 AM  
Halle Berry is hot? Since when?
2007-04-04 08:38:38 AM  
I think it's telling that this thread has none of the usual "I don't see why people think she's hot" comments that almost every other thread gets. We're pretty much all in agreement that she is farking hot.
2007-04-04 09:02:45 AM  
She's one of the finest pieces of arse around... I really can't see anything much better than her. But, something must be wrong. She must not put out or something, because no man should have the power to walk away from her.

That being said, I'd hit then til I couldn't hit no mores.

//oh well. Love her.
2007-04-04 09:19:07 AM  
Oh dear God I would smack that ass till my pecker fell off. Then I would kill myself, because after tagging that, life could only go downhill.
2007-04-04 10:26:48 AM  
I'd hit it like John Henry, steel-driving man.
2007-04-04 12:31:07 PM  

Uh, no.
2007-04-04 01:25:26 PM  
The Glass Dragon Uh, no.

Fark translates into braille??!?
2007-04-04 02:02:38 PM  
I'm inside her every my dreams of course! My only question in life is how does a man get lucky enough to get someone like her, oh and yes I'd do her hard and many many times!
2007-04-04 02:30:46 PM  
So hot.

2007-04-04 04:59:55 PM  
"I'm so grateful that I could be the vessel of my people on the Hollywood Walk of Fame"
2007-04-04 05:16:00 PM  

2007-04-04 05:17:31 PM  
The Glass Dragon: Halle Berry is hot? Since when?

since August 14, 1968
2007-04-04 05:31:13 PM  

She was 18 way back in 1968?
2007-04-04 07:10:11 PM  
2007-04-04 01:25:26 PM frequencyfarm

You win at teh intartubes. Isn't it kind of a gay thing to have glass dragons anyway? Maybe that was soo last year.
2007-04-04 09:13:22 PM  
Hallie Berry is how my mom knew I wasnt gay when I was a wee boy.
2007-04-04 09:34:58 PM  
Like I was fisting an angry god.
2007-04-04 10:29:57 PM  
Gratuitous, lurid frat boy comment concerning extremely unlikely sexual congress with Her Hawtness.

/Sweet JE-SUS, YES!
//(Fumbles around for Swordfish DVD)
//Well, gotta go!
2007-04-05 01:02:59 PM  
I'm an inside Halle Berry and I'm really getting a kick out of some of these replies.
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