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(Some Guy)   Caption this picture of German chancellor Angela Merkel waving her hands in the air, like she just don't care   ( divider line
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26629 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2007 at 9:27 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-25 08:39:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Now is ze time on Schprockets ven ve make der Jazz Hands.
2007-03-25 08:43:07 AM  
"Don't just stand there. Let's get to it. Strike a pose. There's nothing to it. VOGUE"
2007-03-25 08:43:47 AM  
"They're down there, but I want the implants to bring them up to right about here"
2007-03-25 08:45:52 AM  
'he was this long, he almost split me'
2007-03-25 08:52:08 AM  
"So the French were all like this, right..."
2007-03-25 08:52:45 AM  
Halt... Hammerzeit!

2007-03-25 09:03:10 AM  
Damn my shoulders are stiff. Where the hell is Bushie?
2007-03-25 09:17:50 AM  
Tony Blair (second row, far right) says, "I'm looking for one that big too!"
2007-03-25 09:32:30 AM  
i freeze in carbonite
2007-03-25 09:36:35 AM  
ever played zee forty hands?
2007-03-25 09:36:57 AM  
"Look Fuer, I can write my name with no hands"
2007-03-25 09:42:18 AM  
Shizer porn. SFW
2007-03-25 09:42:22 AM  
"Woah, woah. Hold up here. No one told me this was going to be such a sausage-fest."
2007-03-25 09:46:01 AM  
Gentleman! pleaze, be patient. Theirs plenty of Merkel to go around, but I can only do two or three of you at a time!
2007-03-25 09:46:08 AM  
"Hold on, One at a time, This isn't a Bukkake flick... Yet"
2007-03-25 09:47:23 AM  
"Weibchen, please."
2007-03-25 09:58:53 AM  
"I vil pas on zee rubbing of zee shouldars thees time mr boosh!"

spelling fonetically is fun!
2007-03-25 10:05:50 AM  
Kim Il-sung, you have 10 seconds to give me a rim job in order for you to keep your nuclear weapons.
2007-03-25 10:08:50 AM  
I'm a mime in a glass box.
2007-03-25 10:12:37 AM  
Ten! Ten politicians! Ah ah ah ah ah!
2007-03-25 10:25:55 AM  
"No wait a moment, I have a good joke! Why are the avenues in Paris lined with trees? ..."
2007-03-25 10:32:41 AM  
Keine Fett-Weibchen
2007-03-25 10:39:44 AM  
"I think the guy behind me has a gun. Either that or he is just happy to see me..."
2007-03-25 10:46:00 AM  
"Interference....Number 84, defense.......First Down!"
2007-03-25 10:55:43 AM  
I am the real Slim Shady
2007-03-25 10:58:00 AM  
Hey fellas, wanna join me in doing some tai chi?
2007-03-25 11:01:30 AM  
"Ze roof, ze roof, est ist on FEUER!"
2007-03-25 11:02:31 AM  
I did ten of these guys at one time! Suck it, Condi!
2007-03-25 11:10:05 AM  
Hey George, want to play pattycakes?
2007-03-25 11:10:54 AM  
I bow down before David Hasselhoff.
2007-03-25 11:15:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-25 11:18:50 AM  
Don't shoot, Yank! Bugs Bunny! Coca Cola! Betty Grable! Komerad, komerad!
2007-03-25 11:22:29 AM  
"Okay, guys, silly poses for this next one."
2007-03-25 11:22:31 AM  
"Raise ze roof!"
2007-03-25 11:23:02 AM  
"Zee German wo-men have penises ZEES big!"
2007-03-25 11:30:30 AM  
"5....4....3....2....1.....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVEEEE YEAAAHHHH!!!!!......guys? AW C'MONNNN!"
2007-03-25 11:33:03 AM  
Up in zee air like thees? Unt while everyone ees watching? Oh Bushy, you naughty naughty boy!
2007-03-25 11:42:17 AM  
"no meenz no!"
2007-03-25 11:49:38 AM  
Now is the time for Germany to rise up, but first we must get down! Raise the roof!
2007-03-25 12:25:58 PM  
Who farted, y'all?
2007-03-25 12:38:08 PM  
"I am NOT touching that!"
2007-03-25 12:50:45 PM  
I'm in yur EU, finishin up mah 6-month rotatin presidenciez.
2007-03-25 12:55:34 PM  
Der Käse ist alt und schimmlig. Wo ist die Toilette?
2007-03-25 01:08:34 PM  
See, you should only trust a politician *this* far. Which is about as far as you can throw him, off a cliff.

... did I just say that out loud?
2007-03-25 02:22:52 PM  
"One of zees things iz not like ze other, one of zees things just doesn't belong..."
2007-03-25 02:48:43 PM  
Zis ist zuperior form fur baby shotpoot!
2007-03-25 04:58:00 PM  
"Raise your hand if you want a beer"

It was the sheepish grin that made me realize that she was not, in fact, two people.
2007-03-25 05:02:31 PM  
No blood on my hands! we voted NOT to invade!
2007-03-25 05:56:20 PM  
A genuine political issue? I ain't touchin' that.
2007-03-25 06:59:26 PM  
"Using carob instead of chocolate makes it so much lighter!"
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