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(Some Guy)   450 miles of crap. World's longest yard sale this weekend   ( divider line
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7178 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Aug 2002 at 1:49 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-13 09:38:39 AM  
The only thing I hate more than yard sales, are the people that go to them and buy stuff like underwear. *shudder*
2002-08-13 11:07:19 AM  
and haggle over the price of it. $.75 is just too expensive for three used pairs of underoos.
2002-08-13 11:08:48 AM  
I wonder if they will have any of Stimpy's nose goblets for sale?
2002-08-13 01:53:58 PM  
farked already? after only 83 hits?? maybe they should take their profits and buy a decent server!
2002-08-13 01:54:46 PM  
Well if they have any common sense, one of the things available at the yard sale will be the server that hosts the site. Slightly Farked server, $1.00 or best offer.
2002-08-13 01:56:29 PM  
Must be a follow-up, cos I remember someone beating me to the punch on a Burt Reynolds joke last time.
2002-08-13 01:56:29 PM  
server farked

yeah, I'll buy 2 of what those people consider shiat
2002-08-13 01:59:02 PM  
Darn, and I thought tradersworld was the largest crap hole
2002-08-13 02:01:44 PM  
Yard sales are great! I bought a rare old set of VW wheels for $60 this weekend and already had several offers of $1000 for them. No, not $100, a thousand.
2002-08-13 02:02:34 PM  
National Lampoon's Yard Sale Vacation
2002-08-13 02:03:59 PM  
Shiat, I guess I know where my grandmother will be this weekend.
2002-08-13 02:04:18 PM  
450 miles of crap? Enough to choke a donkey.
2002-08-13 02:05:55 PM  
Well, the site is farked so I couldn't read it, but I think I've heard of this before. Some suburban/rural highway has yard sales all along it. Last time they had this, there were TONS of car accidents as people would stop suddenly if something caught their eye.

You would be well advised to avoid that highway on yard sale day.
2002-08-13 02:08:15 PM  
I got my wife at a yard sale.

</true story>
2002-08-13 02:11:25 PM  
I got your wife a yard sale too!

(Sorry just funnin')
2002-08-13 02:13:17 PM  
Weird, I sold my wife at a yardsale. Hrrrmm.
2002-08-13 02:14:56 PM  
Hitting yard sales for newborn kid clothes, buying outfits for 25 cents that the kid wears once then they grow out of them... why should I pay $15 in the store for those? Just wash them before wearing (their kid usually only wore it once anyway).

Plus you can find some eBay gems.
2002-08-13 02:15:38 PM  
A yard sale would be a good way to get rid of annoying kids.
2002-08-13 02:20:10 PM  
Stupidest idea ever, everyone should just sell their stuff on Ebay instead.
2002-08-13 02:21:08 PM  
I just can't get enough Kleenex dispensing doll-heads. God bless this camper.
2002-08-13 02:22:48 PM  
The headline made me think of the "cable-laying bassett hound" from the Mr. fat Ass thread...
2002-08-13 02:23:34 PM  
I never say this but I'ld love to go the South this weekend!! What fun!
2002-08-13 02:25:50 PM  
They have a great big garage sale every spring in one particular snooty section of my city. what I can never understand is how these people manage to have full tables of stuff to sell year after year after year...

Still, I will admit to finding garage sales fun. Course, I'm a chick. It's sort of genetic.
2002-08-13 02:29:05 PM  
People who shop yard sales to find things to sell at flea markets or on eBay are a bizarre white trash subculture. My aunt had people knocking on her door at 5:30 AM on the day of her last yard sale, trying to get first dibs on any good stuff. These people are frightening.
2002-08-13 02:31:48 PM  
I think this is a repeat.
2002-08-13 02:32:33 PM  
Rifter: Want her back?
2002-08-13 02:33:11 PM  
Damnit Zchamu, you give the rest of us the whole chicks love shopping stereotype. I hate yard sales, I hate shopping. About the people who have crap to sell year after year after year -- watch one table for about 30 minutes. I guarantee they get up and go buy more shiat they just have to have. By this time next year, it will be on their table to sell.
2002-08-13 02:34:13 PM  
HGTV had a show on last years flea. There was some interesting stuff out there. Some people would take a week vacation and drive the entire strip.
2002-08-13 02:35:13 PM  
Yeah Scoots! I live for VW's. Good score on the wheels, bro.

I love love love yard sales. I love kitch junk. I love tacky crap. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of cool crap that I buy and don't have room to properly display. I rotate my crap from those boxes into currently displayed stuff and vice versa. I cannot get enough junk!

Send me your cool junk, pleeeeze?
2002-08-13 02:36:15 PM  
Bunch of inbred, mouth-breathing....

Oh, wait, I live smack in the middle of Appalachia.

2002-08-13 02:37:13 PM  
Maui: they're original Empi Raders. If you're into vintage speed, you know how rare and sought after they are. Never thought I'd see, much less own, a real set.
2002-08-13 02:37:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
is it a yard sale? or lawn decorations?
2002-08-13 02:40:50 PM  
I do have a good yard sale story though. When we were seniors in high school, my twin sister and I were forced to man our family's moving sale table for about 3 hours without adult supervision. Neither of us liked the idea of selling our crap to strangers and we got bored easily as there were almost no strangers to sell to. At one point we started outlining our bodies on the driveway with tape -- tried to make it look like murder victim outlines. Old people in our neighborhood actually got a laugh out of that one and we were amused for at least 20-30 minutes. The highlight of the day was when some old lady picked up a clown doll that we hadn't touched in years. She made some remark about the pretty necklace it had on. The necklace turned out to be one of those fat 80's neon shoelaces fashioned into a noose. We just let her buy it and take it home with her necklace and all. Okay, not a good story but I still get a laugh out of thinking of the old lady handing a doll with a noose around it's neck to her grandchild.
2002-08-13 02:42:48 PM  
Scoots: I travel to VW shows all the time up and down the east coast. I will be watching your website and will hit one when my schedule permits. I have 2 busses ('77 Westy and '71 Transporter w/ sunroof) and a convertable Karman Ghia. Yard sales are awesome places to get old VW stuff. I got a tent for a bus for $50 and a 6V generator for free. I am on the lookout for the toolkit that fits over the spare tire on the bug. I found one years ago, pre-vw days, for like $10. Passed it up. What a chump.
2002-08-13 02:43:37 PM  
Shreen Classic!
2002-08-13 02:47:32 PM  
I had a yard sale once. Sold it, too. Now I never have to mow.
2002-08-13 02:49:48 PM  
Maui:that spare tire tool kit goes for SERIOUS money nowadays, though you can get a repro for about $120. My club is having our annual show on September 1st. If you're on the East Coast it's worth the trip--250+ cars, swap area, vendors, etc.
2002-08-13 02:51:37 PM  
[semi-related plug]

I just cleaned out my parents' attic, and next week I will be selling all of my retro-80s toys on eBay.

(Real Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, Police Academy, Chuck E. Cheese, Blackstar, Go-Bots, etc.)

Of course, FARK's beer fund will grow $25 with the official announcement once I get it all listed.

2002-08-13 02:59:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

But you need yard sales for such things as fish ashtrays
2002-08-13 03:01:17 PM  
live entertainment and so much more
Um, do I want to know what the "live entertainment" is?

Course, I'm a chick. It's sort of genetic
And a babe, which is also genetic. Ye-ep, I'm lame.
2002-08-13 03:04:55 PM  
Hey Stompn_Tom: I'll give you $1.00 for that fish ashtray.
2002-08-13 03:32:22 PM  
one mans crap is another mans shiat.
2002-08-13 03:33:32 PM  
I have to admit,I live 10 miles from this yardsale and I will be there, Slayer I'll look for the Stimpy mug for ya.
2002-08-13 03:45:48 PM  
can you say 450 miles of mullett watching uhhhh, enjoyment?
2002-08-13 04:05:37 PM  
I dont remember yard sales when I was a kid. But every month or so, my Dad would load up our little utility trailer with trash, and haul it to the dump. Then we would return home with an even larger pile of other people's trash.

Now, 50 years later, I still have the urge to stop and salvage the motor out of abandoned dishwashers.

If "Alice's Restaurant" had happened in my hometown the scavengers would have picked that pile of garbage up and taken it home with them.

Gotta be genetic.
2002-08-13 04:16:41 PM  
Alabama Nuff said.
2002-08-13 04:23:45 PM  
Alabama isn't so bad. I grew up there, and I've only farked a couple of my cousins.

2002-08-13 04:46:20 PM  
My mom took me to the yard sales and flea markets, and I learned two basic rules:

1. No matter how cheap it is, nothing is a deal if you don't need it.

2. If you aren't excited about selling an item you can't expect anybody to be excited about buying it.
2002-08-13 05:38:53 PM  
Anyone check out the link for Apparently they specialize in "hamfests"...what the fark is a HAMFEST?????
2002-08-13 05:52:23 PM  
I have a 1971 Husqvarna 400 dirtbike I rescued from the dump. All it needed was a paint job and an ignition coil. It's a monster.
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