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(Some Guy)   Woman Stabbed After Taking Man's Beer   ( divider line
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2112 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jul 2001 at 4:03 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-07 04:44:51 AM  
2001-07-07 04:45:21 AM  
Goddamit, this isn't the masterbation thread! Ignore my last post!
2001-07-07 05:34:29 AM  
it doesn't say if she took it from his fridge or from his hand or off a table or what. i mean, he's obviously an unbalanced psycho, but it would give us an idea exactly how imbalanced.
2001-07-07 06:05:04 AM  
Meat: aint no way some biatch could get a beer from a man's hands. At least not by force, (a little nipple might coax it from him though).
2001-07-07 06:30:56 AM  
i totally disagree, ig-88. maybe she was a badass and he was some dork. obviously, he isn't an ideal specimin of manhood, as evidenced by the fact that he stabbed some chick in the chest or whatever. plus, maybe she just snatched it real quicklike. a man's advantage is in strength, while a woman's advantage is in agility. (strictly averages here.) i mean, normally you don't just squeeze the shiat out of a beer while you're holding it. if he didn't see it coming, she could have grabbed it all fast.
2001-07-07 06:47:07 AM  
LOL, I wasn't talking seriously, it was meant to be a stab at the fact that only boobies have a higher attraction than beer. But whatever...
2001-07-07 08:38:14 AM  
Well, I can see throwing her out, but stabbing? Man, now that's a man desperate for a beer.

Maybe it was a a pride thing. I hear a lot of people treat pride very seriously....and will even kill over it. Me, I've been a corporate slave too long to have any pride left. I'm willing to just buy another beer and consider anyone who steals my beer a loser.
2001-07-07 09:29:19 AM  
we would have more details about how she grabbed the beer if the reporters could have ridden in the ambulance

..."how exactly did you take the beer?"

"fark you, I'm bleeding"
2001-07-07 10:47:05 AM  
She deserved what she got. Dude's chillin' in a trailer, and she takes his beer? (I wonder was it Bud, Milwaukee's Best, Icehouse...?) I mean, what else is there to take from him?

Never rub another man's rhubard. Whatever that means. I think I heard it on the first Batman movie.
2001-07-07 10:50:52 AM  
Can I be first to praise such brilliant use of the "Obvious" tag please? I damn near went out and danced naked in public laughing at that.
2001-07-07 11:23:02 AM  
Took the words right out of my mouth, Gotman264.

2001-07-07 11:24:12 AM  
Erm... Goatman.
2001-07-07 12:03:48 PM  
While I don't think the stabbing is funny, I find it hilarious that it's labelled obvious. Because it's true.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-07-07 12:58:51 PM  
2001-07-07 01:06:29 PM  
The woman probably was a skanky whore, and she should be brought to JUSTICE for taking A MAN'S BEER! Anyways, she deserved what she got. (Sorry If I upset anyone...)
2001-07-07 01:14:06 PM  
Happened at a trailer park, say it aint so
2001-07-07 01:46:48 PM  
Yeah, everything's funny on Colt 45 isn't it.
2001-07-07 02:58:23 PM  
Don't fark with a man's beer. Beeeyotch.
2001-07-07 03:22:46 PM  
After the stabbing the man told the woman to go get him another beer and to not bleed on the farkin can!!!!!!!!
2001-07-07 05:08:37 PM  
Another website stated that the couple were having sex.
The guy put his beer down to flip her over AND thats when the little whore decided to sip it.
how DARE she.
2001-07-07 06:27:24 PM  
i work at a bar/restaurant... nobody talks to me though, because im not old enough to serve beer :-( Ohhh well.. well not really.. but some of them think im mean,, cause when they ask for beer i have to tell them to ask someone else. *cry*
2001-07-07 11:35:47 PM  
Just out of curiousity, how old do you have to be to serve booze in the US? In Canada it's 18 (to drink it's 19)
2001-07-07 11:47:25 PM  
Kat, being underage (not going to a lot of places people drink) probably is sighing at the chauvinism(sp?) here. It's one thing when we put down women in every day senses. this is a beer-stealing (even though few non-drinkers would grasp the importance of this) skanky HO, not just any girl. she deserves all of it. farking biatch.
2001-07-08 04:03:38 AM  
i thought she was sighing because she's always wanted to stab some chick for stealing her beer.
2001-07-08 04:45:20 AM  
... Or maybe trying to figure out how to steal a beer without getting stabbed???

- I'll have mine to go, please....
2001-07-08 04:47:09 AM  
Sorry, that was mean and nasty and totally uncalled for.

But totally irresistable.

- I'll have mine to go, please....
2001-07-08 11:08:50 AM  
It's O.K. She was a Lesbian! Two men fight over beer all the time.
2001-07-08 02:35:43 PM  
To my knowledge, you have to be 21 to serve it.. and i know 21 to drink it.
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