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(Marietta Daily Journal)   Farker gets article written about him because he beat cancer when he was 19 (bonus picture of him training kung fu)   ( divider line
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10247 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Mar 2007 at 2:12 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-04 03:15:40 PM  
2007-03-04 03:27:30 PM  
olddinosaur Ni hao. I studied Hung Gar. The Chinese martial arts are great. Very beautiful.

/Sifu Scott, Ann Arbor (student of Y.C. Wong)
2007-03-04 03:29:21 PM  
When you're 19 you can make a come back like that. That's why they take you in the army when you're 18. At that age you really don't have to exercise to get into shape and you never run out of breath. When I was 18 I could run and run and run and just get hot, but a pleasant, glowing kind of hot, not the I'm about to puke kind. After about 27, if I ran out to get the mail or up a flight of stairs, my lungs would fall out of my mouth. When I was 18 a hangover consisted of having a kind of healthy rosiness to my cheeks and water eyes. After 26 a hangover meant throwing up and having diarrhea simultaneously while praying like a screeching, crying Japanese businessman who just got caught failing the company, his family, and every Japanese Emporer that ever lived, for death. When I was 19 I could skip a few night sleep and have fun with it. Now if I'm short an hour of sleep my head feels like steel wool and I drive into people.
2007-03-04 03:32:40 PM  
keep fightin dude!the cancer that is.stay healthy and have fun,it will keep you alive longer
2007-03-04 03:35:35 PM  
GalleyWench: That stuff they give you before the anesthesia on the other hand


/everything in the world is oooookay...
2007-03-04 03:39:25 PM  
I can't fight cancer, so I'm gonna fight this cancer patient! Imma beat the cancer right out of him!

/fightin' round the worrrrlllddd.
2007-03-04 03:42:41 PM  
Such a cute piccy of subby and his instructor. Looks like they were working up to buttsecks.
2007-03-04 03:53:03 PM  
Where do you train? I've trained with Master Reid off Canton Highway in Marietta.
2007-03-04 04:00:03 PM  
Some amazing people have beat cancer. . . Scott Hamilton, Lance Armstrong. . . and You!
2007-03-04 04:16:16 PM  
Way to beat it kiddo. You keep on fighting. Your in my prayers.
2007-03-04 04:27:40 PM  
Fu - cancer!

/way to go!
2007-03-04 04:34:44 PM  
Congratulations and keep on fighting! It's good to see other survivors out there. Thyroid cancer, 5 years out!
2007-03-04 04:40:45 PM  
"The angry scar that jags across the left part of his skull comes not from martial arts, but from a half-pound malignant tumor which doctors sliced from his brain."


Not even John Wayne could beat HIS cancer. Well done!
2007-03-04 04:55:21 PM  
From one young cancer fighter to another, Congrats dude!
2007-03-04 05:12:18 PM  
Congratulations. Still fighting here, 23 years old. Oral cancer, 10 months out.
2007-03-04 05:16:16 PM  
You have to keep fighting. The woman who was the love of my life in high school (non-reciprocal, unfortunately) gave up the fight and it still hurts a little bit to this day. She had lieukemia and died at age 21 or 22.

When there's no afterlife, you must fight here for every moment.
2007-03-04 05:29:48 PM  
milk_plus: To be fair, the best cancer can hope for is a tie.

Evil comment. Funny as hell, but evil.
2007-03-04 05:36:01 PM  
great article!! congratulations!!!

/buckhead resident
2007-03-04 05:40:11 PM  
Bullshido folks who give this guy grief will be reported to Phrost for a head squeezing. Good on you for licking the tumor!

/Check out some cross-training - MT, judo, BJJ, boxing, subgrappling some time. If you're sifu's cool he won't mind, and it's fun!
2007-03-04 05:41:32 PM  
Good for you. We have a man at our church who has been fighting a brain tumor for quite awhile. I know a big part of it isnt just the physical side, but the emotional side. You look like you are taking control of both!

2007-03-04 05:52:22 PM
2007-03-04 05:54:06 PM  
Way to kick that cancer's ass, man.
What style do you take?

/Choi Li Fut practitioner.
2007-03-04 06:17:54 PM  
Oh yeah? Well I twisted my ankle. Where's my sympathy poon?
2007-03-04 06:43:43 PM  
That's great news. And an awesome picture.

I graduated from KSU a couple years ago, good school.
2007-03-04 06:50:20 PM  
Congrats! I'm 20 years in remission now; keep up the good work!
2007-03-04 06:59:11 PM
2007-03-04 09:52:44 PM  
Why does stupid stuff like this get greenlit?
How is this headline even humorous?
Should charge the farker for his ad.
2007-03-04 10:13:38 PM  
and by cancer do you mean children?
2007-03-04 11:00:45 PM  

I beat cancer when I was 10. Go me.
2007-03-04 11:23:50 PM  
for some reason, i'm reminded of a recent article in the christian science monitor.
2007-03-04 11:24:59 PM  
What? You should have plugged Fark. I know you spend more time at Fark than you do at the Dojo. The article should feature a photo of you on your computer, logged in to the Main Page, thumbs up and crediting us for saving your farking life with our positive vibes.
2007-03-05 12:56:33 AM  
I am karate, im jealous, our blue belts arent as colourful as yours
2007-03-05 02:40:02 AM  
Damn, kung fu and cancer? What else is there left to accomplish. You did it all! What's it like there, at the end of time?
2007-03-05 02:53:14 AM  
Smitty here! I've been gone all day and didn't think this was going to get approved :P

Thanks for the love!

Where do you train? I've trained with Master Reid off Canton Highway in Marietta.

Really? I train with Master Reid. Such a small world on Fark

Cerebral Ballsy: What? You should have plugged Fark. I know you spend more time at Fark than you do at the Dojo. The article should feature a photo of you on your computer, logged in to the Main Page, thumbs up and crediting us for saving your farking life with our positive vibes.

Heamer style!
2007-03-05 03:33:10 AM  
Hey, congratulations. It's nice to see some good news that isn't flamebait!
2007-03-05 04:23:00 AM  
Good onya mate
2007-03-05 08:26:53 AM  
Congrats subby! My wife is a 5 yr survivor. We just moved to GA and I'm glad to see there's something here other than tai kwon do.

2007-03-05 09:18:29 AM  
Congrats for fighting the crap out of cancer.
Best of luck to you subby.
2007-03-05 12:26:20 PM  
LisaLisaLisa: You're the only reason I opened this thread - I had to make sure somebody said it.
2007-03-05 06:01:19 PM  
Are you sure it wasn't science that beat the cancer?
2007-03-05 10:36:11 PM  
Is it just me or is there an influx of people in Fark from suburban Atlanta? How come I never meet you people? All the people I run into are kind of farking crazy. Though congrats Subby on the fight with cancer.

/Woodstock resident
2007-03-06 09:27:14 AM  
What's with all the 'me too!' cancer club stuff?
My elderly alcoholic father who smokes a pack a day got cancer two years ago. Poor diet, crap attitude, drinking a 40 every day for the last 25 years.
He beat his cancer. His insurance company also paid him $100k for his troubles, plus income insurance, a work payout. He bought more booze, more cigarettes. I don't see the triumph.

Smitty, on the other hand, is showing off a freshly bleached new outfit with stylish blue belt. I will donate one kickass hat and a bottle of high quality fake tan (or beer) if I can get two more stories of undeserving cancer survivors in this thread.
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