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(Fark)   Fark Meetup day is August 8th. Meet Farkers in your area. Over 1,500 people signed up so far   ( divider line
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4136 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Jul 2002 at 9:15 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-31 09:17:34 AM  
I'm bringing my bong.
2002-07-31 09:20:27 AM  
I am bringing my 14 make-belive freinds since I am the only farken farker around here.

2002-07-31 09:20:33 AM  
JohnDX - When are we going to get to see some pics from the Texas party?
2002-07-31 09:20:58 AM  
I am going where Slayerswine is going.
2002-07-31 09:21:18 AM  
Let's meet up at Musikfest if there are any farkers near Bethlehem PA
Rat [TotalFark]
2002-07-31 09:22:36 AM  
I'm the only lucky bastard signed up from my town...well, me and my 137 aliases will be throwing down by ourselves (myself?)
2002-07-31 09:24:17 AM  
Boston has some messed up addresses...
2002-07-31 09:26:04 AM  
August 8th is a beautiful day...
2002-07-31 09:26:36 AM  
I wish I was going where SlayerSwine was going...
2002-07-31 09:27:42 AM  
Wow, 7 people signed up for York already. And I thought this city was full of computer illiterate rednecks. Ok, so it is, but still.
2002-07-31 09:27:46 AM  
i like long walks on the beach....
2002-07-31 09:35:14 AM  
I'm going with Slayerswine and Polly Prissy Pants.
2002-07-31 09:35:24 AM  
hmmm, any Colorado Farkers?

2002-07-31 09:36:00 AM  
Of all the places in New Orleans to go, and Hooters is a choice?
2002-07-31 09:36:02 AM  
We'd already made plans for that weekend which sorta blows. But there's no party in Ottawa anyway. But I woulda made the trek to Trauma. Next time.
2002-07-31 09:37:28 AM  
Did everyone get my invitations?
2002-07-31 09:39:45 AM  
After that derailment, it was clear we have some farkers near kensington, Maryland. Fark this meetup website crap, who wants to chizzil in Mo co?
2002-07-31 09:40:12 AM  
Orlando Farkers? Anyone out there? Rocky's replay in Casselberry followed by Hooters? Anyone?
2002-07-31 09:41:14 AM  
Slayer: Welcome back to Fark! Good to see you on!
2002-07-31 09:41:39 AM  
You would think that everyone in New Orleans would be a little more adept to the bar scene, Why not make the party at Winstons on Metairie Rd. or Igors on St Charles?
2002-07-31 09:43:44 AM  
It's cool, I'll be out of town. I don't want to meet any of you freaks either.

(good to see slayer's back)
2002-07-31 09:46:32 AM  
Crap, going to gencon on the 8th.
2002-07-31 09:46:32 AM  
Hey Oklahoma City farkers, what's up with the bar choices?
2002-07-31 09:47:20 AM  
any farkers in mississippi???
2002-07-31 09:47:31 AM  
This Fark Monster is getting out of control.
2002-07-31 09:52:32 AM  
ATTN Tampa and St.Pete/Clearwater, FL: I propose that everyone move to the Tampa Meetup location so there is one larger party rather than two small ones. Better that way, imo.
2002-07-31 09:55:24 AM  
Smoke, I'm in Senatobia, i'll more than likely be at teh memphis meetup

2002-07-31 09:55:42 AM  
Funny, the ATL location is a 5 minute walk from my house. But Ruby Tuesdays?!?! There are better places.
2002-07-31 09:56:09 AM  
Is anyone from K.C. going, or what?
Have any of you been to The Pub? It is downtown and very small. They do have bands, though.....
2002-07-31 09:58:14 AM  
Just so you know the places are pre-selected by the meetup people.

The columbia MD location is a piece of shiat mom and pop bar on the side of the road in a shack.

2002-07-31 10:02:08 AM  
Kylie: Im thinking myself and some other people I work with are going that night for a while
2002-07-31 10:09:48 AM  
Slayerswine, that is a fine idea!
2002-07-31 10:10:48 AM  
This thing seems to be working well, then...
2002-07-31 10:12:06 AM  
B0rg9: Hey! I just found out that my wife has to work that night,and our daughters'just starting high school that week. :( But I will write you today,Jorgasm wants to have a beach party at Ft. DeSoto on the 17th. Share a ride? Talk at ya later.
2002-07-31 10:20:51 AM  
Birdofparadise is anybody good playing at Musikfest that night? Can't go anyway cos' I'm seeing Yes in Philly, but The Red Elvises are there on the 9th!
2002-07-31 10:22:54 AM  
OK, who came up with the Kabob N Kurry for the Boston meet up spot??????
2002-07-31 10:30:00 AM  
I'd love to go to the london one, but I'm still not allowed within 3 miles of the Houses of Parliment. There was"unpleasentness".
2002-07-31 10:31:02 AM  
Dang, I have to do a tattoo show that weekend otherwise I'd be wherever the other FL Farkers are. Hopefully next time, right?
2002-07-31 10:31:45 AM  
Anyone going to the DC meetup?
2002-07-31 10:32:41 AM  
fungus: It all depends on what you like. I'll be there all week. I took the week off work to enjoy all the music, food and beer. Yes the 9th will be a good show with the red elvises, Mama jama, and Brother.
2002-07-31 10:38:12 AM  
B0rg9 - where at and what time? Maybe I'll be done with the tattoo show by then. Please let me know, I'd love to hang with you guys! I might even bring along some other potential Farkettes with me. I don't want to be the only girl there!
2002-07-31 10:38:20 AM  
Austin is still #1 yo. Word to your mother.
2002-07-31 10:38:46 AM  
Ash - i actually thought there would be more participants in nyc, let alone 7.
2002-07-31 10:44:21 AM  
Sorry JMJ666, I was referring to York, PA. It's just north of the Maryland border, inbetween the mason dixon line and Harrisburg
2002-07-31 10:45:15 AM  
I am shocked there are 24 here in Pittsburgh
2002-07-31 10:47:09 AM  
I don't know any good place in OKC. The Samurai used to be our hang out way back in the day.
2002-07-31 10:49:12 AM  
how crappy is this?, entered my zip and now it says I'm from Gary, IN........close, but, no......and am I the only one who would like to go but is too chicken too?
2002-07-31 10:49:16 AM  
I would like to meet up with some farkers in the DC metro area, but not really in the places the site chose.

I know some kick-ass pizza places.
2002-07-31 10:52:29 AM  
Bizarro, B0rg9, Jorgasm, Forsythe P. Jones and any other Florida Farkers/Farkettes - Please email me when and where you guys are going to party and maybe I'll take the trip...
Thanks ;)
2002-07-31 11:03:27 AM  
8 days away and you still get to vote for one of 3 locations in Dallas. I do not see anywhere where you can view voting results even. How close to the date will we get to find out when it is?
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