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( - CBS Sacramento)   Woman sees Jesus in burned wallpaper (with video). Does mass media ever NOT run a story about Jesus appearing on something?   ( divider line
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4675 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Mar 2007 at 4:17 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-07 12:27:33 PM  
So my question is... why would God do this? What is the point?

Why use wallpaper, toast, or highway overpasses?

He is "God"... can't he just send an e-mail?

/I'd still be impressed
2007-03-07 12:32:43 PM  
Maybe it's a conspiracy by the mass media to demonstrate how stupid Christian religious nutcases are in an attempt to discredit them.
2007-03-07 12:35:04 PM
2007-03-07 12:44:31 PM  
OlafTheBent: So my question is... why would God do this? What is the point?

Y'ever played a practical joke on someone?
2007-03-07 01:03:23 PM  
So was Jesus WEARING the burned wallpaper? Like a mummy?
2007-03-07 01:25:05 PM  
That looks more like Shakespeare to me.
2007-03-07 01:45:45 PM  
2007-03-07 02:22:38 PM  
Y'ever played a practical joke on someone?

I thought that's why He gave us Dinosaur bones.
2007-03-07 03:16:22 PM  
Drew must be planning to devote an entire chapter of his book to "Jesus on food" articles. I know I would.
2007-03-07 03:41:26 PM  
I made a Jesus skidmark once. Nobody cared.

/film at 11
2007-03-07 03:58:27 PM  
I saw my dead cat Misty in my peanut butter jar the other day. Is that a miracle?
2007-03-07 04:19:42 PM  
Hard to say, subby. If they didn't run the story, we wouldn't know about it.
2007-03-07 04:20:01 PM  
Sounds like a Photoshop theme: "Look, there's Jesus!"
2007-03-07 04:20:09 PM  
I saw Jesus in my doodie once. All things must pass.
2007-03-07 04:20:10 PM  
I'm waiting for Jesus to appear on a condom. THEN I'll believe.
2007-03-07 04:21:35 PM  
When does the media not run these stories? The thousands of times that a face-like image appears in something and the person to notice the coincidence isn't a moron, and rightfully disregards it.
2007-03-07 04:21:46 PM
2007-03-07 04:22:34 PM

/ thou shalt worship mine stain ...
2007-03-07 04:23:02 PM  
haha smitty, you've discovered a greenlight strategy with your headline!
2007-03-07 04:23:26 PM  
So Jesus burned the house down?
She wouldn't happen to be from south of the border would she?
2007-03-07 04:23:30 PM  
Looks more like

to me.
2007-03-07 04:23:31 PM  
Scooby's'pawn: I saw my dead cat Misty in my peanut butter jar the other day. Is that a miracle?

If you dont consider the fact I hid her there.

/I've been meaning to tell you....
///she just jumped in front of my car
2007-03-07 04:23:43 PM  
2007-03-07 04:23:54 PM  

I really hope that place is not actually where you live.
2007-03-07 04:24:05 PM  
2007-03-07 04:24:09 PM  
Just treat all Jesus sightings like the Stay-Puf Marshmallow Man
2007-03-07 04:24:38 PM  
Does mass media ever NOT run a story about Jesus appearing on something?

In a word?


I'm just waiting to see how long it takes Golden Palace to make an offer on the wall and add to their grilled cheezus collection.

2007-03-07 04:25:12 PM
2007-03-07 04:25:17 PM  
Meh. According to his website, Jebus is scheduled to appear in a bowl of Cheerios at the Murrays next week ...

/got nothin'
2007-03-07 04:25:29 PM  
That doesn't look anything like Jesus! It looks more like the Emperor's Royal Guard to me.
2007-03-07 04:25:41 PM  
Does mass media ever NOT run a story about Jesus appearing on something?

That is an impossible question to answer as if they did not run the story, we would not know they did not run the story. Do most planes land safely?
2007-03-07 04:25:49 PM  
veedeevadeevoodee: Woah. If that kind of stain appeared in my house I would a) burn my house down (what a farkin' dump!), and b) get religion. That's pretty damn freaky. Is that a 'shop or maybe someone tooled around with the stain a little?
2007-03-07 04:26:06 PM  
Looks more like Santa Claus after a major kegger.
2007-03-07 04:26:57 PM  
When Jesus comes back as a mexican womens tortilla, boy are you all gonna feel stupid.
2007-03-07 04:27:03 PM  
I had a buddy get me one of these for Christmas:

Holy Toast. Just awesome.
2007-03-07 04:27:08 PM
Then there's that woman in Sligo.
Padre Pio keeps appearing in her teabags...
2007-03-07 04:27:41 PM  
srhp29: Do most planes land safely?

It depends. Is the pilot wearing diapers?

/pun intended
2007-03-07 04:28:00 PM  
Thats not Jesus, its Dolemite.
2007-03-07 04:28:46 PM  
And I turn around and I seen this image and I said, 'now you're really losing it," says Christine.

Why yes, yes you have.
2007-03-07 04:30:08 PM  
Speaking of planes landing... is anyone else still befuddled by the dude who jizzed on a girls back while she slept on a red-eye Northwest flight?
2007-03-07 04:32:42 PM  
Well, they haven't run the story about him appearing on my shower tiles yet, but that's because I haven't alerted the media.

I don't want some strange newsperson in my shower--it's crowded enough with Jesus in there.
2007-03-07 04:33:01 PM  
Subby: "Does mass media ever NOT run a story about Jesus appearing on something?"

Well, they did refuse to print the story I took to them about the Virgin Mary appearing in the skidmarks on my BVD's.
2007-03-07 04:33:31 PM
2007-03-07 04:33:33 PM  

why would jesus watch me shower?
2007-03-07 04:33:35 PM  
I saw Jesus in a turd I dropped a bit ago. Creeped me out so I flushed it.
2007-03-07 04:33:39 PM  
Ridiculous. Clearly it's Ming from the "Flash Gordon" series.
2007-03-07 04:34:50 PM
2007-03-07 04:36:47 PM  
dear submitter, your the reason they ran this article
2007-03-07 04:39:01 PM

"It could be a could be bullshiat.
There's only one thing we know for sure: It's a god damn gold mine."
2007-03-07 04:39:43 PM  
Looks like Mohammad to me.
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