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(X-Entertainment)   More G.I. Joe Fun - Zartan & 'The Fridge' William Perry.   ( divider line
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2002-08-04 10:23:53 AM  
Make fun of Da Fridge behind your computer monitors you wussies.
Do it in person and you may find yourself protruding from a meat hook in his garage.
2002-08-04 11:19:34 AM  
tru dat.
2002-08-04 12:18:47 PM  
Ay, me and the Fridge....we like DIS.
2002-08-05 02:01:59 AM  
I still have a "The Fridge" GI Joe. My brother bought it like 20 years ago or whatever, when it was a gimmick and somehow I ended up with it.
2002-08-05 02:11:27 AM  
What, is "The Fridge" like a GI Joe version of Mike Tyson? Does he eat little kids and shiat? Sounds like the toughest part of getting into the Joes is getting past Fridge while you have your lunch on you.
2002-08-05 02:13:48 AM  
And speaking of GI Joe, does anyone remember that one Cobra vehicle that fired pointy missiles at stuff? The missiles were supposed to be blunt, but they always had extra bits from the diecasting on em so they were pretty pointy. That vehicle was awesome.
2002-08-05 02:21:23 AM  
GI Joe ruled. They were cheap, had cool vehicles and could do kung fu.

He Man, in contrast, could windmill his arms, turn his head and look like he was trying to piss with a hard on when he sat.
2002-08-05 02:38:48 AM  
You have to admit "The Fridge" looked sad in his boxing attempts Slayerswine. Zartan was a fav of mine. Destro, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow were bad ass too.
2002-08-05 02:45:08 AM  
I always remembered the most fun about the playsets and vehicles were that you'd get the GIJoe points from the box and they were so much fun to put together.
2002-08-05 03:03:23 AM  
I had/have a Zartan (my folks have it in a box in the garage - it isn't like he's on my coffee table) and yes, he did indeed change color. From flesh to dark green in only 8 hours of ridiculous heat.
2002-08-05 03:15:25 AM  
2002-08-05 03:48:03 AM  
Screw the fridge. The "Boz" could kick his ass any day. Even if that candy-ass Sgt. Slaughter was in his corner!
2002-08-05 06:02:36 AM  
I got here as quickly as I could

Matt is awesome.

ok, bye!
2002-08-05 09:43:47 AM  
Agreed Grivas, I thought mine was a bust when he wouldn't change color, then I left him in the car for a day while at the mall, came back and voila, his first and only transformation.
2002-08-05 11:44:42 AM  
The best villain was the hooded cobra commander. heh
2002-08-05 01:27:33 PM  
Tairngire, William "The Refrigerator" Perry used to play for the Chicago Bears back in the 80's. He even scored a touchdown in Superbowl 20. If I remember correctly, there were about six New England Patriots hanging off of him at the time.

A year or two after that, the Bears cut him when he showed up at training camp with a few more pounds on him. I suspect he ate a reporter or two in the parking lot.

I think the only time he's surfaced since then was a month or two ago when he did a celebrity boxing stint against Manute Bol, the extremely tall basketball player who weighs about a fifth as much as Perry. Perry got winded within a few seconds. That's just sad.
2002-08-05 10:04:39 PM  

The cartoon CC or the comic CC?
2002-08-05 11:36:01 PM  
The G.I. Joe movie is the downfall of the G.I. Joe television series. I think I completely blocked out the whole "cobra-la" idiocy, until it was shown on T.V. again. Worse yet, I watched the dreadful movie again.

Anyways, CC in the comic would have kicked the cartoon CC's ass.
2002-08-06 09:30:45 PM  
soviet russia
2002-08-12 12:41:55 PM  
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