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(Iwon)   City fixes spelling error on road sign. After 20 years. After someone finally points out the mistake   ( divider line
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33168 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Mar 2007 at 2:10 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-09 09:14:12 AM  
"The sign was first placed at the corner of Frederick Street and East Memorial Boulevard in the mid- to late 1908s..."

Worth a greenlight right there.
2007-03-09 09:14:31 AM  
Well, it is kinda hard to tell if an I's missing, what with it being only slightly wider than Nicole Richie and all.

/oh I went there
2007-03-09 09:17:00 AM  
Good for them for not wasting money on a new sign. They got 20 years service out of the old one, and I dooubt anyone was confused by it.
2007-03-09 09:20:25 AM  
I think they should leave it up and use it as a tourist attraction
2007-03-09 09:20:35 AM  
Apparently they got 100 years service out of it..
2007-03-09 10:11:45 AM  
Maryland, my Maryland
2007-03-09 10:47:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-09 10:49:32 AM  
TFA: "tolerance for the misspelled sign doesn't reflect poorly on the western Maryland city of 38,000."

2007-03-09 11:15:22 AM  
I saw the same thing yesterday when I brought my girlfriend lunch. We were out in the parking garage, and I saw two signs that said: "For assistance, please press buttom."

/Yes, buttom.
//Two signs.
2007-03-09 11:33:12 AM  
There is (was?) a sign on the northbound side of I-99 in Altoona, PA that said:


Doesn't actually specify the attraction, but it definitely incites curiosity.
2007-03-09 11:34:45 AM  
Oh, there's also the service station up the street that (and I don't think I'm spelling this exactly "right") claims to work on


Didn't even know my car had one of those.
2007-03-09 01:37:40 PM  
TFA: "I think it was a mistake that was made. I don't know that it necessarily makes us look bad," Kline said.

You know what? I have a ball. Perhaps you'd like to bounce it?
2007-03-09 02:13:20 PM  
City fixes spelling error on road sign. After 20 years. After someone finally points out the mistake

God, I hope it wasn't a stop sign that said "go". Those can be dangerous.
2007-03-09 02:14:40 PM  
There's a custom sign shop nearby with a banner reading 'Your one stop sign SOULOUTION!'
2007-03-09 02:14:58 PM  
Yeah that's the first thing I noticed, too. How ironic, a blatent spelling error in an article about blatent spellign erorrrs.
2007-03-09 02:15:03 PM  
I keep seeing a tow truck with some painted lettering on the side here in my town that boasts that they are "cellular equipted." Literally did a double-take the first time I saw it.
2007-03-09 02:15:36 PM  
"....since the late 1908's"

So that must be Oct or Nov of 'the 1908's'

Article makes mistakes too
2007-03-09 02:16:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-09 02:17:07 PM  
Fine, spelling is a big deal and all, but, more importantly, is the cow OK ?
2007-03-09 02:17:21 PM  
MD #1!!!

Go Treps!

Feer the turttle!

(Yes, I live in MD -- B'more)
2007-03-09 02:18:02 PM  
There was also a sign near I lived that went "Medical Cetner"
2007-03-09 02:19:19 PM  

2007-03-09 02:20:01 PM  
spelling errors are fascinating
2007-03-09 02:23:32 PM  
I live near a gas station that has 4 big red signs on the overhang that say;

2007-03-09 02:23:47 PM  
jameson: There's a custom sign shop nearby with a banner reading 'Your one stop sign SOULOUTION!'

I'm sure it's an homage to James Brown.

Texa$: There was also a sign near I lived that went "Medical Cetner"

I like how you say the sign "went," in the same sentence that you imply superiority to one who would make a spelling mistake. Yee-haw, Lone Star!

Great googly moogly.
2007-03-09 02:23:57 PM  
People who cant spell are retardarded.
2007-03-09 02:24:58 PM  
It's a good thing this didn't happen in the early 1908's. Jan. 1908 is so different than Sept. 1908, afterall.
2007-03-09 02:27:12 PM  
I came here to say what ArcLight said in the Boobies. Damn TF membership expiring.
2007-03-09 02:30:24 PM  
And Dyslexics all over the state can't find the staduim?
2007-03-09 02:34:18 PM  
saw this in the Herald-Mail last night when I picked up the local paper (which I hadn't read in many months)

Makes me glad I don't live in Hagerstown anymore.... because, of course, Northern Virginia is better :P
2007-03-09 02:35:02 PM  
Carwash near my house had a sign that read "Are soap has more suds!"
2007-03-09 02:35:41 PM  
A sign directing drivers to "Municpal Stadium" was replaced with one displaying the proper spelling, Erik Kline, city traffic control supervisor, said.

So what was the proper spelling they change it to? Article does not say.
2007-03-09 02:36:01 PM  
That's nothing. There's a big stretch of the NJ Turnpike where all the signs posted at the little turn-around openings between the two sides say "For offical use only". For miles and miles.
2007-03-09 02:37:01 PM  
Is it ironic that a story about a typo has a typo?
2007-03-09 02:37:27 PM  
My favorites are the signs that have words like Attention in quotes. As if you're not really supposed to pay attention.
2007-03-09 02:37:44 PM  
A sign in Saginaw, MI by a correctional facility warned us all not to pick up "Hitchhickers"
2007-03-09 02:38:09 PM  
Ain't impressed.

In Metairie, Louisiana (adjacent to New Orleans), there's a street intended to be named after the Greek god Helios. All the street signs have as "Helois", though. Been that way for as long as the street's has street signs. Forever.

And the folks there pronounce the name of the street accordingly: Huh-LOYSE.
2007-03-09 02:38:27 PM  
The signs for Houston St in NYC have been misspelled for almost 200 years. Its supposed to be Houstoun.
2007-03-09 02:38:55 PM  
There's a farmer's market (fortunately located far away from any old folks' homes) here with about 8 billboards along the highway leading to it. They've been in place for almost a decade, and all of them say "your" where "you're" was intended.

I'll take some pics one of these days...
2007-03-09 02:39:19 PM  
Apparently, someone needs to point out the misspelling in the article.

2007-03-09 02:41:31 PM  
I once got a workplace memo that read: "...always double chekc your work."
2007-03-09 02:43:49 PM  
A friend lives on Castaic street but his street sign says Castiac. He doesnt seem to mind. If one of Fark's dangeroos speeling Natzis lived on his block they woulda browbeet the munissipalitee inta changeing teh sine aegis ago.
2007-03-09 02:45:16 PM  
My father worked at a place that for years had parking spots for "Ofical Use Only". That was 15 years ago. The signs are still there.
2007-03-09 02:48:23 PM  
"Boulevard in the mid to late 1908s"...

ha ha!
2007-03-09 02:48:47 PM  
The soda machines in my apartment complex have signs on them reading "Temporally Out Of Service." Not only do they take your money, they send it to an alternate dimension, too.

/spell check won't always save you
//but slashie check will
2007-03-09 02:49:30 PM  
mikaloyd: woulda browbeet the munissipalitee inta changeing teh sine aegis ago.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-09 02:49:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-09 02:52:00 PM  
Hrricne: CHEFS?

Great Googley Moogley!

Another Maryland beauty...
There's a sign on the BW Parkway where it crosses Rte 197 that reads "Birdge Freezes Before Roadway"

/2 cents worth
//probably over-priced
2007-03-09 02:54:00 PM  
At the local K-Mart (from my cell):

[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-09 02:55:05 PM  
I saw a sign last year, also somewhere in Maryland, that said "YEILD".
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