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(The Register)   Virtual stripper heralded as the "best net innovation this year"   ( divider line
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3885 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2001 at 8:06 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-05 08:39:52 AM  
I simply have my secretary wander in and strip every hour or so - it's much cheaper.
2001-07-05 09:04:55 AM  
My secretary is 52 years old....that ain't gonna happen here.
2001-07-05 09:14:38 AM  
For a fun joke, go to a male co-workers computer while he's on break, download the MALE virtual stripper, set it up to come on randomly, laugh and giggle when you hear "what the FARK!" coming from his office. Its sooo much fun!
2001-07-05 10:44:57 AM  
warning: this software phones home
2001-07-05 05:50:25 PM me when we get get to Virtuahead....
2001-07-05 05:59:22 PM  
What a friggin waste of electrons! The dumbest crap of the year is more like it. I'd rather have a little Doraemon that walks around and somtimes eats cookies or cries on my desktop.
2001-07-05 06:46:47 PM  
This thing is advertised at the top of half the free porn hosts on the Net. I can't set up a thumbnail gallery these days without seeing "Get a FREE SLUT For Your Desktop." It's more beat-off material, but I'm starting to make some money from beat-off material so I'm not entirely sure why I'm biatching.

Oh, yeah. Because it's lame.
2001-07-05 08:23:50 PM  
They should set it up as a clock. Every 15 mins or so the chick walks out and does a little dance ending by pointing arms at the time like an analog clock. And get rid of the spyware of course.
2001-07-05 08:37:47 PM  
" Look mummy , there's a pornstar up on my screen .......
2001-07-05 09:34:55 PM  
Me likee!
2001-07-06 12:52:28 AM  
gah, this usually comes included when wadeing though porn wilst looking for warez -- lol i had it installed "by accident" once while my i was giving my minister a lesson about ebay -- and boy am i gonna burn for that one
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