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(Reuters)   As expected Vista sales at one month were double those of XP over its first month   ( divider line
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9178 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2007 at 7:58 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-27 09:29:47 AM  
rpm: Effective? That POS that *requires* setup programs to run as install? That lessens security.

Ack. That should read setup programs to run as admin.
2007-03-27 10:05:25 AM  
serutan: Hey.. I think I know her.. Yea I banged her last thursday..

/Not really... Don't tell the wife... :)
2007-03-27 10:13:32 AM  
So it looks like Windows hasn't lost any market share in 7 years. Glad the alternative OS market is making such great strides.
2007-03-27 10:27:56 AM  
I remember when XP came out; every geek I know was chomping to get it, including several that managed to get it on LimeWire or such months before the "official" release.

With Vista? I know a grand total of one person running it. I do know three people that have returned computers they bought with Vista pre-installed, and one who rushed out to buy a laptop the weekend beofre Vista was released so that he could get one with XP instead.
2007-03-27 10:30:37 AM  
I am stuck with either Windows or Apple O/S for the sort of work I do on my home PC, unless Reaper comes out for a Linux distro... and even then there will be soundcard / control surface issues, I'm sure.

The only thing I see enticing about Vista is its allowance for over 3gb of mem. At some point it may become a neccessity, but for now it isn't.

Other than that, folks in the same boat as me (the 'if it aint broke' boat) have no need for this OS at all. And this is where MS has a problem.. they need to come out with something 'new' enough to justify it being something other than a service pack for XP... because after all, they are here to make money, not continue refining older products for nothing. And a good % of the user base really just wants service packs.
2007-03-27 10:47:54 AM  
Just because you can do it doesn't mean most people can.

Meh. I typed "apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql". Then I pressed "Y" for "Yes, I want to download and install". Then I got a beer. When I came back it was done and I had myself a file/web server. Backups came next, but I do that client side with a really simple cron-jobbed script - no different than a batch file in Windows.

Linux is so hard. Maybe one day we'll get advanced enough to ask for registration, demand a reboot after every little install and maybe some other annoying crap while charging you disturbing amounts of money to set up a call center in Bombay. In the meantime it's for basement dwellers and tinkerers mostly.
2007-03-27 11:53:43 AM  
The Bing: I'm getting a new laptop this month but am being forced to purchase a Dell, my parents opened a line of credit with them to finance our house full of Dell's and i've got no choice. I tried to go through their whole "you build it" configuration to come away with something useable and their ENTIRE line of shiate comes pre-packed with Vista. Not only that, the "variety" that they offer doesn't even involve things like HD size and extra RAM, you only get to start having options when it's time to pick an additional external battery or a customized case. Joy.

/DIAF Dell

You fail teh internets. Start from scratch and don't choose a pre-configured system and you can modify to your hearts content on all their model lines.
2007-03-27 12:19:50 PM  
Its because its Mandatory in all new computers and laptop... Its paid for once you buy that new PC...

Sorry but I rather get my Computer at
2007-03-27 12:21:50 PM  
Vista is stoopid
2007-03-27 12:44:02 PM  
PoopStain: On Dells Home/Home Office site??? Do tell?
2007-03-27 01:01:31 PM  
I've had Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition for about 3 months now. I have mixed feelings for it, but my overall satisfaction has been better than that of Windows XP in the early days. It's a freakin' solid system, even though my system isn't brand-spanking new.

When I first installed it, I had compatibility issues with VS2005 and SQL Server 2005. These problems have since been patched with the various service packs, so it's smooth sailing for me at this point. The only issue I have now is with SQL Server 2005 Express edition. For some reason it won't patch correctly through Windows Update (SQL Server 2005 Enterprise did all right). I'm assuming this is because I had a SP2 beta for the Express Edition.

For the last 2 months, I've made it a goal of mine to learn the ins and outs of the new Windows Presentation Foundation. This is the graphics layer that replaces the old GDI. I tell you: even though it may be a biatch to learn (anything new is), it's one hell of a jaw dropper, even for the tech-demos I've shown to a few people. Of course, I've been learning the raw XAML, but my graphic designer is already starting to pick up on the new Microsoft Blend (beta 2). This is an awesome opportunity for graphic designers and programmers to actually work better together, IMO.

/my 2 cents
2007-03-27 01:03:58 PM  
why are you guys thinking you're lessening the impact, simply because Vista is pre-installed on computers? The fact that Microsoft has that infrastructure in place is even more impressive than the sales figures.

you think they even care about what they make from over the counter sales? thats a drop in the bucket.

besides, XP was pre-installed on everything too, so the ratio still stands.

/getting a mac for my next purchase, but still like to argue.
2007-03-27 02:14:52 PM  

why are you guys thinking you're lessening the impact, simply because Vista is pre-installed on computers? The fact that Microsoft has that infrastructure in place is even more impressive than the sales figures.

Because MS is lying.

besides, XP was pre-installed on everything too, so the ratio still stands.

However, when XP first came out you could still get 2k from the OEMs. Try to get XP at an OEM vendor you can't. You want to know why? MS is trying to inflate their sales figures.

A prime example is that we just ordered a BUNCH of laptops from Dell. They came pre-loaded with Vista (not our choice), with XP disks. However, we don't support Vista and don't plan to any time soon. So guess what? MS gets to count that as a Vista sale, even though Vista will never be used.
2007-03-27 02:35:40 PM  
2007-03-27 02:39:50 PM  
MindStalker: PoopStain: On Dells Home/Home Office site??? Do tell?


I just did it, choosing a mid-range E1405 Inspiron, clicking on the "Continue and Select Services" button, choosing the cheapest support contract, and BAM! I'm right into processor choice, one of 8 choices I'm going to have.

The only thing you don't get an option on is the OS on the home lines, you're stuck with a variant of Vista.
2007-03-27 03:12:58 PM  
I'd have to agree with those talking about these numbers coming mostly from new computer sales. It sure as hell isn't coming from off the shelf sales. I haven't seen one store where it was "sold out" or even where shelves were becoming bare. Beyond that, everyone I've spoken to about it has had very little good to say about it.

For the time being, unless you're a gamer, there just aren't many good reasons to make the switch...and even if you are a good gamer, you better have a hell of a rig if you want your games to run as well as they do in XP.
2007-03-27 04:07:39 PM  
PoopStain: You obviously don't know what modify to your hearts content means. I remember back when you were offered real options on Dell's site. Not just Do you want TrueLife crap glossy or a regular screen.
2007-03-27 04:52:11 PM  
I bought a new Delll XPS in February with Vista Ultimate preloaded. Yes, there were a couple of bumps in the road -- primarily with keyboard and mouse drivers. But they were quickly resolved and all said, I had more issues when I upgraded from Windows 98 to XP than I have this time around. Every other driver and piece of software that I've installed on this PC runs fine -- and without having it in compatibility mode.

Lotsa hostility in this thread. Nothing like a good OS debate to bring out the nerd herd hatred!
2007-03-27 06:00:17 PM  
Donald_McRonald: Can someone tell me why there are MS fanboys?

It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.
/switched to Linux a few months ago
//Life is just fine
2007-03-27 06:10:34 PM  
im just waiting for someone to write a really long post about why their computer operating system rules and why everyone elses sucks...

yup...there it is...about 400 times....

awesome. your all losers.
2007-03-27 06:54:47 PM  
awesome. your all losers.

Nothing like a simpleton who doesn't know how to use an apostrophe calling other posters losers.

/typical bushleague supporter
2007-03-27 09:12:34 PM  
I just finally got it free from my rebate coupon.
Have xp on main HD, vista on second.
2007-03-27 10:58:02 PM  
Do you think we'd have gotten anywhere in the game industry if every nintendo system was required to play SNES games?

Playstation 2 did pretty well since all games from Playstation 1 would run on it. Playstation 3 isn't doing well since it's wonderful, glorious pile of the same-old-same-old. Plus the fact that their smaller competitor came up with a new and creative alternative.
2007-03-31 08:29:31 PM  

Simply b/c the sound recording software predates Vista and a "patch" wouldn't be available within 1 week of Vista's release, let alone 6 months.
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