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1646 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Aug 2002 at 2:23 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-09 02:27:41 PM  
I don't do impressions.
2002-08-09 02:27:52 PM  
Glad it wasn't in the Wal-Mart in Winchester, KY
2002-08-09 02:28:21 PM  
"Wow we are all gay"
2002-08-09 02:29:26 PM  
"Lets go watch negro soccer and harass mongloids"
2002-08-09 02:29:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-09 02:30:31 PM  
Sorry i missed it, but i had to watch the Steelers lose to the Jets in pre-season.
2002-08-09 02:30:52 PM  
I was humiliated, I was pushed down a flight of stairs and my shoes fell off.
2002-08-09 02:34:05 PM  
BigHonky - So, business as usual, eh?

I couldn't go to mine...had to work. Sorry, B-N, IL!!
2002-08-09 02:35:57 PM  
I watched the shopkeeper and his son beat them to death with their own shoes.

so, I was busy.
2002-08-09 02:38:41 PM  
Well, I had fun. So there. Neener-neener.
2002-08-09 02:38:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

nerd party indeed.
2002-08-09 02:39:11 PM  
I was at the Seattle location. Didn't bring a sign, probably should have. I saw no tables obviously Farkers, but a few lost souls wandering about. Made no effort to collect them up at my table....

I'd say total bust, but maybe one of those outdoor tables was the Secret Fark Society and didn't want their presence known.....

Maybe try again next time be a little more obvious?
2002-08-09 02:39:24 PM  
I drank and smoked and lost my cheerleading scholarship. I am, like, so gonna sue them.
2002-08-09 02:39:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Just as exciting
2002-08-09 02:41:36 PM  
BigHonky: Someone was just trying to protect you.
2002-08-09 02:43:34 PM  
To be honest I probably won't do the meeting thing much, if at all. FARK Parties I am all for, however.
2002-08-09 02:44:02 PM  
you know, they changed the venvue and it became not so local. So i didn't go. MTC will have to wait to meet me, the man of her dreams.......
2002-08-09 02:44:26 PM  
Oh man, by the time the third (and final) person showed up, the party exploded and continued to do so constantly until we all collapsed naked into each other's gentle embrace.

Um no... Out of 20 or so people, 3 showed. It was still kinda fun.
2002-08-09 02:45:36 PM  
Our site in OKC was a dive.
The "business" next door offered this service which was proudly painted on the window.

Teeth brushing

I had to take a picture of it. When I get them developed I'll post it.
2002-08-09 02:45:39 PM  
cancelled--no one else rsvped.
2002-08-09 02:46:29 PM  
There were just a few CT farkers, but we had a good time. Would have had a great time if it were on the weekend.
2002-08-09 02:46:48 PM  
I was a crapstain and rsvp'd but didn't go to the DC party. The little woman to be had other things in mind. I heard it was lame, too bad, I would have fit right in.
2002-08-09 02:47:31 PM  
Generation_D - Actually, I was there, sitting at an outside table with two others. We all got there a little late, b/t 8:30 and 9. Next time, maybe a sign might help.
2002-08-09 02:47:31 PM  
I pushed him down the stairs. The guy deserved it.
2002-08-09 02:47:58 PM  
I woke up and my hairpiece fell off and my teeth were laying inside my hairpiece
2002-08-09 02:49:16 PM  
As I mentioned yesterday, I really did intend to go. At the last minute I noticed how unruly my sock drawer had become and had to stay home to rearrange it.
2002-08-09 02:49:16 PM  
So was the Eureka, CA Fark Party cancelled or not?
2002-08-09 02:51:01 PM  
By the way... who got to choose the venues to vote on. Hooters sucks! Whatever your appreciation level for tits is, it could never justify seven dollar pitchers of domestic drafts.

We migrated to Don Pablo's which on Thursdays here in Columbus, has extended happy hour and offers free dip sampler appetizers in the bar. Kick ass!

My colon hates me.
2002-08-09 02:51:12 PM  
maybe next time we can all schedule a time to watch shagadog go and molest the mongolouds(if he/she can find them)
2002-08-09 02:54:09 PM  
I didn't go... I was too young by 1 YEAR!!! It would've been great to see MetalStill and Farking_Luv_It in person... they're a couple of hotties!
2002-08-09 02:54:57 PM  
I went dressed as the fark Squirrel unfortunately, I showed up at the wrong location. I was beaten senseless.

lets do it again.
2002-08-09 02:55:35 PM  
I threw a party in my pants instead. Nobody came.
2002-08-09 02:59:11 PM  
No Farkers in this area. Only 3 people in town can read and we don't like each other.
2002-08-09 02:59:23 PM  
CT Farkers rule! We had a great time! Raider you missed out!
We are planning on doing it again at different venues.
If your interested our pix are posted


From left to right it's AuntofDogface, Farkstick, MandM. Jeremy left before we got the picture taken.
2002-08-09 03:00:13 PM  
Kylie: If you didnt want your breasts groped, you shouldnt have such large breasts.

Sheesh, the nerver of some women!
2002-08-09 03:00:48 PM  
Kylie: If you didnt want your breasts groped, you shouldnt have such large breasts.

Sheesh, the nerve of some women!
2002-08-09 03:01:14 PM  
total fark=cost's money=no brains=nothing in head=no one comes
2002-08-09 03:01:21 PM  
It was a small group, but I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all. We would have had a lot MORE fun if it was on a Friday/Saturday night. It sux when work has to get in the way of partying!!
2002-08-09 03:01:54 PM  
I was busy having sex - with an actual person.
2002-08-09 03:02:35 PM  
Lame Baltimore Farkers must have been busy killing snakeheads, because there weren't enough RSVP's so it was cancelled. Thanks lamers! Next time I'll head down to DC so at least I can be with lame people that show up.
2002-08-09 03:03:58 PM  
2 comments one for each boob
2002-08-09 03:04:45 PM  
2002-08-09 03:07:32 PM  
I would Imagine it was as exciting as a bag of balls. maybe more so.
2002-08-09 03:07:32 PM  
Not enough Farkers near Birmingham, AL RSVP'd, so this month's local MEETUP is CANCELLED.
Maybe next month!

Slack farkers.
2002-08-09 03:08:56 PM  
would you let me your bastard too, Kylie.......
2002-08-09 03:12:48 PM  

same thing in the other Birmingham in the UK. Ah well, the city sucks here anyways, everyone is probably in London.
2002-08-09 03:15:50 PM  
just monkeying around kylie...
anyone in the Tempe area should raise a squall about the change in venue I think.....
2002-08-09 03:16:40 PM  
I planned on going and got sick instead. It would not have been entertaining had I gone.

...well, not entertaining for me.
2002-08-09 03:17:36 PM  
I have yet to convince myself that I need to meet any of you freaks face to face. I assure you that you don't want to meet me. Ever.
2002-08-09 03:19:14 PM  
The Tulsa Fark party was awsome! About 30 people showed up at Hooters between 6:00 and 6:30. We all got really hammered. AntiNorm got totally wasted and started dancing on the table. I think he impressed one of the waitresses because she went home with him. They tried to close the place but we wouldn't leave. The cops finally showed up and used mace on the party.
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