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(UFO)   WTF did I just take a picture of? I thought it was a planet, but it looks really weird   ( divider line
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67223 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Feb 2007 at 5:03 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-18 06:21:48 PM  
Angry Drunk Bureaucrat
Are you sure it's not balls this time?

Ugh... you're right, I'm not sure. And now suddenly I'm transfixed by these balls, I mean this streetlight.

Since Forked_at_Fark is a TFette this might be harder than you describe it.

How dare you, you sexist?? Women can have balls too!
2007-02-18 06:22:07 PM  
Could somebody please explain this to...

No wait. Never mind, it's a farkin' streetlight.

/great pic rachel
2007-02-18 06:22:09 PM  
hdhale was making simply and clearly the point that, whatever it is, it is not an alien spacecraft.
Asserting that it is a streetlight is the most likely explanation, yes, but clearly that if doesn't submitter, and they remain without a explanation.
You earned yourself a month of TF, hdhale.

/in winter 1983 I saw a moving light in the sky that was dripping light
//no, I don't believe it was an alien spacecraft
///but I still don't know what it was
2007-02-18 06:22:54 PM  
Oh my god, it's full of streetlights!
2007-02-18 06:23:18 PM  
Whatever it is, it's glowing with an eerie ghost-like aura.

I'd venture to guess it's a large space station disguised as a small moon that looks like a street light when it's powering up it's main laser.
2007-02-18 06:23:34 PM  
Oh, and it's moments like these that make me proud to be a farker.

When Tfers and Liters can all come together, point their finger and laugh at submitter - it's magic!
2007-02-18 06:23:56 PM  
It's a cookbook! I mean, it's a streetlight!
2007-02-18 06:24:00 PM  

You're teh stupid.
2007-02-18 06:24:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-18 06:24:58 PM  
Has anybody said streetlight yet?
2007-02-18 06:25:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-18 06:25:35 PM  
Streetlight/Parking Lot light..

/got nothing else
//had to post in this wonderful, wonderful thread...
2007-02-18 06:25:36 PM  
Rock on the mole of production!
2007-02-18 06:26:54 PM  
Its a military curtain flare thing. the stuff dripping is the magnesium, phosporous, whatever that burns to keep it lit until the parachute lets it drop.
2007-02-18 06:27:14 PM  

2007-02-18 06:27:20 PM  

no comment from forked_at_fark for awhile now. maybe she saw the logic light?

There fixed that for you.
2007-02-18 06:28:28 PM  
Submitter posted the picture upside down by mistake. It's really a spoon dripping radio active waste
2007-02-18 06:29:28 PM  
Gaboo ftw! Lol!
2007-02-18 06:30:03 PM  
It's Alan Parson's Project. Some sort of hovercraft I think.
2007-02-18 06:30:36 PM  
Got it! It's Tiger Woods dressed in black practising his chip shot.
2007-02-18 06:30:39 PM  
alpo818: So this is a bit off topic,

A bit off topic? More like a different galaxy.
2007-02-18 06:30:55 PM  
I'm sooo adding a street light to my I Want To Beleive Generator
2007-02-18 06:31:14 PM  
forked_at_fark: No, it is not a street lamp.
Not a plane either, because it has been about in the same spot in the sky for awhile

Are you shooting through double glazed windows?
2007-02-18 06:31:16 PM  
My comment has been put into a fark cliche picture...

/first time. Wow that feels weird.
2007-02-18 06:31:29 PM  
goeniegoegoe: Rock on the mole of production!

Oh, I plan to. This thread is better than free cable.
2007-02-18 06:31:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-18 06:32:04 PM  
moley, i want to have your e-children!
brad won't mind. honest!
2007-02-18 06:32:40 PM  
Zee firefly, she poops..
2007-02-18 06:32:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-18 06:33:51 PM  
I'm just posting here as a reminder to resubscribe to TF. Hilarious work all you photoshoppers
2007-02-18 06:33:54 PM  
Oh. So this is what I've been missing. $5 you say? Hmm...

oh yeah, i say streetlight just in case no one's mentioned it yet
2007-02-18 06:34:11 PM  
As a streetlight, I am getting a kick out of reading these replies.
2007-02-18 06:34:34 PM  
blueswoman: Alec Beevers: Time for a PS?

Photoshop this 'O'bject

you mean ... like this whole thread? ;)

Yeah, who needs a PS thread for this easy target?

/Thanks again for the TF sponsership
2007-02-18 06:34:56 PM  
blueswoman: moley, i want to have your e-children!

[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-18 06:35:19 PM  
Para normal noid.
2007-02-18 06:35:38 PM  
My Corgi is teh awesome: As a streetlight, I am getting a kick out of reading these replies.

Oh how I'm LOLing tonight!
2007-02-18 06:36:05 PM  
Mr. Programmer: I'm sooo adding a street light to my I Want To Beleive Generator

Oh yes.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-18 06:36:16 PM  
It's not a schooner it's a sailboat.
2007-02-18 06:37:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-18 06:37:26 PM  
blueswoman: moley, i want to have your e-children!

Don't worry, she says that to all the guys.
2007-02-18 06:37:35 PM  
Its is pic taken inside of a sewer, you see light outside and either lader or water dripping down. IMHO
2007-02-18 06:38:46 PM  
I had Chloe reposition the satellite to your coordinates and run a flux capacitor filter to reduce image artifacts.

It's a streetlight.
2007-02-18 06:38:56 PM  
It's a glow-in-the-dark five iron.
2007-02-18 06:39:28 PM  

2007-02-18 06:39:45 PM  
God damn it, people, this isn't something to joke about.

I'm sorry to rain on this nice little trainwreck thread. But this woman obviously does not understand what's happening to her, her camera, or her streetlight, and making comments like some of these farking trolls have the potential to literally destroy a thread on the rocks instead of saving it.

Get over yourselves, grow up, and shut the fark up, or face the consequences. This isn't a game.
2007-02-18 06:41:41 PM  
Feh. None of the links I submit get streetlighted.
2007-02-18 06:41:58 PM  
My SO called me away to help with something and I come back and this thread is green, my site is farked, a new cliche is born, and I am the laughing stock of the internet.

I still think this thread is hilarious.

But, it's still not a farkin streetlight !
2007-02-18 06:42:18 PM  
It's a streetlight, you crackhead.
2007-02-18 06:43:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-18 06:44:37 PM  
So that's our future, huh? We're doomed.
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