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2598 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Aug 2002 at 2:50 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-06 02:53:21 AM  
Oral, rectale... I'm scared to think of what is next
2002-08-06 02:54:04 AM  
I prefer the tried and true lung delivery method. I love you alveoli!
2002-08-06 02:55:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Not that new, my fiends.
2002-08-06 02:59:33 AM  
All for the bargain basement price of $50 billion+ !

(Although I do think the Canadarm 2 kicks ass)
2002-08-06 03:02:10 AM  
spooning up a batch of heroin is probably pretty tough in zero g's, so they had to find a new method I suppose.
2002-08-06 03:04:06 AM  
2002-08-06 03:06:24 AM  
Stubblyhead: yeah, that'd be a great idea. One minute, the astronauts are dinking around with the hypospray, the next minute Murphy has an embollism and has punched the "vent atmosphere" button in his death throes.
2002-08-06 03:06:51 AM  
Extensive space station research reveals ground breaking new way to administer drugs into the body:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-06 03:08:51 AM  
Good God, man! I love my Vapir...mmm, Sally's so yummy.
2002-08-06 03:09:06 AM  
The Manned space program is a total waste of money.

Damn wastfull government programs never go away after they have outlived their usefullness. The reason NASA was created was to explore space and put man on the moon. NASA's manned program has done NOTHING new for the last 30 years. The USA won the race to the moon, NASA's manned space program is long overdue for retiring.

Just use robots already!
2002-08-06 03:10:50 AM  
2002-08-06 03:11:55 AM  
IN So.....many cases these tests just turn out to be unusable..a good example is much of soviet russia's space experiments..
2002-08-06 03:12:22 AM  
Wow, Lord, that's an awful ammount of man you got heaping in that post. I also agree that we get all of the mans out of our orbit-penetrating ships, looking torwards the future, one of a clear non-manical society.
2002-08-06 03:13:21 AM  
in Lexington KY, drugs deliver you!
2002-08-06 03:15:04 AM  

Yo, Scotty dood, beam me another hit off that bhang...

2002-08-06 03:16:14 AM  
Lordchaos: so we agree. NASA should send a manned mission to mars!
2002-08-06 03:17:03 AM  
Holy crap! Fark just re-worded my S0viet Russia joke. Oh well. In communist Fark, comments re-word you!

Microencapsulation Electrostatic Processing is one of old date, my brother, Frank and I, researched with this technology and found the Bottilious and ElectroWaterStatic method to be so much better.
2002-08-06 03:20:10 AM  
I hope someone makes a script that converts spdrmn's asterisks into "notice me pleeaassseee!"'s.
2002-08-06 03:21:56 AM  


2002-08-06 03:25:16 AM  
in Lexington KY, there's a watertower to your left when you drive in from the east and the nearest McDonalds is about 14 miles away.
2002-08-06 03:25:50 AM  
notice me pleeaassseee!


notice me pleeaassseee!
2002-08-06 03:27:08 AM  
In Soviet Space Station, drugs take you.
2002-08-06 03:27:27 AM  

Golly, must be my night to get flamed by goofy looking schmucks.

2002-08-06 03:28:33 AM  
Hey! I resemble that remark.
2002-08-06 03:29:44 AM  
It could always be worse, like Dahne with his 3 word posts along with the link to his webpage.
2002-08-06 03:31:28 AM  
could you guys please not argue and get back on topic because"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-06 03:34:05 AM  
Where is Lexington KY? and what does it have to do with S0viart Russiea??
2002-08-06 03:34:52 AM  
In Lexington KY, retards inbread you!
2002-08-06 03:35:53 AM  
JeffK: It's Fark HQ. It's a filter to replace the (increasingly annoying) Yakov cliche, much like the Boobies filter.
2002-08-06 03:36:09 AM  
Lexington is in kentucky and it has something to do with the antebellum crowd that started fark..but nothing to do with the space lab but you can do a google search with soviet russia and lexington kentucky and come up with stuff and is for sale..
2002-08-06 03:36:46 AM  
*please, please notice me, send me $$$ and offer me oral sex..

I think Drew is in Lexington...


*please, please notice me, send me $$$ and offer me oral sex..
2002-08-06 03:58:55 AM  
now we got drugs in space we can expect...

2002-08-06 04:18:57 AM  
oh..there is not filter..
2002-08-06 04:24:08 AM  
How are we gonna read the micro labels on these micro capsules?

Not to mention the dificulty in opening a micro child-proof cap.
2002-08-06 04:24:58 AM  
People beat a joke into the ground. It goes "In S0v13t Russia, [noun] [verbs] you!". Drew just changed the Russian part to Kentucky.
2002-08-06 04:48:38 AM  
Am I the only one who read this headline and the first thing that
came to mind was "Wow, know those dealers won't need to shove weed
up their asses and fly coach, they can just hop a shuttle."

Luck, Love, and Lollipops
2002-08-06 05:46:22 AM  
Some of those s0viet russia jokes were funny.

It's quite dildo-like of them to start filtering it.
2002-08-06 07:00:46 AM  
Yay for the spacebong.
2002-08-06 07:57:53 AM  
Improved drug delivery method?

How about UPS-ing my weed to my door?

2002-08-06 08:10:49 AM  
-really...lets start filtering everyth

-that is a

-i like the saviet rossia jukes.

-i swear i'm going to start talking like thus.

-don't make mo.
2002-08-06 08:50:24 AM  
"Whoah maaannnn, this is good shait,...I feel like I'm floating dudeeeee."
2002-08-06 08:58:24 AM  
NONE of the Yakov jokes were funny. 12 year old trollers with nothing to offer just spout off a Yakov non-joke. Talk about "look at me".
2002-08-06 10:42:37 AM  
If patients want to such such drug, I guess the have to go up in the Shuttle. Say, I need this medication! Where do I sign up?
(I find the Soviet Russia filter to be whimsically quaint.)
2002-08-06 11:25:45 AM  

NASA does use robots for deep space exploration. Bottom line, however, is you can't run a LEO laboratory without people in it. Things have to be moved around, experiments, adjusted, etc., etc., etc.

Not to mention... the astronauts are experiments themselves! How do you expect us to eventually go to Mars and beyond without significant data on what the human body does after months in microgravity? Don't tell me the Russians have done it.


You took the words out of my mouth :)
2002-08-06 11:54:35 AM  
Yet again Drivinwest makes LordChaos look stupid.

It's a trap!
2002-08-06 05:29:02 PM  
I've still got my favorite drug delivery method. *ssssnnnifff*
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