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5338 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 06 Feb 2007 at 1:02 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-06 01:42:24 PM  
I'm not sure I can forgive Sorkin for squandering the awesomeness of Nate Corddry like that. Maybe NBC will put him in The Office next season or something good.

/The Office, where former actors on The Daily Show go to die
//Not unlike Disney's Gargoyles, where former actors on Star Trek went to die.
///And then make Nemesis
////I'll avenge Data, Jonathan Frakes! I swear it!
2007-02-06 01:44:46 PM  
Not surprising, since these are the people who think Caruso's oneliners are clever and profound. "Well I'D say ... the verdict ... is IN."


Bwahahaha! Every time Caruso puts on his glasses, take a drink.
2007-02-06 01:49:51 PM  
Studio 60 was average at best even though I really wanted to like it.

30 Rock is better IMHO.

/Tina Fey, yum.
2007-02-06 01:50:30 PM  
The new Andy Richter show mentioned in TFA will pale in comparison to "...Controls the Universe."
/enjoyed Studio 60 and then I just stopped watching. I plan to catch up.
2007-02-06 01:50:35 PM  
"Divorce is rough."
*looks down, puts on sunglasses, looks up*
"It's a killer."

2007-02-06 01:51:17 PM  
I think some folks are missing the mark with the West Wing comparisons. Yeah, sometimes stuff of global impact was going on, but a vast majority of the show had Josh running around trying to get enough votes to pass some useless feel-good measure.

Good social satire *is* more important than most of the petty political squabbling we saw on West Wing. Surprised so many fans are missing this...
2007-02-06 01:54:29 PM  


I swear he's said just that.
2007-02-06 01:55:52 PM  
Love the show... I hope it finds a home in the right time slot.
2007-02-06 01:58:52 PM  
30 Rock is great, Studio 60 was created just to piss off people who don't know what smug means.
2007-02-06 01:59:22 PM  
Matthew Perry was pretty good in the show.

/but the show wasn't very good.
2007-02-06 02:02:53 PM  
How come Caruso is getting all the shiat about the one-liners? There has been many a night I had to turn off CSI after Grissom's teaser one-liner was so bad that I couldn't watch the rest of the episode with a clean conscience.
2007-02-06 02:05:10 PM  
As long as they renew "Friday Night Lights," I don't care what NBC does.

/PLEASE watch it
//so, so good
2007-02-06 02:05:30 PM  
I hated almost every character on the show and enjoyed watching bad things happen to them. I shall not miss the show.
2007-02-06 02:07:03 PM  
You have to work at paying attention while watching something as cumbersome as "Studio 60."

You want to kick back and put your mind in low gear with something less demanding,

You condescending douches, I was forced to watch pretty much every episode. There was nothing demanding about it. Just because the characters all have their head up their ass in self importance doesn't make it an intelligent show.
2007-02-06 02:08:24 PM  
Does Aaron Sorkin's smuggness know no bounds?
Apparently not.
The show DID take itself too seriously, but then so did
West Wing, (which got BETTER after he left) and Sports Night, which sadly died before its' time.

But we all know that Sorking will get another chance to write/produce a liberal biased, too talky, smug tv show.
After all in America there is NOTHING but second (and third) chances.
2007-02-06 02:10:35 PM  
Well, the West Wing was probably one of the best 10 shows ever on television, so he's got that going for him.

I didn't get into Studio 60, but my wife liked it.
2007-02-06 02:11:42 PM  
Dasboot: I'd have to add Rome (although this is the last season)
and Battlestar Galactica, and The Shield.

Two of those shows are on Sunday nights (and I watch them)

Rome is a fantastic show...sad it's getting cancelled.
2007-02-06 02:13:38 PM  
dletter: A) "The Dick Van Dyke Show" was about TV writers about as much as "The Cosby Show" was about doctors and lawyers. Yes, that was there profession, but, from what I recall, that wasn't the overriding theme of most episodes. Studio 60 was ABOUT the writers, and their craft and working environment.

Several plots of the DVD show centered around the show, including interaction with his boss and the host of the show (Carl Reiner). And, as the other guy said, Studio 60 was never about the writers.
2007-02-06 02:16:25 PM  
Glad to see it go. I gave it a chance, watched the first three episodes, but I couldn't find a reason to care about any of the characters or their storylines. The fake comedy was terrible, and the drama didn't play well for people outside of the industry.

On top of that, you have the Sorkinites telling you that you must not be smart enough to enjoy the show on "their level".
2007-02-06 02:20:00 PM  
Liked Studio 60 very much, it's just that the real network execs are all ADD patients with the attention span of a gnat, unwilling to give a show, ANY show, a chance to build an audience. You saw that with West Wing too, it built over time, tooka dip, then came back strong at the end.

30 Rock seemed like a very cookie-cutter conventional sitcom to me, but I gave it a few more tries and it had grown on me quite a bit. The writing there was also snappy.

Like Andy Richter, his last show was very nice but again suffered from the "must be runaway blockbuster hit immediately without ever declining, evar" syndrome of the kids running things now.
2007-02-06 02:35:42 PM  
I'll take this every time over crap like Lost (everything post 1st season) and Heroes.

Sorry if everyone thought it was too preachy, get over yourself.
2007-02-06 02:36:54 PM  
Sorry, this was a turkey and deserved to be put down. I watched my first and last episode of it last week and was astonished at how long that hour seemed. I stuck the whole hour out because I had a hard time believing that the show was that crap, but it got no better.

For something that got so much press about what a treasure it was, it had less going for it than the Tammy Grimes show. How do you make something so bad with that cast and those writers?
2007-02-06 02:41:42 PM  
Bah, Rome is weaksauce. I've tried to like it, but to no avail.

I want someone to bring back Carnivale dammit.

And some sommabiatch get Deadwood back on teh screen now you hooplehead

and Dexter is cool.

\Guilty pleasures as Supernatural, Lost, and Heroes
2007-02-06 02:47:49 PM  
Magnir: And some sommabiatch get Deadwood back on teh screen now you hooplehead

and Dexter is cool.

Dexter is great, even if it's the cast of Oz (and one guy from Six Feet Under). I wanted to see Dexter's sister naked, dammit! And Deadwood tops 'em all...

cork soakers!
2007-02-06 02:57:36 PM  
Cowboy Spencer
Well, the West Wing was probably one of the best 10 shows ever on television

Whoa, whoa, hold 'em Cowboy, maybe somewhere in the top 50 or so U.S. shows. Maybe.
2007-02-06 03:01:23 PM  
NBC Thursday Night

Must See TV FTW

/Joy + Catalina + Pam + Karen + Elliot + Carla + Liz Lemon = yum
2007-02-06 03:03:05 PM  
Anyone who thinks this show is "too smart" is an elitist and too arrogant to realize that it's just a bad show. Two main characters in LA getting stuck on a roof with no cell phone service for two episodes, please. This show is garbage.
2007-02-06 03:10:11 PM  
I think Fark may need a reminder:
When you have an inordinate amount of something the word is TOO, not TO.

Jon wanted to go as well but that was two too many people.
2007-02-06 03:14:40 PM  
Already Disturbed
Whoa, whoa, hold 'em Cowboy, maybe somewhere in the top 50 or so U.S. shows. Maybe.

yeah, it's tough to make that argument when the show tailed off and became pretty much irrelevant halfway through its run. but I think you could make an easier argument that either one of the first two seasons is among the top 10 television seasons of all time. that show was so amazingly farking good when it first came on.

as for studio 60, I'm a little sad, because I thought it was entertaining enough to watch on a weekly basis. not sorkin's best work, but better than most of the stuff out there. I thought the "liberal preachiness" complaint was a little overblown, too; sorkin has a way of making his liberal characters look like douches as often as he makes them look righteous.

bottom line, I'm not nearly as sad as I would be if scifi canceled BSG.
2007-02-06 03:14:58 PM  
I saw a couple episodes and liked it, but its lead-ins were some stupid game show, and that super-hero show where nobody ever punches bad guys.

Have just one night a week where you put three hours of smart programming back to back, and it'll have great ratings.

Don't get me started on CSI...
2007-02-06 03:23:12 PM  
albo: *Danny comes up to Matt*

Did you hear?
Yeah, I heard. I can't believe people hate jazz
Yeah, jazz.
What about it?
People hate it. A study shows it.
Study? What study, by whom?
You know, people who, well, study these things.
And you believe them? Wait, what does that have to do with the show?
What about the show? I'm talking about jazz. Hot jazz, New Orleans jazz, cool jazz, All That Jazz. I liked Fosse.
We got cancelled.
Yeah, cancelled.
That's worse than jazz. I hate jazz
I know, studies show that.
I really hate jazz.

*end scene*

2007-02-06 03:53:23 PM  
2007-02-06 11:39:39 AM tallguywithglasseson [TotalFark]

A drama about a sketch comedy show, devoid of humor. What a concept.

Wait, I must have missed something. I thought sketch comedy shows were *supposed* to be devoid of humor? They pretty much have been for as long as I can remember.

As for Studio 60 itself, well, I've really enjoyed it, although I get the strange sensation that at the times I'm laughing, I'm the ONLY person in the country who is. So I can't say I'd be surprised if they killed it.
2007-02-06 04:14:16 PM  
Did anyone else expect, based on previews of this show, that it was supposed to be funny? Turns out it wasn't funny. Or interesting.
2007-02-06 04:40:50 PM  
Here's hoping that Sorkin will take this to heart and realize that he's not quite God's gift to television. This show failed for two reasons: the sketch comedy wasn't funny (it needs to be funnier than SNL, which isn't exactly tough) and it was more condescending than House. Painful to watch, unless you (a) agreed with everything, and (b) liked having your own opinions propped up with scripted, rehearsed witty banter.

/Didn't like the West Wing either, but it was a lot better than this crap.
2007-02-06 04:54:37 PM  
I've watched every episode so far. I loved both "SportsNight" and "TWW," but I know I'm fooling myself in an attempt to like this show.

The writing is too unrealistic, the dialogue is banal, the characters are lifeless and dull, the "comedy" is not funny, and their issues are either too petty or too heavy. It's like the last couple of seasons of "TWW" bled over onto this show.

I don't think I'll really miss it, but I'm glad I can say I gave it a chance. Sorkin needs to take a break for a while.

/still misses "Invasion," one of the best ensemble dramas I've ever seen
2007-02-06 04:54:47 PM  
Well, I like that NBC was more willing to shelve "Studio 60" than "Friday Night Lights."

/keep the Lights on, NBC
2007-02-06 05:22:13 PM  
And there was much rejoicing....

It was like watching a pet die a slow lingering death.
2007-02-06 05:25:13 PM  
the one "studio 60" sketch-within-a-show that made me laugh was the Lifetime Channel Movie Awards, where every nominee was titled something like "Debbie, Leave Him: The Debbie Lieberman Story".
2007-02-06 05:25:26 PM  
robsul82: Well, I like that NBC was more willing to shelve "Studio 60" than "Friday Night Lights."

/keep the Lights on, NBC

i actually like both of the shows alot. studio 60 is an OK show with about 3 or 4 completely hilarious lines/dialogues per episode. also, there's like 5 hot chick on it.

i am embarrassed by how much i like friday night lights. i really like sports-type-drama movies, so i guess it makes sense. when i watch it, i think a few times "damn this show is horrible" but by the end of the episode for some reason i can't wait for the next one... yeah, that and Lyla and Tyra are so completely hittable.

so to sum-up: both shows are interesting with enough hotties to hold my attention during the boring parts.
2007-02-06 05:45:28 PM  
I just couldn't get over a bunch of comedy writers being so damn unfunny.

I did like that rotating cactus, however.

/Yay 30 Rock!
//So weird
2007-02-06 05:52:54 PM  
Today's shows have either too many cops or too much plot.
[image from too old to be available]
/needs more meat
2007-02-06 06:32:56 PM  
martijannetti: Two main characters in LA getting stuck on a roof with no cell phone service for two episodes, please.

Yeah. I felt insulted when they did that. They might as well have had a network exec character go water skiing and insist on still wearing his suit jacket.
2007-02-06 06:56:23 PM  
2007-02-06 06:58:59 PM  
Horrible Show .. im glad it's gone.

Pretentious snobs!!!
2007-02-06 07:03:34 PM  
They might as well have had a network exec character go water skiing and insist on still wearing his suit jacket.

Or a leather jacket about to jump--

--Wait tag here. Let me stop you there Jakevol2 before you say something your going to hate your self for later.

--But it begs the comparison!

--Which is why I have to stop you now. Bringing up a cliche from a tired show from the seventies everytime a discussion about how television shows you used to enjoy well it's a cliche now.

--But but the Fonz!

--I know just for your soul's sake, Jakevol2, don't do it.

--Okay but--

--Don't do it!

--But Roslyn fell down the elevator shaft! ASSPLODES.
2007-02-06 07:35:12 PM  
2007-02-06 08:44:41 PM  
Though I didn't agree with its slant, I really enjoyed The West Wing. I could never get into this. I can buy people in the White House thinking they're so great and so important, but these people? On a tv show? I'm sorry, no. This show took itself way too seriously and it was almost tiring to watch.

I have kinda gotten into CSI:Miami on the A&E repeats, though. Caruso doesn't do that sideways-monotone-talking crap in the earlier episodes, I wonder if this is something he felt the character needed or if the producers did. At least the people on the Miami version are cops, they're allowed to be in there questioning suspects. Not like the hosers in Vegas. Where do they get off running the investigations over the actual cops?

That always bugged me.

Apparently all crime lab women have huge racks, though. That's nice.
2007-02-06 09:28:13 PM  
Your_Huckleberry: Apparently all crime lab women have huge racks, though. That's nice.

So does Brass
2007-02-06 09:45:03 PM  
Mr. Coffee Nerves: The first episode was, in my opinion, excellent.

It went sharply downhill from there with messages beaten over the viewer's head, and some of the hackiest hack writing that ever hacked.

Agreed, completely. I loved the first episode. I thought this show was gonna be a good hit for NBC (coupled well with my discovery of Heroes an hour before). I was profoundly disappointed with the all the remaining episodes I watched (about 4 or 5) and, even though the show was about what I might become (a writer, and the show wasn't really about that anyway), I had to turn it off. I felt like I could never act like them, like Matt, Danny or those other writers in that show whose names I (thank a deity) forget, ever. I felt insulted, to put it correctly.

It was an alright show, but I had to measure it up against Heroes EVERY NIGHT because they aired back-to-back. There was no comparison at all. Studio 60 blew.
2007-02-06 10:55:22 PM  
For some reason, the things I loved about Sorkin's writing in West Wing I hated in Studio 60. Decent show, though...much better than most of the other stuff on the air.

24 followed by Studio 60 was a pretty good lineup, though.

Allowed for the adrenaline from 24 to subside before bed.
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