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(Seattle PI)   Ship hits whale at sea. Pulls into port with dead 40ft whale stuck to the bow. (with pic)   ( divider line
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22315 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Aug 2002 at 2:39 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-11 12:30:16 AM  
"Officials were deciding . . . what to do with the carcass."

May I suggest

[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-11 02:43:38 AM  
Um, okay, I can't really see the whale in that picture.
2002-08-11 02:44:49 AM  
2002-08-11 02:46:58 AM  
Hey.. I got ya whale right here..
2002-08-11 02:47:58 AM  
i'm sure greenpeace will be involved next, complaining that ships shouldn't be steaming through known whale locations. sigh
2002-08-11 02:48:27 AM  
I think it is better then just clubbing them to death
2002-08-11 02:49:09 AM  
It looks like there's no whale.
2002-08-11 02:53:39 AM  
It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you to the truth.

2002-08-11 02:56:21 AM  
Click on the pic to make it bigger,there's something big stuck there,Rosie?
2002-08-11 02:59:05 AM  
Another case of whaleicide. Sad, someone should do something.

Like remove the testicles from a member of Greenpeace...yes....
2002-08-11 02:59:43 AM  
Ok the picture sucks because it looks like just wake from the boat. the boat is standing still. make it bigger you just see where the whale got split like licky split! Wowza! Green Peace is crap their pants and cry!
2002-08-11 02:59:53 AM  
I'd like to see the sucker jump over a rock wall now.
2002-08-11 03:00:36 AM  
Andyall: i'm sure greenpeace will be involved next, complaining that ships shouldn't be steaming through known whale locations. sigh

Known whale locations:
1) The Ocean
2) Sea World

That pretty much covers it. I don't see how hard it can be to avoid them.
2002-08-11 03:06:14 AM  
Japan has always gone out of its way to kill minkes despite the world-wide ban on whaling. This, for example.
2002-08-11 03:08:11 AM  
I'd hit it.
2002-08-11 03:09:03 AM  
Whew, I thought it said they killed Minka.

I'm so relieved.
2002-08-11 03:12:19 AM  
Okay, taking bets on how long it'll take a 'sensitive' farker to cry about how whales are 'beautiful creatures' and 'shouldn't be subject to such insensitive remarks'.

I say ten minutes.

Wait, what does Bevets think about whales?
2002-08-11 03:17:48 AM  

I was actually counting on an Anna Nicole Smith remark in the first ten minutes. I'm pleasantly surprised.
2002-08-11 03:19:16 AM  
Little snot-nosed Tommy: "Is he gonna be alright uncle Lare?"
2002-08-11 03:20:11 AM  
I've always wondered what whale would taste like. Fish? Chicken? It's not like you can pick up a good few pounds of Shamu at the local supermarket.
At least not at the ones I've been shopping at.
2002-08-11 03:20:17 AM  
Umm, guys, it's just roadkill. Around here we don't have a wake or an inquest every time some possum or 'coon freezes in the headlights. Let nature take its course. That carcass will fall off soon enough.
2002-08-11 03:21:50 AM  
I'm so sick and tired of all you Farkers cracking jokes at this poor animal's expense.

Whales are beautiful creatures and shouldn't be subject to such insensitive remarks.
2002-08-11 03:25:04 AM  
In soviet benihana, whale impales you!
2002-08-11 03:29:34 AM  

9 minutes 31 seconds.

Thanks, Rightmindx!
2002-08-11 03:30:35 AM  
rightmindx, say it like you mean it.
2002-08-11 03:34:33 AM  
In other news, the Japanese whale research fleet begins collision drills next week.
2002-08-11 03:45:29 AM  
"Officials were deciding . . . what to do with the carcass."

Here is a tip, don't put dynamite in it like they did in Oregon.
2002-08-11 03:45:52 AM  
with pic hmmm... Wheres the mangled corpse????
2002-08-11 03:47:47 AM  
More info on the Oregon Incident
2002-08-11 03:56:57 AM  
mmmmmm! chunky style!
2002-08-11 04:33:24 AM  
blubber about it
2002-08-11 05:01:59 AM  
"The rats of the sea" as the japanese would say, before blaming it for killing starving children in africa. And then eating it.
2002-08-11 05:18:39 AM  
The whales will take their revange for this offence.

Dolphin Shock Troops,

Orca Heavy Assault Units,

Blue Whale Aircraft Carriers...

Plus they have all these creepy mind and water powers...

They can't be stopped.... not by us mortals.
2002-08-11 05:35:36 AM  
i live in alaska and ive treid whale, it is disgusting, i dont know how all those natives did it, its sortof like beef for a few seconds then it gets all oilly and the sick taste stays in your mouth for hours. youd be better of getting shot in the face with a shot gun than eating whale.
2002-08-11 06:48:08 AM  
Sure it wasn't Anna Nicole Smith?
2002-08-11 06:51:15 AM  
They should have paid better attention to the "Whale Crossing" signs!
2002-08-11 07:34:26 AM  
Whale make great venizen sausage.
2002-08-11 08:06:51 AM  
Feh, photoisland won't link my "Nuke the Whales" poster.

Gotta nuke somebody.

2002-08-11 08:24:44 AM  
Found this on the net
"It's against the law to kill a whale; if a ship hits one accidentally, the captain must report the incident immediately"

That must be terrible waiting for the police to show up and everything.
2002-08-11 10:05:31 AM  
thanks Nmhansen for the link. if you want to see this in video go here for fun with dynamite.
2002-08-11 10:17:14 AM  
or if one remembers how to use html, go here for fun with dynamite
2002-08-11 10:22:52 AM  
The article says the captain didn't know where or when they hit it... We all know that's a lie, I felt like I bounced over a speed bump when I hit a squirrel.. That whale HAD to have made at least a little bump in the water... I mean how many times to you hear a loud thump at the front of the ship? Speed reduced when the extra drag is introduced? The rank smell of fetid meat as you drag a carcus hundreds of miles? The line of sea Gulls (the real rat of the sea) and hungry sharks forming the dinner line... Something?!?
2002-08-11 10:23:09 AM  
one final try. go here

and if it doesn't work this time cut and paste this:
2002-08-11 11:09:54 AM  
..and in other news, Rosanne Barr hasn't been heard from since she decided to take a swim off her yacht........

2002-08-11 01:53:33 PM  
I can just see the whale telling his friends (just before it happend)

"dudes try this, its such a rush"
2002-08-11 03:08:10 PM  
Should have used that new navy sonar to scare the whale away from the ship....
2002-08-11 06:41:39 PM  
whales are meat and blubber...but newtons are fruit and cake...
2002-08-11 07:56:02 PM  
Minke. Heh, heh. Say it to yourself in a French accent, like Inspector Clouseau... "Is thees your minke?"
2002-08-11 08:06:34 PM  

You can make ANYthing taste good as sausage.
2002-08-12 04:17:39 PM  
Curious: That was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for the link.
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