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(   An American tourist accidentally wanders into a forbidden Hindu temple, so they arrest him, wash the place with milk, throw out $5,000 of food "polluted" by his presence   ( divider line
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2007-03-06 11:49:57 AM  
THAT'll teach him.
2007-03-06 12:56:42 PM  
Strange? Welcome to "Organized Religion 101"

\Next week, we'll snack on crackers and wine
2007-03-06 01:57:12 PM  
You're trying to rationalize a matter of faith submitter. The two are mutually exclusive.

If Hinduism is the sort of thing you believe in, then this makes perfect sense. I certainly wouldn't want to piss off Vishnu like that. He supports and sustains the universe itself! If destroying $5000 worth of food is going to make the eternal lord of all the heavens and earth happy again, well I guess my grocery budget is going to have to take the hit.

Could be worse of course. He could have walked into a temple for Kali. My fiance won't even attend a Kali puja anymore because anytime the ritual hasn't been performed exactly perfectly, someone she loved has died inside of a year. Word of caution to anyone who wants to test the patience of a lady with necklace made out of human heads and a skirt made out of severed limbs I tell ya what.
2007-03-06 02:13:13 PM  
Could have been worse. He could have been eating a hamburger.
2007-03-06 02:23:04 PM  
Nuuu: He could have walked into a temple for Kali.

That tends to have bad consequences if your name's "Indiana"
2007-03-06 02:47:33 PM  
Cali ma! Cali ma!
2007-03-06 02:48:21 PM  
India is an "enlightened democracy". Just like America, though, it still has a large number of religious nut jobs.
2007-03-06 02:48:50 PM  
Curry can't cover the taste of stupid?
2007-03-06 02:48:50 PM  
Least they didn't hurt him.
2007-03-06 02:49:25 PM  
Collie? Lassie wants a steak through your heart.
2007-03-06 02:50:07 PM  
so, you're saying one wayward American can feed hundreds of hungry kids, if they just wait out by the dumpster?

2007-03-06 02:50:26 PM  
They let Hare Krishnas in? Well now I can't possibly take them seriously.
2007-03-06 02:50:31 PM  
Say what you will about American tourists, that guy is an inadvertant Rosa Parks that may finally shed some light on an all too obscured issue.

This was a good thing.
2007-03-06 02:50:58 PM  
oh forgot to add:

♫America! Fark Yeah!♫
2007-03-06 02:51:05 PM  
Milk wash? Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?
2007-03-06 02:51:07 PM  
If the sacred temples lose their significance, the tourists have won.
2007-03-06 02:51:24 PM  
Remember, in 3rd World countries like India and the USA, do not offend the religious sensitivities of the locals.
2007-03-06 02:51:31 PM  
Why not just feed it to the śūdras?
2007-03-06 02:51:58 PM  
He just got lost after calling Tech Support for directions.
2007-03-06 02:52:16 PM  
If the same clueless tourist wandered up to an uncovered baptismal fount, and washed his hands or face in it, it'd be the same deal.

(although quite a biatcheaper to fix) =)
2007-03-06 02:52:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
/it could have been worse... it could have been this burger eating tourist!
2007-03-06 02:53:05 PM  
Kyosuke: \Next week, we'll snack on crackers and wine

Next week, White people and complain?
2007-03-06 02:53:17 PM  
I think we did the same thing after Amadjihad was in the UN building....

Ritual cleansing, throw out the food in the cafeteria. But when we asked him to pay a token fine his reply was "Die in a fire!"
2007-03-06 02:53:20 PM  
Sometimes people at work tell me China and India will supplant the US as the world Superpowers. I'm going to print this out and then just laugh and laugh.
2007-03-06 02:53:30 PM  
He should have at least been given a free Bhagavad Gita.
Ghandi rolls in grave.
2007-03-06 02:55:32 PM  
Why didn't the temple just give the "polluted" food to the untouchables that they probably dispise as unclean anyways?
2007-03-06 02:55:34 PM  
vgss: Sometimes people at work tell me China and India will supplant the US as the world Superpowers. I'm going to print this out and then just laugh and laugh.

Why? It's no different than the stupidity that goes on in Christian churches in the United States.
When people stop circumcision in the USA, maybe then you'll have a case for laughing at these people.

Both groups are farking morons.
2007-03-06 02:55:42 PM  
You think that's bad? Try shaving with the holy water at the Vatican.
2007-03-06 02:55:47 PM  
I had to do the same thing after I kicked my ex-girlfriend out.

...she farted a lot.
2007-03-06 02:56:05 PM  
But the frogurt is cursed!
2007-03-06 02:56:07 PM  
What would Ghandi say????
2007-03-06 02:56:43 PM  
Thank you for coming. I'll see you in Hell.

2007-03-06 02:56:50 PM  
2007-03-06 02:57:36 PM  
TheCid: "When people stop circumcision in the USA, maybe then you'll have a case for laughing at these people."


Circumcision Thread Alert!

2007-03-06 02:57:41 PM  
And they will reply with "Westboro Baptist church."
2007-03-06 02:58:06 PM  
Holy Cow!
2007-03-06 02:58:22 PM  
I don't get the 'washed with milk' bit. In my experience slopping milk everywhere doesn't make anything cleaner.
2007-03-06 02:58:25 PM  
Wait until they find the upper decker he left them!

/We Americans are teh funny
//it's why everybody loves us so much
2007-03-06 02:58:31 PM  
strictly closed to non-Hindus

I guess it wasn't if all of this site happened.

/didn't see that anyone else had said it.
2007-03-06 02:58:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-06 02:59:24 PM  
"Thank you. Come again." Read with an Apu-esk accent.
2007-03-06 02:59:55 PM  
Roediger expressed regret but also blamed temple authorities, noting that no guard had prevented him from entering the area.

Classic. He's interested in temple architecture but not the customs that accompany the temple. Guys like this are why we have "do not eat" labels on silica gell packs.
2007-03-06 02:59:59 PM  
I am waiting for Christians to start being offended like all of these other moonbats are. What's that, you say you found Jesus' tomb, that's a beheading!!!

/now back to a thread less stoopid
2007-03-06 03:00:09 PM  
LOL so the same people who swim in a disgusting polluted river to "purify" themselves won't eat food that has been in the same room as an American who, unlike most others in the temple, probably bathed that morning.

religion is a sickness.
2007-03-06 03:00:39 PM  
lukelightning: I don't get the 'washed with milk' bit. In my experience slopping milk everywhere doesn't make anything cleaner.

It said "water and milk" in the article. Hindus consider cows sacred. Use a bit of common sense and it's not hard to figure that they probably just sprinkled a bit of milk everywhere then washed it all with water.
2007-03-06 03:00:50 PM  
Who cares? Aren't people allowed to do what they want in their own country without incurring the wrath of "enlightened", self-righteous twits?
2007-03-06 03:01:01 PM  
so now Hindus join american indians as rascist?

2007-03-06 03:01:18 PM  
I'm guessing then that the families on the dicovery channel show that were eating rats in India, must a different group from the families that can't eat anything an American stood near.

Whooo...that caste system in more complicated than Dewey Decimal.
2007-03-06 03:01:35 PM  
Mola Ram is not pleased.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-03-06 03:02:06 PM  
Blah, blah, blah, wacky Indians....

Yea, we Americans are soooooooo enlightened. This headline could have easily started with "A Muslim tourist accidentally takes a picture of the wrong New York landmark." and ended with "enemy combatant." Pot, meet kettle.
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