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(ABC News)   Colorado Avalanche kills two. Damn, they usually can't even beat anyone in the Western Conference   ( divider line
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2433 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Mar 2007 at 6:42 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-14 06:48:01 AM  
Should I feel guilty if the water I raft on this Summer may have come from snow which killed someone? I mean, I want to have a good time, but I'd hate to be a dick about it.
2007-03-14 06:48:42 AM  
Well played, subby.
2007-03-14 06:54:51 AM  
Hate to rain on your stunning display of ignorance here, but...

Colorado's record vs other western conference teams - 27-26-6
2007-03-14 06:57:28 AM  
The Obvious tag,it confuses me.
2007-03-14 06:58:46 AM  
Since skiing has inherent risks, no do not feel guilty.
You can feel kind of icky though.
2007-03-14 07:01:12 AM  
*golf clap*
2007-03-14 07:06:28 AM  
+1, I LOL'd
2007-03-14 07:09:27 AM  
Shame about the avalanche.


Stunning indeed.

/not Subby
2007-03-14 07:17:34 AM  
VoterApathy: Well played, subby.

and how.
2007-03-14 07:23:08 AM  
Wake me up when Calgary goes to the playoffs 10 straight years with 8 division titles.
2007-03-14 07:34:02 AM  
thank you skeezmo
2007-03-14 07:35:45 AM  
Subby, I LOL'ed here at work. Thank you.
2007-03-14 07:36:41 AM  
Skeezmo: Wow... so like, half the time they can beat a team from the western conference. Submitter was off by one game in the "usually" category.

Too bad they'll be missing the playoffs.
2007-03-14 07:37:31 AM  
Regardless of whether or not it's true, I enjoyed that laugh.

2007-03-14 07:54:23 AM  
Submitter should be fellated for his greatness by the "Hockey is dumb, LOL!!1!" fags that will enter this thread any time soon...
2007-03-14 08:06:08 AM  
Colorado Avalanche kills 2. Damn, they usually can't even beat anyone in the Western Conference

Since moving to Colorado to become the Avalanche in '96 (Which by the way is the first year they won the stanley), they have been in the playoffs every single year up to now. Usually in the top spots. Won three, yes 3 Stanley cup titles.

Oh, yeah and even though he is retired, Patrick Roy is still and will always be the best damn goalie that will ever smash your face in.

You may want to recheck your stats before saying they "can't even beat anyone in the Western Conference"
2007-03-14 08:12:43 AM  
+1 for Subby on the headline

While I did not LOL. I did somewhat chortle... which is a good start to the morning.
2007-03-14 08:15:17 AM  
this headline is probably confusing to British farkers.
2007-03-14 08:26:21 AM  

Those touting the Avs' record forget that the third column is now LOSSES in overtime. So as far as actual win percentage, they ARE under .500, 27-32. Of course points scored is a different matter, but you guys are still essentially 5 games out of the playoffs.

/Red Wings fan

2007-03-14 08:34:43 AM  
Avs moved to Denver in '95 not '96, won the Cup in '96 and '01 -- that equals 2.

2007-03-14 08:36:41 AM  
Oh, yeah and even though he is retired, Patrick Roy is still and will always be the best damn goalie that will ever smash your face in.

Remember this game? I swear that I saw your boy cry after getting pulled.

I'll take Hasek over Roy any day.
2007-03-14 08:39:52 AM  

I'll see your Hasek and raise you a Vernon.
2007-03-14 08:44:38 AM  
Where's your Rocky Mountain High now?
2007-03-14 08:47:29 AM  
Damn, just missed them Hollywooder dudes.

Must've miscalulated.
2007-03-14 08:48:11 AM  
*c goes in there somewhere.
2007-03-14 08:54:10 AM  

I'll see your Hasek and raise you a Vernon.

One Name:

/and I am a Pens fan so it kills me to say that!
2007-03-14 08:54:26 AM  
The truth about the Colorado Avalanche.(pops)
2007-03-14 08:54:29 AM  
Figures that the waddling mulleted Turnips whine about how great they were when they have no chance of making the playoffs in the come-one-come-all NHL.

Will you hoist a banner for being the best of the West not to get in?

/golf clap to subby
2007-03-14 08:59:08 AM  
Rocky Mountain...die?
2007-03-14 09:04:34 AM  
anybody notice that the survivor's name is Luck?

/go figure
2007-03-14 09:15:36 AM  
thatsa big SUV!
2007-03-14 09:18:04 AM  
The skier who survived...Jason Luck, 33.
2007-03-14 09:26:30 AM  
+1 subby, that was good.
2007-03-14 09:32:19 AM  
Wow, After posting I went back and read the thread. I never knew that the Avs had such rabid fans, I thought they were just down here in Dallas. Some of the Dallas Stars fans are nuts, like real nuts. I think it is the cold.

/Are there any black Hockey players?
//always wondered about that.
2007-03-14 09:33:06 AM  
They just can't win when they come to Detroit, that's all.
2007-03-14 09:34:31 AM  
Ditto :
+1 subby

2007-03-14 09:42:23 AM  
Holy shiat, someone stretched the truth just a little bit to make a funny headline!! Stone him!
2007-03-14 09:44:00 AM  
Touch'em all Subby, that's a dinger.
2007-03-14 09:50:23 AM  
I laughed.
2007-03-14 09:52:20 AM  
My favorite hockey moment was when Darren McCarty killed Lemieux's dirty ass.

/Blind siding motherfarker
2007-03-14 09:56:19 AM  
My favorite moment was the bench brawl between the Redwings and the Avs when Scotty Bowman opened the can on the Avs coach (whose name eludes me). I think it was game 6 or 7 of the 97 semis. anyone remember the things I clearly can't?
2007-03-14 09:59:04 AM  
Where's your Rocky Mountain High now?

See article above this one.
2007-03-14 10:00:13 AM  
Cue the angry Avalanche fan backlash.
2007-03-14 10:08:26 AM  
Someone said something about Roy boy. I remember when Detroit stomped that ass something like 7-0 in the final game of the conference playoffs.
2007-03-14 10:12:54 AM  
cettin: One Name:

/and I am a Pens fan so it kills me to say that!

Gotta agree with you... and as a Sabres fan, it's killing me even more so...

/Freakin Crosby in the shootout...
//Your boy Fleury needs to hold up better in the dying seconds
///Pens will probably go all the way next year
////Let the Sabres have their year this year... please!!!
2007-03-14 10:13:42 AM  
Go Wings!

My work here is done.
2007-03-14 10:19:36 AM  
DNRTA - just came in to say loved the headline (whether true or not)

//Go Stars!
2007-03-14 10:20:03 AM  
Avs fans are still just waking up. I say that it should get interesting in about an hour.

/Wake up losers
2007-03-14 10:20:03 AM  
I think that regardless of our hockey backgrounds we can all agree that the Toronto Maple Leafs are the most vile hockey team that has ever been around. You can't get tickets and they don't even make the playoffs! Someone demand better!

/About to win 100 bucks for the second year in a row
//Devils fan stranded in Toronto
///Wants another hockey team in S. Ontario
2007-03-14 10:20:05 AM  
The coach's name was Mark Craford, now with the 'Nucks

I miss the old Red Wings/Avs games, I am hoping that Bertuzzi and Parker might get things stirred up again next year.

As a Avs fan just let me say, I miss Scotty Bowman.

yes there are several black players, you must not watch hockey. Oh you are a Stards fan, nevermind. And yes the real Avs fans are as rabid as any in the league.

/Lives in Dallas
//Go to the Stars games in my Odgers Avalanche sweater
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