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(Newsday)   Truck turns over easy on VA hiway: 165,000 eggs scrambled in runny accident. Driver whips away before police are omelet scene. Cops fry to find driver, but that doesn't pan out. No yolk   ( divider line
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3272 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2007 at 11:50 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-11 12:25:25 PM

2007-02-11 12:27:24 PM  
I came in here to make a few egg jokes, but seeing that they're all used, I'll just say:


/that is all
//going to have some egg nog
2007-02-11 12:31:28 PM  
Subby either listens to, or writes, those terrible ads for Don Beyer Volvo.
2007-02-11 12:33:51 PM  
I SHELLED out my time for this,I'd rather be with a CHICK,I'll justm drink a BEAKER of juice,LAY back in the in the sunny side up position, and realign my SCRAMBLED brain. My YOKES and puns will make your PECKER stand up. If these puns are bad don't TALON me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry Iknow i just layed anegg.
2007-02-11 12:45:36 PM  
Personally I think the driver executed this well hatch plan.
2007-02-11 12:46:14 PM  
2007-02-11 12:46:42 PM  
Living in Virginia, this story leaves me with egg on my face..
2007-02-11 01:06:53 PM  
i wonder how hot the asphalt was...
2007-02-11 01:09:31 PM

2007-02-11 01:11:01 PM  
Green-Lit egg puns are hammy
2007-02-11 01:12:36 PM  
leperboy69: Never before have so many puns been crammed into so few words. Excellent job submitter.
2007-02-11 01:27:39 PM  
You mean, "Driver whisks away", don't you? What a ham.
2007-02-11 01:27:51 PM  
Headline dozen make sense
2007-02-11 01:29:32 PM  
This is your brain.... on ASPHALT!
2007-02-11 01:38:53 PM

..wait, what?
2007-02-11 01:54:49 PM  
This topic is ova!
2007-02-11 02:04:07 PM  
Yoda's Pen Is

The driver swerved to miss a chicken that was crossing the road

But who was there first, the chicken or the eggs?
2007-02-11 02:04:26 PM  
Is there a sunny side up to this story? It's terrible, the driver must be a real Benedict.
2007-02-11 02:05:27 PM  
So? Wall Street's been laying eggs for years.
2007-02-11 02:07:27 PM  
I was with you submitter until "omelet scene"...that just reeks of trying too hard. Get some more fiber in your diet and check back with us.

2007-02-11 02:11:04 PM  
I can give you a dozen reasons why this headline ain't funny.
2007-02-11 02:11:33 PM  
as schief2 said, one it hit omelet scene, it wasn't funny. Hopefully the submitter will be killed and the circle of life will be complete.

"Truck turns over easy on VA highway: 165,000 eggs scrambled in runny accident; driver whips away."
But thanks for raping a good thing. Assface.
2007-02-11 02:18:27 PM  
2007-02-11 02:33:51 PM  
This headline sucks.
2007-02-11 02:42:36 PM  
The driver missed his eggsit.
2007-02-11 02:42:38 PM  
schief2 is biiig and tough!
2007-02-11 03:00:10 PM  
SwallowTheKnife: schief2 is biiig and tough!

But thanks to all that bran, my headlines flow smooth and free.

/poop thread?
2007-02-11 03:03:16 PM  
Someone needs to be PUNished for such a terrible yolk.

/me dodges fruit...
2007-02-11 03:03:58 PM  
How much more of this easy over humer wil be shelled out today ??

/ Inquiring hens wanna know.
2007-02-11 03:22:39 PM  
this thread cracks me up.

"what came first the chicken or the egg?"
"who cares as long as the omelet tastes good!"
probably quoting someone but i cant remember.
2007-02-11 03:32:11 PM

/not mine
2007-02-11 03:49:09 PM  
Methinks the submitter is addled, or perhaps the cleaning crews could have hauled it to whatever factory that makes powdered eggs, kitty litter and all......
2007-02-11 04:12:58 PM
2007-02-11 04:33:55 PM  
We should make an eggsample of the submitter.
2007-02-11 04:45:01 PM  
We should make an eggsample of the submitter.

No, that would just egg him/her on.

/Window seat, non-smoking
2007-02-11 04:58:11 PM  
I wanted to submit this link, but apparently I wasn't quiche enough.
2007-02-11 06:18:17 PM  
The headline was o-so-vary funny.

//you see what i did there
2007-02-11 06:19:00 PM  
thumbtack: We should make an eggsample of the submitter.

Let's not go to eggs-tremes, now.

We must eggs-emplify what it means to be a good egg around here.

It's a shell of a thing, after all.
2007-02-12 01:24:11 AM  
I figured the eggheads would have a field day with this, but maybe they were too chicken.
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