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29367 clicks; posted to Foobies » on 20 Mar 2007 at 11:22 AM (7 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-20 12:30:57 AM
That's just disturbing.

/...disturbingly AWESOME
//or maybe just disturbing.. :-/
///not subby!
////i deny clicking that link o.O
2007-03-20 12:41:35 AM
Jesus got my letter!
2007-03-20 12:44:56 AM
I love the Internet.
2007-03-20 12:48:24 AM
no they didn't...no please tell me they, oh god they did. Jesus Christ...is nothing sacred?
2007-03-20 12:50:31 AM
Rule 34 strikes again.
2007-03-20 12:53:27 AM
Raydr: Rule 34 strikes again.

Beat me to it.
2007-03-20 12:55:29 AM
I have rarely been sad to be a human, but here we are.
2007-03-20 12:56:37 AM
Ghostbox: is nothing sacred?

Is that stupid farking annoying commercial *sacred*?!?!?!

2007-03-20 12:58:53 AM
Awesome, I needed new wallpaper.
2007-03-20 01:01:52 AM
2007-03-20 02:18:26 AM
Raydr: Rule 34 strikes again.

2007-03-20 02:31:52 AM
Quote. Buy. Fap.
2007-03-20 02:58:15 AM
I remember someone linking to a forum discussing Erin Esurance where people proudly posted pictures they drew themselves.
2007-03-20 03:23:18 AM
i used to work for esurance. if they only knew this existed.

that being said, it's the dumbest thing i've ever seen.
2007-03-20 08:21:10 AM
I'm glad I clicked that link, because I didn't know what the fark Erin Esurance was. Now I do!
2007-03-20 10:25:03 AM
The Esurance people are NOT going to be happy about this greenlight.
2007-03-20 10:45:59 AM
ArbitraryConstant: Raydr: Rule 34 strikes again.


According to Google, Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.
2007-03-20 10:56:10 AM

According to Google, Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.

No way. I'm putting this to the test. Okay, let's see...

Campbell's chicken noodle soup. Find porn of that.
2007-03-20 03:10:02 PM
Oh, good.

I thought I was the only one.

2007-03-20 07:44:19 PM
Hahahahahaha, oh man. I was looking at a TGP the other day, and I clicked on a picture... and it took me to another TGP that had rather disturbing links to pictures of The Simpsons and The Incredibles having sex. Truly bizarre, and disgusting.
2007-03-20 08:09:19 PM
Figures she's shaved. What ever happened to the natural look?
2007-03-20 08:41:31 PM
2007-03-21 01:58:01 AM
Crap. You have to register? Fooey. And I'm glad she keeps herself trimmed. Untrimmed pubes are almost as gross as armpit hair on women, even corporate cartoon mascot women.
2007-03-21 02:19:34 AM
well i remember the 'which cartoon character would you most like to diddle' TFD thread a few weeks back, i guess that crowd is happy about this. they also seemed to like kim possible as well. im sure thats around somewhere.
2007-03-21 08:04:54 AM
Dirtball: Campbell's chicken noodle soup. Find porn of that.

No way, because I have absolutely no desire to type "Chicken Noodle soup porn" in my search bar.

/at work
2007-03-24 04:54:12 AM
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