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(The Sun)   Osama bin Laden turns 50 on Saturday. Insta-shop him a card   ( divider line
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3536 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Mar 2007 at 5:31 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-09 05:32:59 PM  
Oh, this'll be a good one.
2007-03-09 05:53:41 PM
2007-03-09 05:57:06 PM
2007-03-09 06:01:11 PM
2007-03-09 06:01:37 PM

2007-03-09 06:10:00 PM
2007-03-09 06:16:23 PM

(Click pic to open card)
2007-03-09 06:30:32 PM  
Screw him and the fatwa he rode in on. He's not worth the time it takes to Photoshop anything.
2007-03-09 06:38:40 PM
2007-03-09 06:40:26 PM
2007-03-09 06:44:40 PM  
First entry EVAR, with MSPaint even - only text, but please, be gentle.

Thanks Imageduck!
2007-03-09 06:53:10 PM
2007-03-09 07:01:14 PM  
Death to America: OK I'm done: )

Your smiley doesn't have a nose. Nose is an anagram for Sone. Sone is pronounced like Sunny. It was sunny on 9/11. HOW WOULD THE TERRORisTS KNOW IT WAS GOING TO BE SUNNY?!?! GOVERNMENT LIES - IT WUS THE GOVERNMENT WHO DID IT

2007-03-09 07:04:07 PM
2007-03-09 07:16:16 PM

coded against NSA

2007-03-09 07:16:19 PM

2007-03-09 07:44:41 PM
2007-03-09 08:01:23 PM  
Mossad should send him a nice shiny new cell phone as a present.
2007-03-09 08:02:56 PM

2007-03-09 08:14:34 PM  
Death to America: It's called muddying the waters, and the political right every bloodsucking politician in the world has this down to an art.

Fixed that for ya.
2007-03-09 08:37:06 PM  
You maim, hurt, terrorize and kill
In short- you go too far.
But nothing I can do or say,
Will change the way you are.
But by now what remains of you
Lies scattered on the floor-
I'll bet you've never opened up
A letter bomb before.
2007-03-09 08:56:54 PM  
I'm a big whore but you STILL suck more than me.
2007-03-09 10:24:09 PM
2007-03-10 12:42:43 AM
2007-03-10 05:35:55 PM  
See what one litle troll let free can do to a perfectly cromulent photoshop thread?

You guys let him ruin it by responding.

You guys let him ruin it by responding.

Death to America picked out the name, waited for a thread to run loose with it, and let his 12-year-old-living-in-ma's-basement-and-waiting-for-his-Saturday-D&D-​g​roup-so- he-can-be-Dungeon-Master-and-totally-rules-Nazi-on-everyone-to-feel-ev​en-more- like-a-big-man ass watch his totally kewl 'cuning plan' come together. And masturbate at the results. Furiously.


/thread over
2007-03-10 06:23:04 PM
Skipped 180 non-voting comments in this thread
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