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1112 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jul 2001 at 4:03 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-07 04:46:29 AM  
2001-07-07 05:18:02 AM  
Your Quiz Score is:
2001-07-07 05:18:47 AM  
Your Quiz Score is: 0
2001-07-07 05:33:58 AM  
Oh my I got 4 right. Should I surrender?
2001-07-07 05:43:27 AM  
4 for both quizzes. And I don't even like France (to put it mildly).
2001-07-07 05:52:40 AM  
IG-88 scores a 4 on lame ass test... France Surrenders.
2001-07-07 06:02:47 AM  
really? 4? i got zero and i know i got at least one right.
2001-07-07 06:19:43 AM  
I got 3,4,2,3,1 and 0. All with the same answers.
2001-07-07 06:38:32 AM  
damn french bastards. well, let's go take over their country this weekend. any takers?
2001-07-07 07:41:20 AM  
I got a perfect 1 and I guessed at em all.
2001-07-07 08:15:11 AM  
Four... I've never heard of the Loire. Feh.
2001-07-07 09:28:08 AM  
May go over for a weekend jaunt on a ferry and try and take it over...shouldn't be too hard. I feel the same shame living this close to the French as Canadians do to Yanks.
2001-07-07 10:07:27 AM  
5 for 5. France surrenders.
2001-07-07 10:25:21 AM  
Well, I got 5 and 5, first time, those were pretty basic questions though!

thank-you for your time!
2001-07-07 10:33:06 AM  
That quiz is farked. I know I got them all right.
2001-07-07 10:52:24 AM  
Why the fvck would I *want* to know anything about France?
2001-07-07 12:07:51 PM  
I got 4. Just goes to show you how good I am at multiple guess tests.
2001-07-07 12:10:41 PM  
5 for 5 and then 4 for 5 on the second one. Those questions weren't too difficult.
2001-07-07 12:16:52 PM  
Next quiz: How much do you know about Rosie O'Donnell's naked body?
2001-07-07 01:27:02 PM  
I got 1/5. Damn.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-07-07 01:35:08 PM  
2001-07-07 01:47:29 PM  
I think all the Farkers should launch an invasion force on France. C'mon if we pool everyone on this site together, I'm sure we could take them. Might be a nice Weekend Warrior project.
2001-07-07 02:37:18 PM  
YEah, but how much do you know about Nebraska?
2001-07-07 02:37:52 PM  
Blink Ask that question to Paula Poundstone
2001-07-07 03:21:52 PM  
5 out of 5 on both tests. I guess that's what you get for taking French for 4 lousy years in High School. Mais, d'autre part, je suis entremetteur. That and I've forgotten quite a bit since then.
2001-07-07 03:25:12 PM  
I know that they are not responsible for that mysterious YKK thats imprinted on zippers!!!!!
2001-07-07 04:15:58 PM  
3 and 5 on the tests! Surf's up, space ponies! I'm makin' gravy without the lumps!
2001-07-07 04:21:57 PM  
Five for five on both. I know enough about the French and their language to justifiy mocking them.

*Willis walks into Paris screaming the only phrase he remembers from French class at the top of his lungs.*
"Votre hache est rapide, hotesse-de-la-air!"
*The French who hear me instantly surrender.*
2001-07-07 05:15:02 PM  
ok, lets make a "how much do you know about the USA?" quiz and let the french farkers take it.

I got three, but that was out of sheer luck. I know more about the french revolution than i do the the rest of france's history, geography, art, and agriculture.
2001-07-07 06:47:04 PM  
I got a zero 3 times after changing every answer. France surrenders.
2001-07-08 03:36:10 PM  
Quelle dommage! I was a French major, but i didn't know the longest river.

Merde alors.
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