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6635 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2007 at 7:53 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-11 05:49:12 AM  
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Into carbon you shall burn.
2007-02-11 05:57:05 AM  
How long before some sick fark asks to have this done with a human relative?
2007-02-11 06:20:22 AM  
Cog: How long before some sick fark asks to have this done with a human relative?

Ask and you shall receive.... (pops)
2007-02-11 08:00:06 AM  
This is old news - lifegem and others have been doing this for years.
2007-02-11 08:09:36 AM  
I don't care to know these things.
2007-02-11 08:09:56 AM  
Does she polish it with Alpo ??
2007-02-11 08:13:41 AM  
Sick? It's better than a vase full of ashes you keep over the fireplace.

If I had any intention of having this kind of money spent on my corpse, I'd consider it. (It was either a rock, or getting my ashes chucked into outer space. Maybe I'll crash-land on a Genesis Planet and be reborn, Search for Spock style?)

Still too expensive. I'm requesting the $1.99 "Cardboard box in the ditch" service. I'm just thrifty like that.
2007-02-11 08:17:29 AM  
Nothing new to see here.
Move along....
2007-02-11 08:22:25 AM  
This is so old news.

My my died eight years ago and was cremated and we made a big joke of using the ashes to make a diamond.

"Oh that's a lovely diamond!"
"Thanks, it's my mother."
"It was your mother's?"
"No, it IS my mother."

The comedy gold would have been worth it.
2007-02-11 08:29:21 AM  

How long before some sick fark asks to have this done with a human relative?

I fail to see anything sick about it.
2007-02-11 08:30:42 AM  
How long before some sick fark asks to have this done with a human relative?

How sensitive. You've never lost someone close, or are too young to appreciate the loss or you wouldn't say this.

I'd have it done for my son (died in '99) but he was cremated by the standard process, and unfortunately there's not enough of the proper carbon atoms left to create a synthetic diamond from.
2007-02-11 08:41:09 AM  
Sad, but I would definetely do it to my kitties.
Good Idea though, I didnt think they could do that.
2007-02-11 08:42:31 AM  
jazzmajora: Ashes to ashes

ashes to ashes funk to funky
we know major tom's a junkie
strung out on heaven's high
hitting an all time low
2007-02-11 08:56:30 AM  
*should have read "my mom died eight years ago". Duh.

/too early to be funny for me
2007-02-11 08:59:12 AM  
So can this be done with feces too?
2007-02-11 09:02:36 AM  
I like the idea of the family jewels being the family jewels. I know a man who will mix human ashes (yours) into concrete statues. Wanna be a birdbath? A doorstop? The world is yours.

It's a bit morbid, but also neat - who says you need to bury people in a cemetery that you never visit. I'm not saying that we all ought to get involved in ancestor worship, but a modest family shrine isn't such a bad idea.

As for me, I'll be happy if my buddies drop my remains off at the back door of the Alpo factory in exchange for beer money.
2007-02-11 09:10:22 AM  
Can I do that with Grandpa????
2007-02-11 09:11:52 AM  
I like this idea for boths pets and humans. Being a ceramicist, I want my ashes mixed with clay and made into a vase, or a set of coffee mugs. Maybe a dinner setting for six.
2007-02-11 09:22:55 AM">

When I died, I didn't made into any ol' diamond ring. I was buried in a cardboard box in the backyard, AND I LIKED IT.
2007-02-11 09:23:16 AM  
Blood Diamond!
2007-02-11 09:31:40 AM  
It's the only way I'll ever get a diamond out of Mr. Larj.
2007-02-11 09:52:01 AM  
a dead relative is childs play long before some one cuts of an appendage to make a diamond out of it :)
bet that´ll impress a potential mate
2007-02-11 10:26:21 AM  
I think this is a brilliant idea!
2007-02-11 10:41:47 AM  
I had no idea that you could shard your loved ones.

2007-02-11 10:58:21 AM  
Animals (and people)!

Soylent diamonds are made out of aannimals!!!!!
2007-02-11 11:15:42 AM  

a dead relative is childs play long before some one cuts of an appendage to make a diamond out of it :)
bet that´ll impress a potential mate

Guess you haven't heard of biojewelry
2007-02-11 11:32:50 AM  
Rich people, its like a whole different reality for them.
2007-02-11 11:43:57 AM  
Did anyone else read that as "Woman has diamond ring made from the ashes of her penis"?


Just me then.
2007-02-11 12:52:53 PM  
gr8fultom: I think this is a brilliant idea!

I see what you did there...
2007-02-11 02:55:03 PM  
I am not usually one to talk about what people do with their money, but this is just screaming "I have way too much of it". What a farking waste.
2007-02-11 03:25:39 PM  
I mean no disrespect and I see why people would get it done but that's just too creepy for me.

/told my mom i won't wear her rings if she died in them.
//unless i wore them on a chain.
///sounds heartless but i'm kinda ocd.
////ok... really ocd.
//are the slashies getting old yet?
2007-02-11 03:39:52 PM  
Chuck? Chuck Palahniuk, is that you?

And how much was that diamond worth?
2007-02-11 05:55:10 PM  
The process is pretty brutal, though:
2007-02-11 07:33:46 PM  
Actually, I wanted my ashes to be made into a gemstone when I'm dead. I think it would make a kickass memorial on my grandkid's mantle. Besides, then I won't have to buy a burial plot to have my rotting corpse just take up space.
2007-02-11 08:33:04 PM  

Well said. I agree 100% with you there. My fiance and I already discussed if we have the life insurance to cover it, etc. when one of us goes that's what we want to do. My only worry? Will it be the grandkids or the great-grandkids who pawn grandma for beer money?
2007-02-12 11:24:29 AM  
I think it is a really cool idea. I can definitly understand how it would be creepy for some people. As long as it isn't hindering the person from moving on I don't see a problem with it.
2007-02-12 02:44:10 PM  
should have turned them into graphite

/diamonds always eventually turn into graphite...
/she could have used them as a pencil....
2007-02-12 05:03:30 PM  

Actually, I was going to have this done with my mother when she died. She actually requested it because she wants it to become an heirloom. I don't think it is creepy at all.
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