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(ABC News)   If you plan on robbing a bank, do not do a search for "how not to rob a bank" on your computer   ( divider line
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2007-03-30 02:27:27 PM  
Well, duh. You search for "how to rob a bank," not "how not to rob a bank."

Dumbass farking moran.
2007-03-30 02:38:06 PM  
Well, this article just jumped to the first entry on those search results
2007-03-30 02:42:02 PM  
2007-03-30 02:47:45 PM  
2007-03-30 02:51:58 PM  
If only he had told her that he loved her, she might not have dropped a dime on his ass.
2007-03-30 03:13:38 PM  
So is that a typo or did he really google "how not to rob a bank?"
2007-03-30 03:16:10 PM  
seb42c: "how not to rob a bank?"

looking out for ways that other people got caught.

/such as: "results from your search: #1: "don't leave incriminating evidence on your computer that documents what steps you took to premeditate this crime."
2007-03-30 03:18:38 PM  

a-ha! wow, i'm a little slow today.

#1: "don't leave incriminating evidence on your computer that documents what steps you took to premeditate this crime."

2007-03-30 04:56:40 PM  
2007-03-30 06:08:11 PM  
Darwinism, while not always fatal, does indeed exist...
2007-03-30 06:10:17 PM  
Idiot... "to" and "a" don't get searched for. Pish, n00b.
2007-03-30 06:15:02 PM  
"Most times when citizens get involved, relaying honest and accurate information about what they see, it's a benefit to the investigation," police Capt. Timothy Menard said.

With detective skills like that, I'm amazed he got caught.
2007-03-30 06:15:50 PM  
I just searched that.
2007-03-30 06:16:49 PM  
way to incriminate people who click your link dillenger
2007-03-30 06:27:52 PM  
People don't erase their cookies and internet cache? Amazing!
2007-03-30 06:28:46 PM  
Is the Dumbass tag on a break?
2007-03-30 06:29:50 PM
2007-03-30 06:35:21 PM  
Ooo, cyberclues!
2007-03-30 06:37:57 PM  
This woman was smart enough to be able to figure out what he had searched on her computer but was so dumb as to let some guy she met on the internet stay with her, use her computer, and then borrow her car?

/Me thinks we will be seeing her on a milk carton some day.
// Unless that whole Nigerian investment thing pays off for her
2007-03-30 06:41:49 PM  
"Hot not to rob a bank"?!

I have no idea.

Does that mean I'm a bank-robber?
2007-03-30 06:53:06 PM  
someone make an ehow for this.
2007-03-30 06:59:42 PM  
......and in other news. Am I the only one getting sick of that "" ad with the woman dancing and then ending up holding her head with that offended look on her face?


/Ok. carry on...
2007-03-30 07:42:29 PM  
Reminds me of that google search for "slaves" where the add on the right says "Looking for Slaves? Click here for top notch prices!"

I just searched for it, and it looks like google removed it.
2007-03-30 07:42:53 PM  
People don't erase their cookies and internet cache? Amazing!

People have internet caches? Amazing!

/Seriously, you want that stuff on your hard drive even temporarily?
2007-03-30 08:05:03 PM  
"How to rob a bank I AM NOT STEPHEN COLBERT"
2007-03-30 08:59:54 PM  
My favorite way to not rob a bank is to stay at home and drink some beer.
2007-03-30 09:03:42 PM  
that's the same way I don't rob banks as well. Works pretty well for me.
2007-03-30 09:48:44 PM

Laundering. To clean... no, uh, here it is. To channel money through a source or by an intermediary.

It doesn't really help us, Michael.

Ok. We're looking up money laundering in a dictionary.

Yeah, well, you guys can both eat my ass, ok?
2007-03-30 10:01:22 PM  
Only a nerd would Google how to commit a crime.
2007-03-31 01:32:35 AM  

Ooo, cyberclues!

It was Colonel Mustard in the StarBunks with the Logitech limited edition red mouse.

Am I right?
2007-03-31 07:10:29 AM  
That may be why I am mysteriously the only one not catching hell in the office atm off our boss - I have an application in for the Army as a Combat Engineer (which they dont know about) and have been Wiki'ing topics such as

- assault rifles and ammunition rounds
- shaped charges
- anti tank weaponry
- land mines
- IED's
- thermobaric weapons
- improvised explosives
- .50 cal Raufoss rounds

... for quite a few months now. Looking at that list again in retrospect, actually I am half expecting a visit from someone soon...
2007-03-31 11:13:51 AM  
I got someone comming to my one of my websites yesterday searching for "how to attack stirling castle." Hence to say I emailed the king.
2007-03-31 03:08:35 PM  
Well, I'm a natural blonde, but I wouldn't do an internet search on HOW TO or HOW NOT TO rob a bank, the guy diserves to get caught if he's that farking dumb!!

But on a lighter note, it made me giggle!

Indeed, "Darwinisim" still thrives!
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