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(Record)   "When I looked out the window, I saw Ian holding a saw at the flagpole. He was cursing and shouting, 'There's your f*cking flagpole. Fly your f*cking flag now.' He seemed intoxicated"   ( divider line
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9113 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Mar 2007 at 4:08 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-09 11:07:23 PM  
I feel incredibly tempted to make some sort of horrible Mario joke. Really, it'd be horrible and people would likely be hurt. So I won't mention it.
2007-03-09 11:28:24 PM  
He seemed intoxicated

You don't say...
2007-03-10 04:07:02 AM  
The world's a sad place if just because someone climbs over a fence into your yard, breaks your patio heater and pots, saws down your flagpole, says "there's your f****** flagpole. Fly your f****** flag now", passes out, and doesn't remember anything, you assume that they are drunk. Maybe you need that "jump to conclusions mat."
2007-03-10 04:11:29 AM  
Gosh BRESH Amerrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2007-03-10 04:14:00 AM  
A youth football coach is being probed by cops...

2007-03-10 04:16:30 AM  
"but he was in a drunken sleep and they couldn't wake him."

The Ol' Drew defence. Used it my damn self a few times.
2007-03-10 04:19:08 AM  
I bet if they tazered him they would wake him the hell up.

And who doesnt like to tazer a drunk?
2007-03-10 04:21:09 AM  
I'd rather taze him then probe him.
2007-03-10 04:21:10 AM  
Fly your rebel flag now.
2007-03-10 04:22:25 AM  

I like the way you think!
2007-03-10 04:22:34 AM  
2007-03-10 04:24:21 AM  

And who doesnt like to tazer a drunk?

Bravo +1

/have not done so
//would like to give it a go
///tazer not tazee
2007-03-10 04:25:55 AM  
but that's a fantastic story to tell friends. on both sides.

i wish i did shiat that crazy when i'm blacked out drunk. i also wish i didn't have any consequences for whatever crazy things i do.
2007-03-10 04:37:27 AM  
If it ain't Scottish, IT'S CRAP!!!
2007-03-10 04:55:17 AM  
Why do drunks hate Ameri... er, Scotland?
2007-03-10 04:58:39 AM  
Sounds like my typical Friday night. Go out drinking, do some destruction to the neighbor's property, then pass out when the police try to question me. It's all fine and well until I wake up the next morning feeling like I've been through a gangbang and couldn't remember anything.

In other news, I found out nine months later that I had immaculately concieved a child.
2007-03-10 04:58:45 AM  
Nasti Asti

Fly your rebel flag now.

This is in the UK, it looks like. Don't you mean fly your NAZI flag now?
2007-03-10 05:10:12 AM  
Oops, I snapped again!
2007-03-10 05:29:25 AM  
"Up until now, we have never had a bad word between us. But this is completely out of order."

2007-03-10 06:10:31 AM  
Hone Heke unavailable for comment
2007-03-10 06:28:50 AM  

That should do it.
2007-03-10 06:35:49 AM  
cheerwinedan: This is in the UK, it looks like

Hamilton, just outside Glasgow.

Grew up there.

Normal behaviour by drunken Scotsman.

Surprised there was no mention of the neighbour's wife's undies being stolen.
2007-03-10 07:02:48 AM  
cheerwinedan: This is in the UK, it looks like. Don't you mean fly your NAZI flag now?

Displaying a Scottish flag in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Now that's a paddling. Or in this case a sawing.

I did not know the US had a copyright on the word rebel. Excuse Me!
2007-03-10 07:23:00 AM  
"drunken sleep"

In the states, we call that "passed out" or "make sure he's on his side"...
2007-03-10 07:28:05 AM  
Seems like there's more to this story than they reported...
2007-03-10 07:56:49 AM  
But wait a minute dad, did you actually say freedom?
2007-03-10 08:00:27 AM  
I would have assumed this involved soccer somehow.

Oh well...
2007-03-10 08:14:07 AM  
2007-03-10 07:56:49 AM Grogan Rules

But wait a minute dad, did you actually say freedom?

I see what you did there.

/best band evar
2007-03-10 08:46:27 AM  
someone who can't be bothered to RTFA comes in and rages about treasonous libtards not letting people fly the stars and stripes in 5, 4, 3, 2...
2007-03-10 09:02:05 AM  
"Ian seemed tome to be intoxicated."

Whatdo theyeven payeditors foranymore?
2007-03-10 09:04:50 AM  
2007-03-10 09:25:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-10 09:36:59 AM  
my farkin flagpole got farked :(
2007-03-10 10:27:59 AM  
Have him arrested, pay for flagpole and repairs. Then, late at night, climb a ladder and piss over his fence after you've had a few pints.
One good turn desrves another.
2007-03-10 10:58:56 AM  
Ah yes, neighbors, nationalism and nut-jobs. Mix with alcohol and you have FLORIDA, England. D'OH!
2007-03-10 11:32:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-10 11:39:09 AM  
Woot! I made as a news story!

2007-03-10 12:46:00 PM  
Dude was blacked the fark out.

Been there, done that, got the arrest record.

/Thank god no conviction.
2007-03-10 03:30:24 PM  
The irony is, sawing down your neighbor's flagpole blacked-out drunk in the middle of the night is something a Scotsman would do (but it was a Scottish flag.). Well, that and he would have to be in his boxers and using a chainsaw, but you get the irony.

/knows a scott who did this
//scotts love their lumber
2007-03-10 06:20:15 PM  
Give the guy a break. He probably was just looking for something to practice caber-tossing with.
2007-03-10 07:04:46 PM  
I'm glad they caught him before he graduated to streetlights.
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