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(Ananova)   Iranian singles banned from amusement parks   ( divider line
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1533 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jul 2001 at 8:03 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-03 08:14:43 AM  
Iran just needs to perform an operation on all single people, making them genderless. That would eliminate all of that pesky flirting.

(BTW - Sarcasm)
2001-07-03 08:28:50 AM  
The paper also says police have arrested male teenagers for flirting with single girls in the parks.

boy am I glad I wasn't born there.
2001-07-03 08:35:13 AM  
Iran has amusement parks?!?!?!?!

Hey, if they can't date, they'll probably have a hard time breeding. A few less potential terrorists walk the face of the earth. Works for me.
2001-07-03 09:07:15 AM  
I'll bet the mullahs in Iran would have a stroke if they saw the Gay Day at Disney World.
2001-07-03 10:32:57 AM  
Mommy! Mommy! I wanna ride the SCUD Missle!
2001-07-03 12:24:19 PM  
I'm frequently amused AND disgusted at what people can, can't or must do in the name of religion.
2001-07-03 12:58:43 PM  
Enemy: I'm with you - I thought the fact Iran had amusement parks was the news.
Basset: Good one!

What would an Iranian amusement park be like?:

- Political Dissident Land
Rides: The Rack
The Sleep Deprivation Experience
Food: Anwar's Bread & Water Pavillion

- Evil Land (a.k.a "The West")
Rides: Zany Scud Flyers
Terrorists of the Caspian
Games: Shooting for Zionists
Flag Burning for Rials
Food: Entrails of the White Devil Hut

- Islamaland
Rides: Mr. Hoseini-Khameni's Wild Ride
Scheherazade's' Castle
Shows: Ayatollmania!: The Revival
Games: Guess How Many Veils
2001-07-03 01:17:50 PM  
is there any truth to what Ananova posts? are there any references or does it just say, "it was rumored that people got arrested in a park and at the time a guy was flirting"

it just doesn't seem like a reliable source.
2001-07-03 01:47:13 PM  
Christ, why does anyone even give a damn about Iran? It's a grease spot in the middle of nowhere. Watch it t'make sure it doesn't get any ideas in its pretty little head about bombing embassies, but beyond that, let 'em wallow...
2001-07-03 02:26:15 PM  
"The blond one, how much for the blonde one?!"
2001-07-03 06:06:04 PM  
Well were the little hussies showing their ankles? I bet the little harlots didn't even have their faces covered. They were askin for it going out in a short sleeved shirt!
2001-07-03 06:07:56 PM  
Prom Night has to be great in Iran, "Hey I tell you what, I like you is it okay if I wave at you on Prom night from the other side of the city?"

"No best we not push our luck, maybe if we looked at the moon at the same time, so long nobody else sees us do it."
2001-07-03 06:45:23 PM  
I like Kraft singles better.
2001-07-03 06:45:53 PM  
people from a different culture are stupid.

haha- stupid people too stupid to be born in the united states. haha. how stupid.

why did the filthy rag-head cross the road? cause he was a stupid terrorist! hahahahaha
2001-07-03 07:56:36 PM  
ohhh booooh
2001-07-03 09:29:27 PM  
The only thing about these people is they do not consider it a real conversation unless you are close enough to smell their breath.
2001-07-03 09:30:04 PM  
That is, the only thing I mind about these people..
2001-07-03 10:21:14 PM  
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