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31703 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Feb 2007 at 1:25 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-08 10:28:49 AM  
I knew we'd eventually slam into an iceberg of innuendo.
Damn the torpedos, all hands on dick, loose the lips!

I rue the day I took the job as captain of the HMS Ferry Queen!
2007-02-08 10:31:03 AM  
Looks like someone was busy plugging the wrong holes...

/Thank you thank you
//I'll be here all week.
2007-02-08 10:33:10 AM  
Sailors. Go figure.
2007-02-08 10:34:05 AM  
B.C. ferry Queen of the North

...the Peter North, apparently.
2007-02-08 10:37:31 AM  
Well, somebody was going down on that ship.
2007-02-08 10:42:06 AM  
They need a big sign...

2007-02-08 10:51:20 AM  
So... many... jokes... possible...
2007-02-08 10:56:16 AM  
You know what they say about loose lips.

/hotdog down a hallway
2007-02-08 11:39:11 AM
This'll only hurt for a second, baby. But damn, will it hurt!
2007-02-08 12:18:51 PM  
"B.C. Ferries?"

I thought it was San Fran...
2007-02-08 01:28:09 PM  
But when I capsize and advise high tides
B5 you sunk my battleship!

2007-02-08 01:28:42 PM  
Loose lips.
2007-02-08 01:28:43 PM  
How many screws was she turning before she went down?
2007-02-08 01:29:17 PM
2007-02-08 01:29:20 PM  
How many seamen were lost?
2007-02-08 01:29:34 PM  
Mr Toast: But WHICH lips? *G*
2007-02-08 01:30:12 PM  
Came in to quote Bloodhound Gang. Too late.
2007-02-08 01:30:19 PM  
"Captain Stabbin" wanted for questioning....
2007-02-08 01:30:54 PM  
To many seamen?
2007-02-08 01:31:00 PM  
"The face that sunk a thousand ships?"

/got nothin'
2007-02-08 01:31:16 PM  
Sperm Whale attack?
2007-02-08 01:31:25 PM  
"Was that wrong?............."
2007-02-08 01:31:37 PM  
I'd pound that. Right through the hull.
2007-02-08 01:32:04 PM  
Is there anything sex can't do?
2007-02-08 01:32:07 PM  
Sex Bomb?
2007-02-08 01:32:29 PM  
wait.. what?
2007-02-08 01:33:08 PM  
Can't wait to see 'em test this one on Mythbusters
2007-02-08 01:33:13 PM  
I think she misinterpreted the captain when he said he was 'going down'.
2007-02-08 01:34:29 PM  
Rock the boat
Don't rock the boat, Baby
Rock the boat
Don't tip the boat over...
2007-02-08 01:35:02 PM  
Canadians are now disqualified from telling jokes about American beer.
2007-02-08 01:36:26 PM  
The crew got confused by all the nautical pillow talk. He said he was pulling into the dock, and her squeals sounded like signal bells, so the helmsman headed for shore.

/got nuthin'
//all the obvious jokes are done already
2007-02-08 01:36:53 PM
2007-02-08 01:37:27 PM  
There once was a lady named Sue
Who knew a few people she'd do
But an officer found
That she had drowned
While farking in a leaky canoe

/srsly, what's with the sex threads today?
//is it for V-Day?
2007-02-08 01:37:40 PM  
Raging Thespian: Sex Bomb?
2007-02-08 01:37:57 PM  
Clearly voting should have been enabled on this thread. Many, many winners of the internets.
2007-02-08 01:38:02 PM  
When this boat's a rockin'
Don't come a knockin'!

/try the veal
2007-02-08 01:38:18 PM  
doober3: "Is there anything sex can't do?"

Yes. Sex cannot:

- Disarm nuclear warheads
- Update Shakespearian tragedies to modern settings
- Staple kittens to helicopter propellers
- Change an old person's adult diaper
- Kick this cold/bronchitis I've been fighting since November
- Make pie
2007-02-08 01:39:20 PM  
Manfred J. Hattan sez:

"Canadians are now disqualified from telling jokes about American beer."


Except when they invoke their constitutional right to have tastebuds.

By American, you're including some very _fine_ beers with Bud...Coors...
Just gimme some tap water and get it over with.

Thirsty Canadians agree, "make mine a better beer".
2007-02-08 01:39:46 PM  
Pink torpedo?

2007-02-08 01:40:32 PM  
Men! There are pirates in these waters! Pirates who inflict hideous punishment to those who fall into their hands! [ crew oohs ] Now, we can turn tail and run. Or, we can take the manly course, that which our manhood demands! Find these despots of discipline, and comfort them! What is your answer!!
2007-02-08 01:42:10 PM  
2007-02-08 01:38:18 PM Boritom

doober3: "Is there anything sex can't do?"

Yes. Sex cannot:

- Disarm nuclear warheads
- Update Shakespearian tragedies to modern settings
- Staple kittens to helicopter propellers
- Change an old person's adult diaper
- Kick this cold/bronchitis I've been fighting since November
- Make pie


but, you'd do all of those things if you thought it would make a beautiful woman fark you.

/Sex FTW.
2007-02-08 01:42:14 PM  
Why didn't smitty go with "Sex supposedly sunk ship" for total alliteration?
2007-02-08 01:43:03 PM  
I see the joke about "farkin' close to water" has already been hinted at, so....

...I'll just note that the article didn't specify whether there was more than one person involved. There could have been more than one tug involved in this rescue.
2007-02-08 01:43:21 PM  
Right on!
2007-02-08 01:43:46 PM  
Not bad ScottMpls

/all hands on dick?
2007-02-08 01:44:34 PM
2007-02-08 01:45:52 PM  
and by "sex" they mean "lack of focus at the task at hand" namely, piloting a ship. The actual "sex" didn't cause the wreck.
2007-02-08 01:47:08 PM

Well, Blow me down!
2007-02-08 01:51:52 PM  
2007-02-08 01:52:58 PM  
Caused by seamen on the poop deck?

/because the traditions of the navy are rum, buggery, and the lash
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