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(IndyStar)   Legislators claim that lobbyists' gift don't influence voting patterns   ( divider line
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2123 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Mar 2007 at 11:06 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-19 08:09:34 AM  
Congressman Steve Buyer, the arrogant dildo who is the root of much of the problems in the transition from career civil servants to outsourcing in the VA, is from Indiana.

This man has done more harm to our nations veterans than
most of our wars. He is a criminal. He has been selling our
guys down the river while attempting to do pretty much what
dollar Bill Jefferson did. There needs to be some light shown upon his crooked butt, but with so much corruption in
Washington, it looks as though he will get away scot free.
2007-03-19 08:38:43 AM  
Then why do so many companies have policies in place prohibiting their buyers and excecutives from accepting gifts from suppliers? Because their employees are not as moral as Hoosier politicians?
2007-03-19 09:28:05 AM  
Infamous Dr. X: Votes" are not for "sale" in the sense of "here's an envelope full of cash, vote no". It's a little more complicated than that, but just as scary.

That was an excellent post. I agree. Peoples conceptualization of politics is too often a cartoony caricature, rather than an informed opinion. Snidley Whiplash is neither a lobbyist nor a congressman.

However, recently some of the scandals coming out of congress seem like cartoonish super-villany.
2007-03-19 10:00:18 AM  
SunOfSam: The fact that you bring up the Jefferson when

yeah, I know ... I know ....

we're supposed to b talking about 'republican corruption,' and I dare to bring up an example of democrat corruption and pass water into your punchbowl, and ruin your party with a little dose of the truth about one of your party faithful.

my bad.
2007-03-19 10:18:14 AM
2007-03-19 10:38:02 AM  
Would you fark a fat chick if she bought you a brand new $50,000 car?

Same argument.
2007-03-19 11:15:55 AM  

I think jefferson fits right in a thread about unfair influence on our legislators. I don't care what letter goes behind your name, if you're a congressman and you've got 90,000 dollars of unexplained cash stashed in your freezer I'd like to know why that is.

speaking of which, I haven't heard a damn thing about this in quite a while, does anyone know anything about the investigation into this mystery money?

as for the article, it's laughable.
lobbyists are there to influence congress people, that's what the gifts are for and everyone knows it.
2007-03-19 11:55:03 AM  
As Jess Unruh used to say about politics in Sacramento, "If you can't eat their food, drink their booze, f*ck their hookers, and still not vote for them, you don't belong in this town."

/I think they're all dickheads, personally.
2007-03-19 12:04:56 PM  
I think of the "they blew up Congress" scene in Mars Attacks on a regular basis. Usually while watching the news.

/No, I'm not a terrorist, I just think it's funny
//Please don't hurt me FBI
2007-03-19 03:20:15 PM  
Hate to break it to you guys, but tons of research on this has been done.

Money does not equal votes (which would be bribery and is illegal), meaning lobbyists do not buy votes or donate to change a position (unless an outright bribe).

What money *does* do is get the already-'pro-cause' recipient to actively further promote the giver's position.

Take the Dairy Council, for example, although they are all pretty much the same:

They don't give money to candidates, or later, officials, who do not support dairy subsidies. They *do* give money to candidates/officials who *do* support the subsidies. And then they give them more money. That money effectively turns the official into a lobbyist for the dairy people and that official then works hard to get subsidies passed by talking his friends into voting for them.
2007-03-19 06:49:10 PM  
You know, it's stupid shiat like this that gives Indiana a bad name. I swear, sometimes we still think we're some small-town, nobody pays attention to us kinda place. It's just ridiculous.
/but not a ridiculous as Pat's muscrat...
//inside joke
///Go Butler!
2007-03-20 09:23:45 AM  
pvd021 : OK yeah I would in a minute but I have had loose morals when free of the shackles of marriage. Did I say that?
Well having been married 24 years and now a widower I haven't had much practice in a while.
In the not too distant past a legislator who I respected said the Lobbyist provided a service by educating congressmen to issues they had little or no knowledge of.
That could be true if the congressman has morals.
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