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(Canoe)   Man attempts to steal car, can't drive stick, fails   ( divider line
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1420 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2001 at 1:32 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-05 01:43:35 AM  
Hardly a "man" then...
2001-07-05 01:56:01 AM  
and the owner of the car was a woman. talk about playing with gender roles.
2001-07-05 01:56:44 AM  

Anyone remember that scene in Gone in 60 sec. where Angelina Jolie straddles the stick in that car. That was the best scene of the movie.
2001-07-05 02:06:57 AM  
2001-07-05 02:09:46 AM  
I meant [cough]third[cough]
2001-07-05 11:18:38 AM  
I guess the /. effect manifests itself in ways other than simply choking servers.
2001-07-05 11:20:26 AM  
Obviously this guy isn't worth a damn in the clutch.
2001-07-05 12:12:09 PM  
Man tries to pull head out, can't find his own ass. Fails.

France surrenders
2001-07-05 12:36:59 PM  
Stupid Gangsta was probably raised on playstation and couldn't find the go button on the car's keypad.

Automatics are for pansies.
2001-07-05 12:46:47 PM  
Is there a "Pathetic" tag?
2001-07-05 12:58:49 PM  
This goes out to the theif,

"Dude, I have often thought about stealing trains, planes and even the space shuttle, but you know why I don't? That's right, I don't know how they operate, take the hint."

I don't think he will get it, I used a few big words in there.
2001-07-05 02:56:03 PM  
It's easy enough to teach yourself stick on the somebody else's car.
2001-07-05 03:02:23 PM  
Was he French?
2001-07-05 03:29:33 PM  
"Carjacker"? More like "carjackass".
2001-07-05 05:33:33 PM  
that's what i did, umlaut. company vehicle.

and, nkosika, trains can't be that difficult to operate. i mean, they just go forward and backward. the problem with stealing trains is that the authorities kind of know exactly where you're going.
2001-07-05 08:17:41 PM  
Let me get this straight.

He jacks a 1981 Nissan, thus committing armed grand theft auto--for a 20 YEAR OLD crapmobile? Idiot! If you're gonna commit a felony, make it a good one, moron! If the fool had managed to make it onto the highway, I would have loved to see him try to outrace police cruisers in that thing. Eh, not gonna happen.

He then realizes that the car he has stolen is a stick shift, and he can't drive the thing. LOSER! I know a few people who can't drive stick, sure, but they make sure that the cars they are about to legally enter can accomodate that.

Anyway, why do I get the feeling he wasn't even smart enough to try to cut his losses and run for it with the necklace and purse? But instead sat there, fighting the transmission, until the cops pulled up?

pathetic. Love to see him shooting the breeze with his new cellmates, though, they'll be laughing their asses off when they share what they were put in for.
2001-07-05 08:41:49 PM  

lucky woman (in the end)
2001-07-05 09:29:02 PM  
Unlucky inmate (in the End).
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