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(CNN)   Hot dog eating record shattered   ( divider line
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2001-07-04 04:01:47 PM  
WTF is this what people aspire to?
The hot dog eating contest is not only a beautiful display of athleticism, it is a fundamental way for citizens of all nations to display patriotism," said Wayne Norbitz, president of Nathan's Famous
Athleticism? Patriotism? This guy been smoking the hot dogs
he is supposed to eat? All it shows is your a fast eater and a pig. Then again what is the company shill gonna say.
2001-07-04 04:12:49 PM  
3rd place was taken by Monica Lewinsky, formerly of Washington DC.
2001-07-04 04:13:52 PM  
Sure, let's give the japanese something to be proud of. And before anyone beats me to it, this is what came to mind as soon as I thought of eating 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

[image from too old to be available]
Projectile vomit. This goddamn link better work, too.
2001-07-04 04:14:58 PM  
Immediately following the competition, the winner plans to break the record of time spent puking.
2001-07-04 04:56:07 PM  
Ah, screw it. There's no need to show you all a huge picture of someone puking over a balcony anyway.
2001-07-04 05:45:22 PM  
Warning: hitting Gas Giant Bong leads to serious munchies.
2001-07-04 05:59:42 PM  
Wow! That's a lot of hot dogs.
2001-07-04 06:23:49 PM  
how is eating hotdogs in anyway considered to be athletic?
2001-07-04 06:58:22 PM  
mmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm NAAAAAAAAAAATHANS. Those are truely the best hot dogs in the world.
2001-07-04 06:59:07 PM  
think of all those lips and assholes in there.... Yuck!
2001-07-04 07:03:09 PM  
Is that Alex Trebek standing behind the guy?
2001-07-04 07:51:27 PM  
"the coveted mustard yellow international belt."

WTF? I can't think of anyone who would be truly jealous over that....
2001-07-04 08:23:03 PM  
hotdog eating contests sick me out.
2001-07-04 09:28:02 PM  
Eating hot dogs? Heck, my ex-wife holds the record for that.
2001-07-04 10:28:08 PM  
Anyone else see the irony in this event? Americans are called fat, and stupid... yet other countries seem PROUD about the fact they can out eat Americans and other countries in hotdogs. If you listen careful, you can hear the nation laughing at Japan....
2001-07-04 11:02:08 PM  
I agree with SpaceGhost. This kid may remain unchallenged and a serious contender for the gold at Sydney. I have not seen the post drug test results, so it's still just a speculative victory. Either way, I hope the American team comes up with a different strategy.

I really like the Boredoms, and Takaka Minekawa.
2001-07-04 11:21:31 PM  
Kobayashi will receive a trophy, a year's supply of Nathan's hot dogs, and the coveted mustard yellow international belt.

Oh, yes... quite coveted. Wear it with pride, Kobayashi!
2001-07-04 11:27:50 PM  
A year's supply of hotdogs? He just ate the whole damn load!
2001-07-04 11:30:55 PM  
Yeah, I love the athletic, patriotic feeling I get when I cram my gullet with hot dogs.
2001-07-04 11:51:45 PM  
Fark that...this is a day for blowing stuff up
2001-07-05 12:57:29 AM  
Yeah, a Japanese guy winning an American contest sure is patriotic...

I think Americans have to tone down the patriotism a little bit. I don't think this guy won the contest for his love of the USA.
2001-07-05 01:40:07 AM  
"But why?" Jan asked.
"Because it will feel good." Tommy replied.
"I just don't think it will Tommy...I don't think a person is made to have that many weiners stuck in them." Pleaded Jan.
"Look, I'm not asking a lot of you. Just be there."
" Don't you love me..."
"yes.." Jan said with a reluctant sigh, that told Tommy should would do it.

I don't know what made me think of that...god it's late.
2001-07-05 03:07:40 AM  
too many hot dogs causes cancer!!
2001-07-05 07:24:11 AM  
That's nothing. I've eaten one of those plastic hotdogs from 7-11, and lived to tell the tale!

Isn't Kobayashi the fictional right-hand man to Kaiser Soze in The Usual Suspects?
2001-07-05 07:36:15 AM  
2001-07-05 07:36:47 AM  
Who IS Kaiser Soze?
2001-07-05 07:49:26 AM  
I am not one to brag but I can take anybody here in a hot dog eating contest.

Well I guess it's not really bragging. More like admitting I have a problem.
2001-07-05 11:12:19 AM  
I am Kobayashi and this is my friend NATHAN and we are EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVILLLL...............INDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED
2001-07-05 11:25:45 AM  
That little guy ate all those hot dogs? That fast? Where did he put them all!?!
2001-07-05 07:06:28 PM  
Nazzerov the winner was at 131 pounds that don't sound fat to me.
2001-07-05 08:16:57 PM  
i hope anyone involved with that thing dies of a heartattack
2001-07-05 11:49:45 PM  
Waaaaayyyyyy too Freudian for me.
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