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(   British women have less sex than other Eurpoean women.   ( divider line
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1689 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2001 at 12:01 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-05 12:13:56 PM  
If they shaved (their faces included) once in a while it would probably help.
2001-07-05 12:21:27 PM  
It's because we're over in the US - shagging their women and drinking their beer.
2001-07-05 12:24:49 PM  
Goatman264: That's a damn dirty lie! We would never drink American beer!
2001-07-05 12:39:57 PM  
Sorry DRL76, I meant "Shagging their women and drinking our own beer that we brought over, because theirs is crap."
2001-07-05 12:40:29 PM  
"I will help British women get more sex on my upcoming trip to the UK."
[image from too old to be available]
2001-07-05 12:57:20 PM  
What's with the distinction between British and Eurpean? Aren't you all European?
2001-07-05 12:57:37 PM  
And we atre suprised by this? Look at the teeth on half the british men and women!
My God! I've seen horses with more attractive mouths!
2001-07-05 01:01:25 PM  
What prick wrote the headline?
The article is about OLD women, and who gives a fark about them?
Young women have no problems getting laid
2001-07-05 01:03:21 PM  
It's probably the latent homosexuality so prevalent hin british males...
2001-07-05 01:06:24 PM  
British women's lack of teeth sounds pretty good, if you know what I mean.
2001-07-05 01:08:03 PM  
Notice how most of you yanks are either descendants of these british/european people, black, or native american.
2001-07-05 01:18:26 PM  
What's with the distinction between British and Eurpean? Aren't you all European?
2001-07-05 01:38:32 PM  
I agree with this article...I dated a Scottish girl, and her sexual energy was much lower than any other girl I dated.
It must be their climate? It's always cold there. I also think Californians have more sex that people in Maine
2001-07-05 01:39:14 PM  
Hisey We know we are.

I'll say it again. We know.

(But the British don't.)
2001-07-05 01:44:24 PM  
Yeah, that's why we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe; we don't fark the old ones, just the pubeless ones!
2001-07-05 01:47:55 PM  
Umm..okay ToDoList, thanks...I think..
2001-07-05 02:04:06 PM  
British women smell like cheese.
2001-07-05 02:31:31 PM  
So, tan Jack the Ripper wasn't really committing murder... He ws Cutting the Cheese!
2001-07-05 03:08:32 PM  
Well, the first case listed as Raven haired, 44 years old and stunningly attractive...wheres the picture? we could solve her problems right away!
2001-07-05 03:11:05 PM  
They just need to get out a bit more. Maybe try a nice trip to legoland.
2001-07-05 03:49:47 PM  
i know where i'm moving.
2001-07-05 04:01:19 PM  
Yup, it sucks that we have nowhere near as many sluts as the yanks. The women in the UK are not as easily impressed as US women, yet the men are equally unimpressive. Bit of a sh!t state of affairs really.
2001-07-05 05:31:36 PM  
Oh well. I don't really give a rat's ass if limey girls get sex or not. All I care about is how much sex I get. Duh!
2001-07-05 06:31:24 PM  
i will do my best to solve britains problems. this is my humble pledge.

hey ladies....
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