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(Reuters)   Soccer coach apologizes for stripping in protest of referee's decision in Egypt. "I forgot at that moment that I was in a country whose traditions are different than my country"   ( divider line
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6030 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2007 at 5:05 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-04 10:42:02 PM  
What the hell goes on in Portugal?

Bend over, and I'll show you.
2007-02-04 11:07:14 PM  
So if he was in Portugal, it would be appropriate for the coach to strip down and expose his package?
2007-02-04 11:07:54 PM  
Well, now that the headline has changed, my Boobies makes no sense.

/I guess I was the one who just got bent over.
2007-02-04 11:08:47 PM  
and I just bent myself over again.
2007-02-04 11:20:44 PM  
MorningBreath: my Boobies makes no sense.

I've seen your profile.
They make all kinda sense ta me.
2007-02-04 11:27:46 PM  
MorningBreath: Bend over, and I'll show you.

You're just all about the buttsecks, aren't you?
2007-02-04 11:46:51 PM  
MorningBreath: and I just bent myself over again.

With a picture like that in your profile, you're really asking for it, you know.
2007-02-05 01:28:35 AM  
I'm just wondering how this is supposed to sway a referee's decision. . .
2007-02-05 05:20:53 AM  
MorningBreath: Well, now that the headline has changed, my Boobies makes no sense.

*Checks profile*

Your boobies make perfect sense to me...
2007-02-05 05:20:55 AM  
I just saw MorningBreath's profile..
What were we talking about again?
2007-02-05 05:25:12 AM  
cantsleep: I just saw MorningBreath's profile..
What were we talking about again?

Um, uh, um, I know this one. Hold on a sec, give me a minute...don't rush me, dammit.

/Who am I?
2007-02-05 05:32:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
//kinda see through
2007-02-05 05:35:45 AM  
well at least he didnt try to blame it all on a heat stroke or something to that effect.
2007-02-05 06:33:54 AM  
Robot Lincoln:

Did you say something?
2007-02-05 06:41:11 AM  
lol. i read this and checked her profile and thought, man someones gonna post that on the comments section. and i scroll down and yup.

anyone else go on a mild clicking spree looking for more fark users with teh boobies?
2007-02-05 07:11:31 AM  
2007-02-05 07:38:14 AM  
2007-02-05 08:27:38 AM  
holy majoly caholies, if ever there was a cause for stripping, it'd be MorningBreath.

/off to have a bit of a strip
//but not in portugal
2007-02-05 09:17:54 AM  
This thread is awesome.
2007-02-05 11:00:33 AM  
All aboard, now departing for the thread derail!
2007-02-05 11:46:03 AM  
Go outside. The real world is filled with good-looking women. Much higher ratio than on fark, guys. Although I will say I live on a college campus.

No old men stripping when they're angry, either.
2007-02-05 12:32:01 PM  
*looks at Morningbreath's photo* Holy molly.Women like that do exist!

Sorry about the film scuttling. :(
2007-02-05 01:38:51 PM  

Sooooo, How you doin'?
2007-02-05 01:55:36 PM  
I thought it was only us “ugly American tourist” that did that sort of thing.
2007-02-05 02:23:52 PM  
Wow. I guess soccer is good for something.

/You learn something every day.
2007-02-05 02:30:12 PM  
Ummm MorningBreath, I don't know if anyone has told you this before, but you have massive knockers. Just so you know.
2007-02-05 05:18:09 PM  
Does Portugal have a *woman's*soccer team?
2007-02-05 05:18:51 PM  
Well worth the money i'm sure.
2007-02-06 12:23:44 AM  
I think MorningBreath is a male.
2007-02-08 03:35:18 PM  
I dunno about MorningBreath's flicks since the at work firewall blocks imageshack and all those other photo hosting sites...

But I do know that I'm gonna have to put an ad in the paper asking for people interesting in casting for "I see London, I see France" just to see what kind of responses I get. Oh crap, it's already the title of some damn Playboy reality show episode.

/Maybe I'll just say it's a stage production.
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