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(AZCentral)   Woman in southern Arizona attacked by bees, tells boyfriend she loves him, and then dies from the bee stings.   ( divider line
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6867 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Aug 2002 at 5:57 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-02 06:00:12 PM  
2002-08-02 06:00:16 PM  
Oooh, bummer.
2002-08-02 06:00:17 PM  
Officials said they think she was allergic to bees, but there's no way to know for sure now.
can i guess?
2002-08-02 06:00:29 PM  
The moral of the story is. When you go into an old shed that has bees swarming around the eves. You are going to be attacked.

Saw the story on the news last night. It was a bit of a darwin moment, I'll see if I can find more to the story
2002-08-02 06:00:41 PM  
Then she said "you were right, Wyatt, I don't see a damned thing."
2002-08-02 06:00:41 PM  
After she proclaimed her un-dying love for him, he responds "buzz off!"
2002-08-02 06:01:16 PM  
somehow, the word official has come to mean: dumbass
2002-08-02 06:01:35 PM  
Here ya go:

sorry I don't speak HTML
2002-08-02 06:01:43 PM  
Someone alert the media. Africanized bees should be the next big media blitz. They're scary enough.
2002-08-02 06:01:59 PM  
It's been done.
2002-08-02 06:02:10 PM  
Will this be on Comedy Central or on the big screen soon??
2002-08-02 06:02:19 PM  
2002-08-02 06:04:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Te Quiero"
2002-08-02 06:05:15 PM  
Thanks Harveyfish
2002-08-02 06:05:40 PM  
Officials said they think she was allergic to bees

80 stings is going to hurt anyone, alergic or not. I keep bees and have been stung as many as 20 times and it hurt.
2002-08-02 06:06:23 PM  
*adds this to list of ways that I don't want to die*
2002-08-02 06:09:11 PM  
and how the fark did the dude survive? if he was lying there unconscious before the medics showed up, wouldn't he have been stung like thousands of times?
2002-08-02 06:09:25 PM  
Ooooh.. more pun opportunities. This will be as good as the chicken stripper. Or should we all bee nice since he lost his honey.
2002-08-02 06:10:03 PM  
Note: The menu to left has its own tidbit of irony.
2002-08-02 06:10:24 PM  
One of the keys here as to the bees... is they're afracanized. Even worse
2002-08-02 06:12:32 PM  
so they were imaginary? or did you mean africainized?
2002-08-02 06:12:53 PM  

I concur, I'll place this just below "Falling face first into a woodchipper only to have the machine jam before instantly killing me so I get to linger around long enough to slowly drown in my own blood" and right above "Falling into a sewage treatmeant tank and choking to death on a peanuty turd"
2002-08-02 06:14:08 PM  
Africanized Bees?! So after Iraq - onto Africa!!!
2002-08-02 06:16:16 PM  
Now this is romantic.
2002-08-02 06:16:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"I'd bite it!"
2002-08-02 06:16:44 PM  
Just for the hell of it... (yes, i know i'm not the post of the first.. just trying it out)

2002-08-02 06:17:11 PM  
You keep a list of ways not to die? Is this a "just in case" list?
2002-08-02 06:17:24 PM  
afrikaan bees are the real beast
2002-08-02 06:17:39 PM  
Yep, ya got ta be careful now that we got dem colored bees.
2002-08-02 06:18:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]?
2002-08-02 06:18:33 PM  
their buzz is gutteral and their bite makes you lose your sense of humour
2002-08-02 06:19:36 PM  
I bet she said "Will you bee mine?" to her boyfriend or whatever. A funny story about bees, my friend and I would run down this long strip of stores yelling "The bees! they hurt! THE BEES ARE COMING!! HELP US!!" and eventually it became such a disturbance they had to get a police office to moniter the strip of stores for a week or so, havnt done it since.
2002-08-02 06:19:59 PM  
That farking Drew is on the ball. 45 seconds after paying for TotalFark, it was live. Nice customer service.
2002-08-02 06:22:22 PM  
Maybe i missed something in the article, but did it say why the bees startes attacking? I did a report on killer bees a couple years ago, and they're dangerous mothers, but they usually only attack when you bug them, no pun intended. So something pussed have pissed em off.
2002-08-02 06:23:15 PM  
The terrorists have already won.
The tips program failed to account for the africanized honey bee.
2002-08-02 06:23:52 PM  
Boyfriend: " least I like to think she said 'I love you'.... fact is she had so many in her mouth is was hard to understand for sure- she could have easily have been saying 'I hate bees'.
2002-08-02 06:26:01 PM  
Shoulda left those barking dogs alone.
2002-08-02 06:26:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
It Was A Trap!
2002-08-02 06:28:20 PM  
Sad, please. This sapped a little bit of levity out of Fark.
2002-08-02 06:28:51 PM  
Eat More Possum: I think it's safe to say it's automated.
2002-08-02 06:29:29 PM  
Sorry I can't spell
2002-08-02 06:29:56 PM  
so why is it that African American bees are stereotyped as the young white girl killers?
2002-08-02 06:31:15 PM  
Ouch ouch ouch
2002-08-02 06:32:10 PM  
In Soviet Russia, bee stings you...

wait, there's something wrong here...
2002-08-02 06:32:52 PM  
*looks up to the heavens while shaking fist*

2002-08-02 06:33:41 PM  
they have bigger stingers
2002-08-02 06:36:52 PM  
Thoughtbandit you bastard, cut me a check for a new monitor, the old one is now full of coke.
2002-08-02 06:37:17 PM  
"I lifted her head, she looked at me and said;
"Hold me darling just a little while."
I held her close I kissed her - our last kiss,
I found the love that I knew I had missed.
Well now she's gone even though I hold her tight,
I lost my love, my life that night."
2002-08-02 06:37:49 PM  
Sorry, more dramatic and to the point, I'd tell him I loved him too. Give him something to stir over for the rest of his life and cry about on our anniversary when I'm DEAD! "I love you, George." *buzz buzz buzz* "I love you, George." *buzz buzz buzz*

Ahhhh. Psychology at it's finest. :)

Sappy but very very very sweet. She knew she was gonna die and just had to tell him one last time. That's so sweet in all honesty.
2002-08-02 06:38:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available] Man blows off head with double barrel shotgun.
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