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15290 clicks; posted to Video » on 01 Feb 2007 at 4:25 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-01 02:21:30 PM  
Wow. I guess that's the first time in history someone got a soccer ball to the face. Amazing stuff.
2007-02-01 02:30:21 PM  
I would like to find the video of Ben Dreith calling the "giving him the business" penalty on Gastineau back in 1986.

THAT was the best.penalty.evar.
2007-02-01 02:50:54 PM  
Amusing, but just a bit too convenient.
2007-02-01 03:52:18 PM  
I would like to find the video of Ben Dreith calling the "giving him the business" penalty on Gastineau back in 1986.

THAT was the best.penalty.evar.

2007-02-01 04:28:09 PM  
this is what... the 4th or 5th time this has been green?
2007-02-01 04:34:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-02-01 04:34:53 PM  
2007-02-01 04:47:25 PM  
I'll third the vote for Dreith/Gastineau. "He was down him the bidness!". Well said!
2007-02-01 04:57:21 PM  
oh, i thought this was going to be Dwayne Rudd.
2007-02-01 04:58:34 PM  

Me too man, me too...
2007-02-01 05:07:15 PM  
It'd be better if it went in.
2007-02-01 05:12:05 PM  
A free kick, not a penalty, but this is the best pwnage I've seen:
2007-02-01 05:29:32 PM  
aquigley: THAT was the best.penalty.evar.

Indeed it was
2007-02-01 05:34:05 PM  
FACE SAVE, and a beauty!!

No goal for you. Not yours.
2007-02-01 05:43:20 PM  
2007-02-01 06:39:15 PM  

Audio only.
2007-02-01 08:04:43 PM  
^^^thank you!
2007-02-01 09:14:04 PM  
And here I was hoping it would be a hockey highlight.

Oh well.
2007-02-01 10:05:16 PM  
Video was not worth however many seconds it took to watch. Therefore I regret watching it twice. The comments are always much more amusing on vids like this:

word u retarded prik america has only reecently been powerful,think of the roman and british empies u a*shole,go speak clingon 2 all of ur geek m8s who are obease and dieing of heart attacks.

i lol'd :D

/going to bed
2007-02-02 01:10:50 AM  
You mean best penalty KICK ever?
2007-02-02 01:31:33 AM  

classics, all of them. the result of that second game adds greatly to the comic value of the miss, and the other two are just so awfully taken. thanks for making my evening.
2007-02-02 06:14:14 AM  
2007-02-02 08:36:40 AM  
gterz66: aquigley:

Audio only.

Haha I remember that, he was B-slapping Jim Kelly around.
2007-02-02 01:21:44 PM  

What was the point of that?
2007-02-02 05:19:33 PM  
He must be an English player...
2007-02-02 06:28:10 PM  

Basically the point is that Beckham's hairdo was unaffected by the misses. Or (cheap one) that two balls are possibly orbiting after Beckham has shot.
2007-02-03 02:12:20 AM  
This is the greatest penalty kick ever.
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