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2001-07-04 12:39:54 AM

2001-07-04 12:42:03 AM
2001-07-04 12:43:23 AM
Not safe for work

2001-07-04 01:03:43 AM
2001-07-04 01:16:46 AM
2001-07-04 01:22:32 AM
2001-07-04 01:30:39 AM
2001-07-04 01:33:51 AM
2001-07-04 01:41:15 AM

Subtle but stupid.
2001-07-04 01:49:33 AM
2001-07-04 01:58:04 AM

I'll blow down your house Illucid!
2001-07-04 02:01:21 AM
2001-07-04 02:01:25 AM
2001-07-04 02:03:55 AM

2001-07-04 02:21:33 AM

Random nonsensical 1am farkness
And just in case, since this is my first post not using Photopoint , here's the direct URL:
2001-07-04 02:21:47 AM
(insert lisp): Stay away from him delicious little boy!

2001-07-04 02:29:37 AM
2001-07-04 02:33:29 AM

Looks like me and Brainfreeze are on the same er, page.
2001-07-04 02:55:48 AM
The conspiricy between President Bush and the upper-class of America to keep their interests and priorities as number 1, was caught in action at this conference, the following conclusive proof.


I'm famous for 2 things when photoshoping: needless rendering of clouds, and needless lens flares. one of which is demonstrated here.
2001-07-04 03:04:15 AM
Forgot my vote button (grumble)
2001-07-04 03:14:54 AM
Too tired for funny. Instead I offer what can only be described as an explosion in the Fark Fotoshopping Factory.

Move along.
2001-07-04 03:36:39 AM
2001-07-04 03:41:20 AM
2001-07-04 05:12:39 AM

Napster Bad
2001-07-04 05:14:53 AM

2001-07-04 07:28:45 AM
2001-07-04 10:45:23 AM

is that drew? no dis intended.none to peewee either. cartman- go fark yourself. thanks rollergirrrrl. timothy i hope you didn't lose sleep over the squirrel diagram - i can't explain. whatever happened to dalai lama? busted for stealing office supplies?
2001-07-04 11:15:13 AM
2001-07-04 11:18:35 AM

Hes a smooth criminal
2001-07-04 11:40:24 AM

Sorry, it was the first thing that popped in my head.

P.S. That is a Hello Kitty vibrator on the left, didn't look as good as I intended.
2001-07-04 12:31:15 PM

"Tired of always having to drive to the airport, Mr. Howard Jefferson decides to move to the airport."
2001-07-04 12:34:07 PM
2001-07-04 12:42:15 PM
2001-07-04 01:01:43 PM

"Cecil, you twit! Inviting the Troll Lord to a prison visit, not to mention his evil midget fem-bots! I have half a mind throw the both of you out! You could leave that fem-bot, though....."
2001-07-04 01:11:15 PM

Sill on the Kiss theme, sorry. It will pass soon, I am sure...
2001-07-04 01:17:47 PM
2001-07-04 01:24:30 PM

I woke up WAY too late for this , but oh well.
2001-07-04 02:16:40 PM
I just love your farking braids Christina. It makes you look so...so...so whorey.
2001-07-04 02:18:30 PM
Fark, lets make that a little bigger.

2001-07-04 02:34:02 PM
2001-07-04 04:24:34 PM

I can't think of anywhere besides Geocities to put this. The link is safe for work (why are you working on the 4th?!?), so go ahead click. :) Anyone know of a better place for animated gifs?
2001-07-04 04:26:55 PM

If that doesn't work try: this
2001-07-04 06:22:49 PM

Yeah yeah, I know -- old topic... but hey, its a classic...
2001-07-04 07:07:26 PM
2001-07-04 07:54:02 PM
2001-07-04 11:52:27 PM
A re-post since my first attempt to link an image I placed at geocities seems to have failed ...

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