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(   Restaurant's menu reads: "Hire the handicapped... they're fun to watch." Hilarity ensues.   ( divider line
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2002-08-09 04:42:41 AM  
Why did Hellen Keller's dog kill itself?

...Oh, you've heard it before...
2002-08-09 04:44:49 AM  
well... they are.
2002-08-09 04:45:03 AM  
This just in: people with no mental capacity don't care if you make fun of them because they have no mental capacity.

And later in the broadcast: mother of a tard gets angry that people find funny things funny and sues restaurant. Pix at 11.

Frankly, I don't see the harm. It's not like the menu said "Shoot the disabled, it's fun to watch."
2002-08-09 04:48:14 AM  
if you're incapable of treating the disabled with grace, you deserve the problems that result from your shortcoming
2002-08-09 04:53:46 AM  
Astitious - Beautifully said.
2002-08-09 04:54:50 AM  
and ummm..whatever happened to what my parents told me when my sister was buggin me. Just ignore her. I think this applies here too...if your offended, don't read it. No one asked you too in the first place.
2002-08-09 04:55:00 AM  
It is possible to be charitable and respectful of disabled people you encounter yet still get a farking laugh from the impropriety of jokes about, and idiosynchratic behavior of handicapped people. So deal with it.

That joke always makes me smile. Because it's true.
2002-08-09 05:02:28 AM  
I hate retards. I also hate people who think its wrong to make fun of anybody! Don't worry I probably hate you too.

P.S. What's better than winning a gold metal at the special olympics?
2002-08-09 05:05:48 AM  
Where the fark is Handiman when you need him?
2002-08-09 05:06:28 AM  
Remeber the tv-show "life goes on"? Remeber Corky?
He has downsyndrom, isn't it cruel to call him Corky?

Look at me! I'm Corky!

Corky makes me smile. He's fun to watch because he's got downs.
2002-08-09 05:08:18 AM  
Unwrapping it and devouring the cheap chocolate inside.

Have a disabled kid. Then talk.
2002-08-09 05:08:57 AM  
In years past, the handicapped, disabled, mentally ill or retarded were frequently lobotomized. I'd say that today, being used as the butt of a joke is progress.. and something to be thankful for. Hooray for tards!

Okay, I'll bite... What's better than winning a gold metal at the special olympics? (Think I've heard this one... but go ahead)
2002-08-09 05:08:57 AM  
Ok, me give up!

Click here for Corky
2002-08-09 05:11:00 AM  
This article
Woman sees a joke that she can take personally. Her eyes widen as she fondles her golden ticket. Ker-farking-Ching
2002-08-09 05:17:11 AM  
By not being allowed to make fun of the handicapped (or any other group, for that matter), the "untouchable group" only further distances themselves from society's norm. By placing themselves on this protected pedestal, anymosity grows toward them and they become even more seperated from the mainstream bunch. Lighten the fark up and maybe they wouldn't be treated like a bunch of outcasts.
2002-08-09 05:19:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Im just suprised at how long it took to find bush in a semi funny face...
2002-08-09 05:21:58 AM  
That's what's wrong with this country, we're far to tolerant of this kind of behavior. This guy should be shot, no questions asked, instead of say... oh I don't know, explaining to him that maybe he was being a little insensitive and probably publishing this joke on his menu was not the best forum for sharing his sense of humor. You, know maybe he would of apologized and learned something from this incident. But no, I say shoot him! No second chances for any Farkers in this country!
2002-08-09 05:23:14 AM  
Bye the way... Why did Hellen Keller's dog kill itself?
2002-08-09 05:28:37 AM  
Ballastpants Why would I need a retarted kid when I have you?

Punch line = Not being retarted.
2002-08-09 05:29:26 AM  
Okay Ballast...

(Kevbo goes off... intentionally has a disabled child... returns to FARK forum)

Still funny.
I (and many other people) sympathize with and understand the challenges faced by families and individuals with disabilities or whatever put-you-at-ease term one likes to clinically describe them. It's no bowl of cherries. My family includes handicapped people. I get the best damn handicapped jokes from them. I love the looks people overhearing me give when I tell the jokes in public to familiar friends.

Here's what they've taught me:
Each person is handicapped in one way or another.
But the saddest handicap of all... is to be lacking in a sense of humor, to be unable to laugh and only able to cry.
2002-08-09 05:36:51 AM  
As a Hetro Caucasian Male I am glad that we still have the ability to be the butt of Jewish, Female, Black, and Gay comedians jokes and not get overly offended by them.
2002-08-09 05:38:51 AM  
Thanks Kevbo It's nice to see that someone gets the point.
2002-08-09 05:50:19 AM  
Old favorite family joke from late uncle with severe tremors from a palsy I can't remember the name of.... (told to us when we were kids at holiday dinner table usually)

"Okay kids... who wants a milkshake?"

Still makes me laugh 20-30 years later
2002-08-09 05:52:52 AM  
The lesson here is... Make jokes on the internet. The assholes don't know who you are.
2002-08-09 05:57:29 AM  
Well, they ARE fun to argue with.........
2002-08-09 06:03:13 AM  
Harmonia: Depends if they're funny... Although personally I find wounded animals limping around to be much more amusing than say your average gimp...

Speaking of Anna Nicole Smith...
2002-08-09 06:03:56 AM  
I think the word 'tard is shameful. How dare you call ANYBODY a 'tard, or a retard or retarded. I don't often get on my high horse about anything, but I just had to speak out.

By the way, I think they prefer to be called 'window lickers'
2002-08-09 06:04:16 AM  
Harmonia, we'd feel pretty damn good. FARK has been home to many a 9-11 related bit of humor. Some people choose to cry at the tragedy of it all... we prefer to laugh. Those insane al Queda members don't deserve my tears. If I laugh... they lose and have achieved nothing.

I'd use the old cliche "then the terrorists have won" but that is SO early 2002. Now I'll just say IT'S A TRAP!!
2002-08-09 06:13:16 AM  
Everyone on fark is just ignorant. No really, look at Look at yourself. Selfish and mean-spirited.

Ha ha, look at yourselves get all offended. The truth is that people who post in these threads are often the most easily offended group, but they hide on fark because they don't have to deal with real people.

Since many readers of Fark believe the best world would be one devoid of any sensistivity and respect, even the simple recognition of the right of others to have feelings, this really wouldn't bother y'all. Haha, how funny!

This thread probably attracts losers though. I'll accept that for now.

There is a time and place for rude jokes. Am I just wasting my time telling you jokers that a public restaurant isn't one of them?

Your uncle at the family dinner table making fun of himself is not even comparable. Pay attention! This is done in public, not by the person with the handicap.

Additionally, Some people's definition of humor is incompatible with other people's definition of humor. Shocker! Wow! Something that is not offensive to me might be offensive to others. Wow! People are different!

There used to be a thing called manners, I'm not saying it's wrong to tell dirty, non-PC jokes, I'm just telling you have some freakin' manner ingrates! (again, not that this bothers you right?) Idiots.

I'm done wasting time here.

Hee... hee....
2002-08-09 06:33:15 AM  
Q-Why did Helen Keller's dog kill itself?
A-You would too if your name was ARGAJDHKGASGDJIEEIIE!

MachineHead so if this thread attracks losers then by your theory you're a loser because you're on this thread. Seriously though if people don't like the jokes then don't go to the farking restaraunt. It's the owners choice to print whatever he wants on the damn menu...IT"S HIS BUSINESS. Not mine. Not yours. and defintly not the handicapped. So if he goes out of business because the mass of people get offended and don't go there anymore then the terrorists have won. I'm sure this lady complaining about the joke doesn't listen to shows like Howard Stern or go to Strip Clubs or reads Hustler. What's the difference in her not going to this place.

Look I'm not condeming or condoning this guys's choice of menu litature, I'm just saying that people need to learn to stop getting worked up over everything and stop trying to pass their offenses onto an entire town or country.
2002-08-09 06:36:31 AM  
You're right... nothing you said bothers me. Yes, many situations are different. Yes, a menu was a poor place for the joke, it would've been better told behind doors away from the public so only the staff were witness to it. Obviously I'd tell the same joke but wouldn't risk offending customers because that would mean less money for me. ching ching.

The dumbass part of this story is really the woman who got her panties all in a bunch. All she needed to do is speak to the apparently semi-apologetic owner/operator. To push for a public boycott because someone else's humor is different than yours and that someone made a poor decision is stupid. An apology from the owner to the woman is all that is needed (along with a change of menu as soon as possible).

It's okay if it bothers you. But it's unfair to demand, like the mother did, that all others share your viewpoint.

No milkshake for her.

G'night folks..bedtime for Kevbo.
2002-08-09 06:40:22 AM  
I'm offended that this woman is offended. People made fun of my weight when I was fat, now they make fun of me because I'm skinny. Do I ever make a scene? Do I go crying to everybody every time I hear the word "cracker"? Do I send Martin Lawrence hate mail because he makes Wonderbread jokes? Anybody remember all the nearsighted jokes on "Match Game"? Eh, maybe not.

Life is shiat. The world is shiat. Don't go to the restaurant. Yeah, the guy's insensitive, but there's no law against it. We'd all be in jail.

Oh, and why are they called "retarded"? Get a dictionary. It's accurate.

I like to park in handicap spaces,
watch handicap people make handicap faces...
2002-08-09 06:45:19 AM  
Did I mention I'm of French ancestry?
2002-08-09 06:46:59 AM  
Shut up you variably weighted frog.
2002-08-09 06:57:12 AM  
I love you, too, Harmonia
2002-08-09 06:58:40 AM  
"Life is shiat. The world is shiat." I don't share that opinion, so don't force your world of disrespect and lack of dignity on mine. Have some class ahole.

Fark is the only place I would expect people to show utter lack of class. That and our buddy Martin Lawrence. It's expected.

Kevbo has some things right - "Yes, a menu was a poor place for the joke, it would've been better told behind doors away from the public so only the staff were witness to it. Obviously I'd tell the same joke but wouldn't risk offending customers because that would mean less money for me. ching ching."

Kevbo would be repentent. "An apology from the owner to the woman is all that is needed" He backs down from having feeling by noting that it's primarily driven by capitalism. How noble and commenable by our American society you will be judged!

So many posters seem to be insisting the mother and the RI ARC are overreacting: Healy, quoted at the bottom of the article clearly states: "he does not want to overreact to the situation." They are dropping it.

Seems the only people over-reacting are the people in this thread. Let's see how many other people draw the same amazing conclusion about that statement as duker did from my last message!

I really really, wasted enough time now. I will attempt to withhold reading this thread again. Suckers! (hahahah)
2002-08-09 07:00:03 AM  
OK, a backlash against political correctness is fair enough and I have to admit to being a proponent of that to an extent. I have a handicapped younger brother and as anyone who lives or works with handicapped kids or adults will tell you, sometimes you have to laugh at the things they say and do otherwise you'd cry. The big difference is laughing 'with' instead of 'at'. I abhor the word 'retard' and the way it is used because of the prejudice I've had to watch my brother endure. However that's my problem. He's beyond giving a shiat since he's heard it so often anyway.
2002-08-09 07:00:36 AM  
In Lexington KY, retards make fun of you!
2002-08-09 07:12:00 AM  
I don't share that opinion, so don't force your world of disrespect and lack of dignity on mine. Have some class ahole.

No, you don't force your world of sunny shiny happy lovey sparkles on mine. We come to an impasse, see? And as far as apologizing, my ex wife said, "if you're really sorry, you wouldn't have done it in the first place." He shouldn't apologize if he knew what he was doing.

I never said the guy was smart, but I don't see the point in complaining about it. Some people are jerks. Oh, well. If this woman thinks that her kid is going to have an easy life filled with smily faces, she's got a rough road ahead of her.
2002-08-09 07:16:21 AM  
Harmonia - Fark needs trolls!
2002-08-09 07:21:26 AM  
Nico - Impasse? No. Just be civil. That's all I'm asking. This was outside of the bounds of civility. I don't think the guy was being very careful.
2002-08-09 07:36:23 AM  
Is no one going to pick up on the 'joke' made by Astitious in his Boobies?

Does anyone think that's actually funny?

I just can't see the humour there - isn't that when 'jokes' become offensive?
2002-08-09 07:38:39 AM  
Damn Fark - I typed 'in his Boobies'

Why has that become Boobies?
2002-08-09 07:39:21 AM  
Unless I missed a big part of the article, all this woman is doing is not going to the restaurant, and trying to get other people to do the same. she has an issue she's upset about, and she's telling people. Big farking deal. In an uncharacteristically display, she's NOT suing.

Either people will agree or they will disagree. If they agree, the restaurant gets boycotted. If the restaurant gets boycotted, then the owner will either make amends (if he's smart) or stick to his guns (if he's an idiot).

I'm voting that he's an idiot, personally. Maybe the people of Bristol Harbor should explain the concept of homonyms to him ("they do everything accept serve you"????)
2002-08-09 07:40:16 AM  
Why does 'Boobies' become boobies?

This site is making me look like an idiot!
2002-08-09 07:42:27 AM  
I give up..
2002-08-09 07:46:44 AM  
Thanks Harmonia - I've tried spaces - anyway...

But if the joke is funny, people will laugh, even if it's directed at them. When they don't laugh, then you've got a problem.

I never agreed with Bill Hicks, but the man made me laugh my ass off.
2002-08-09 07:47:25 AM  
At least he didn't put up a sign that said "Got Downs?".
2002-08-09 07:50:04 AM  
What about my Boobies?
2002-08-09 07:50:19 AM  
Question, Harmonia

Do you find "stupid men" jokes funny? I'm not trying to bait you, but it seems alot of women do, and will come near murder for a "stupid women" joke. So, just curious.
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