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(Sports by Brooks)   Pittsburgh columnist: If Penguins leave Iron City because of no arena, blame Bill and Hillary Clinton   ( divider line
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831 clicks; posted to Sports » on 02 Mar 2007 at 6:09 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-02 04:39:55 PM  

- R
2007-03-02 04:43:48 PM  
i didn't RTFA, but does this have to do with bill getting a blow job in the oval office?
2007-03-02 04:54:58 PM  
I remember when SbB didn't blow.
2007-03-02 05:07:54 PM  
CatPeople: I remember when SbB didn't blow.

That's unpossible.
2007-03-02 05:12:44 PM  
Eric Heyl, loyal foot soldier of the Daily Scaife, a rag so right wing that it makes the Moonie Times look rational and insightful.
2007-03-02 05:13:06 PM  

At least they came to their senses and stopped having the models pose on a pool tables in dive bars.

- Tre "The Accused"
2007-03-02 06:24:38 PM  
Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: Daily Scaife,

Is that where he parks the EMP generator?
2007-03-02 07:19:33 PM  
B-b-b-b-b-b-but, the Blue Line..!

/got nuttin'
//do they still play hockey in America?
2007-03-02 07:32:46 PM  
Iron City?
2007-03-02 08:04:34 PM  
The article was likely taken from the tribune-review. And for those of you who don't know, the pittsburgh tribune-review is the most conservative newspaper I have ever seen.

Its falling off the right-hand of the spectrum, most articles sound like they're written by Ann Coulter.

They will not let contradictory facts (or plain common sense) keep them from insulting democrats/liberals until no end.
2007-03-02 08:32:52 PM  
It's true. The Clinton's not only stole 900 FBI file to blackmail people, sold sensitive top secret military and satellite tech to the Chicoms for campaign cash which also undermined our national security, sold out pardons to the highest bidder, killed innocent branch davidians, and gave aid and comfort to terrorists by turning a blind eye to their dirty deeds, they also are farking over the PENGUINS!

Bill and Hill should be in prison right now.
2007-03-02 08:42:13 PM  
Look out, Loretta!

He beat him like a rented mule!

\used to listen to KDKA late at night way back when from so far away
2007-03-02 09:02:23 PM  
Oh shiat, I'm a Penguins fan and I voted for Clinton. I'm so confused now. Please, I need Mike Lange and/or James Carville to tell me what to do!
2007-03-02 09:24:34 PM  
Practice Safe Farking:

You left off the Utah land grab in exchange for Indonesian campaign cash, killing Vince Foster and a blowjob.
2007-03-02 09:49:29 PM  
yeah its not rendells fault or the PA gaming board... whatever if the pens leave we riot, burn the farking city to the ground
2007-03-02 10:45:34 PM  
Random fact of the night, for Brap: Did you know that the story behind The Accused happened in the town over from me, the same town that brought you "Juggalo Stabs Guys In Gay Bar" and "Schizo Jilted Lover Shoots Up Strip Club" from the past year?

\sure, they tell you they're known for being in Moby Dick, but *we* know....
2007-03-03 10:31:49 AM  

Scratch my back with a hacksaw?
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