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(Some Guy)   Top 15 unintentionally funny comic books panels   ( divider line
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53090 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2007 at 2:50 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-21 09:11:47 PM  
Hee... that last one was pretty good.
2007-03-21 09:17:43 PM  
Does anyone know what issue of superman has superman donkey punching wonder woman?
2007-03-21 09:26:19 PM  
Gave me the LOL
2007-03-21 09:32:47 PM  
Green, please.
2007-03-21 10:44:10 PM  
These are funny, but where's the one of superman taking off his belt with the boy crying in the foreground
2007-03-21 11:05:58 PM  
2007-03-22 12:22:49 AM  
So that's a list of books written by Frank Miller, right?
2007-03-22 12:50:32 AM  
Oh, you didn't!
2007-03-22 02:31:46 AM  
Every single one of those and more can be found at
2007-03-22 03:03:24 AM  
Give Batman a squeeze and he'll spit at you!
2007-03-22 03:06:00 AM  
I loved the one about Joker's boners.
2007-03-22 03:07:41 AM  
I couldn't help but chortle with blatant disregard to my sleeping suitemates at the last one.

2007-03-22 03:08:33 AM  
That was a good review, even though it's a rip off of Superdickery. And I think Number 3 looks too fake! But overall, very funny :D
2007-03-22 03:09:35 AM  
So... what is the old definition of boner.
2007-03-22 03:10:14 AM  
2007-03-22 03:16:18 AM  
For the record, "butt-stroked" means being smacked with the butt of a rifle.
2007-03-22 03:16:21 AM

Lots more at Mister Kitty's stupid comics.
2007-03-22 03:19:55 AM  
I remember reading the "Lois' morning after" comic when I was younger. She was sore because she had been spanked by a robot.
2007-03-22 03:22:53 AM  

For the record, "butt-stroked" means being smacked with the butt of a rifle.

Don't do it too hard, though, or it could lead to a serious boner.
2007-03-22 03:24:13 AM  
it's not a ripoff of superdickery for people who just want to see 15 of them and not wait forever for the page to load.
2007-03-22 03:25:54 AM  
Good stuff. I don't see how this is a ripoff of superdickery anymore than it was that when the idea for superdickery started - the founder took a bunch of panels that people posted on a message board and made a site out of it.

If it was more than 15 entries on a blog - say, - then yeah, it'd be a ripoff.

It's all funny and I enjoy them both just the same.
2007-03-22 03:26:22 AM  
captain america, I command you to - WANK!
2007-03-22 03:26:59 AM  
hockeyguy3066: So... what is the old definition of boner.

A real boneheaded move. "I pulled a boner" essentially means "I farked up" in the parlance of our times.
2007-03-22 03:29:06 AM  
2007-03-22 03:30:49 AM
2007-03-22 03:31:35 AM  
And perhaps the granddaddy of them all
2007-03-22 03:32:42 AM  
And perhaps the granddaddy of them all
2007-03-22 03:33:48 AM  
Heroic Poser: So that's a list of books written by Frank Miller, right?

I believe this to be a masterpiece of crap. (pops)

I think the next issue is going to have Wonder Woman in it. May God have mercy on us all.
2007-03-22 03:39:30 AM  
Not unintentional, but still farking awesome.
2007-03-22 03:40:57 AM

Truer words were never spoken.
2007-03-22 03:45:23 AM  
2007-03-22 03:46:05 AM  
Pink kryptonite?
2007-03-22 03:47:28 AM  
There's one issue of Batman where he pulls some female reporter over his knee and spanks her.
2007-03-22 03:55:52 AM  
OMG I started crying because I couldn't start laughing out loud because it would wake up the wife, but AHAHAHAHAHA
2007-03-22 04:04:20 AM

This is one of my all time favorites.
2007-03-22 04:17:42 AM
2007-03-22 04:24:45 AM  
Why aren't these all taken from Chick tracts?
2007-03-22 04:33:52 AM  

2007-03-22 04:36:51 AM  

Joker has two grand daddies?
2007-03-22 04:50:10 AM
2007-03-22 04:56:05 AM
from the Superman newspaper comic strip, ca. 1940's
2007-03-22 05:07:51 AM  
Oops, someone had already posted the Captain America hadn't loaded when I first read the thread. Oh well, it's worth seeing twice.
2007-03-22 05:13:46 AM  
Wasn't there one from the incredible Hulk, something about fighting with a horrible one-eyed monster?
2007-03-22 05:34:07 AM  
Oh God, this is so redundant. Not the first ripoff of Superdickery -- not the first ripoff of Superdickery on Fark, even.

But I am laughing so loud I'm afraid I'm going to wake up the neighbors. This shiat slays me. Keep duping this until I get tired of it, please.

/easily amused
2007-03-22 05:39:35 AM  
LOL! Superdickery is hilarious! Here's my favorite:
2007-03-22 05:43:34 AM  
LMAO, that's harsh.
2007-03-22 05:46:11 AM
2007-03-22 05:48:05 AM  
Hey I heard that there was a picture of Captain America being commanded to wank. Can someone post it?
2007-03-22 05:54:20 AM  

I'm pretty sure most of us have two grand daddies...

/unless, of course, one of your parents was...I dunno...hatched.
2007-03-22 05:59:12 AM

Coffee, meet Keyboard. You're going to be very close from now on. Or at least until I get some paper towels.
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