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(CNN)   Eiffel tower blinking out   ( divider line
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2879 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jul 2001 at 3:28 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-01 03:38:42 PM  
"...the Eiffel Tower has been ridden down by a cyclist (in 1923)..."

2001-07-01 03:52:15 PM  
1 word son. Balls.
2001-07-01 03:53:52 PM  
I gotta say it...

Lights on Eiffel Tower burning out, France surrenders!

(come on, folks, don't give up that easily. The tower that your lightshow is mounted on is bidding fair to be standing a century longer than planned, and you're quitting after 18 months? Ah, the speed and volatility of this electric age.)
2001-07-01 03:54:16 PM  
Hasn't it also been ascended by a motorcyclist?
2001-07-01 04:25:55 PM  
yea i think there was a porn star that managed to get all 300meters inside her butt
2001-07-01 04:26:23 PM  
2001-07-01 04:33:18 PM  
Easy there, Boppsta. Don't lose your head ;)
2001-07-01 04:46:01 PM  
i don't really see why lights going out after a year and a half is news.
2001-07-01 04:48:18 PM  
although i do want to hear about the cyclist that rode down it.
2001-07-01 04:56:01 PM  
The article states:

"At the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1991, it exploded in a firework display which many agreed was among the best in Europe, if not the world."

..don't they mean December 31 1999, or am I missing something?
2001-07-01 05:02:47 PM  
Boppsta, The counter is for the number of people that the Saudis have executed so far this year.

Hey Drew, how about another one for the Chinese? Aren't they up to like a thousand or something?
2001-07-01 05:17:16 PM  
If the Eiffel tower were in California, this power thing would have been over all ready...damn I hate the french.
2001-07-01 05:27:42 PM  

Yeah, 1991? And who spells it "ageing"? And who uses the term "pulled down" instead of torn down? And this phrase is shiate: "the 300 metres tower" and "memorably used" ? Some super shiatey editing. Farking idiots.
2001-07-01 05:28:01 PM  
Where's the usual 'France Surrenders' quote?

Oh wait, here it is.
2001-07-01 05:49:43 PM  
Kenh: Yeah, I couldn't resist.
2001-07-01 06:17:20 PM  
Er... where does that come from, the "France Surrenders" thingie? I've been farlurking for ages (ya know, back in the days where there were no topic images, no feedback, no membership) - but I must have blinked.
2001-07-01 06:21:36 PM  
Hehe, I got to see the flashing lights. WOo me!
2001-07-01 06:53:57 PM  
Failing after 18 months? Haven't they heard of those light bulbs that last 2 years guaranteed? That's France for you.
2001-07-01 06:54:34 PM  
Wasn't it the Italians who surrendered a bunch of times?
2001-07-01 07:20:48 PM  
BizBeh: France just called, they just surrendered to you.
2001-07-01 08:47:50 PM  
I claim responsibility for this snafu. It was all my fault. France surrendered.


Fearless Intergalactic Leader
2001-07-01 09:00:45 PM  
Labberdasher: yeah, you blinked...
we just talked about that very subject earlier in the week.
2001-07-01 11:28:17 PM  
The French would all be speaking German if it weren't for our fathers and grandfathers.
2001-07-02 12:00:31 AM  
Why lights for Eifel Tower?
2001-07-02 12:22:10 AM  
Why lights at all? One word: Kerosene.
2001-07-02 04:26:15 AM  
Ishidan - thanks. The Onion. My. Who would of thought.
Did some research: This is the first time it was used and commented on.
Missing literary references irks me.
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