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(AP)   "Borat" actor to be sued again, this time over his signature "wa wa wee wa" sound, which translates to "your 15 minutes is almost up"   ( divider line
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3139 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 30 Jan 2007 at 4:26 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-01-30 12:33:52 PM  
Cohen has (and will) be around for a LONG time.

/Smitty must be a fan of Dharma and Greg.
2007-01-30 12:46:37 PM  
Up until this year, I thought Sascha Baron Cohen was just a British Andy Kaufman. The difference is that Kaufman didn't need to huddle with scriptwriters to do his schtick, and Cohen is just tall enough to deter most people from kicking his ass.
2007-01-30 12:54:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2007-01-30 01:33:41 PM  
Cohen's 15 minutes are almost up? With a worldwide gross of almost $250 million (hasn't even gone to DVD yet) and several other movies in the works I don't think his 15 minutes will be up for quite some time.
2007-01-30 02:15:26 PM  
Sascha... his parents must have wanted a girl.
2007-01-30 02:16:21 PM  
There's a YTMND for everything.
2007-01-30 02:37:18 PM  
They're both going to be sued by Charles Schulz estate for ripping off the sound adults make in the Charlie Brown cartoons.
2007-01-30 04:37:42 PM  
I thought I heard more Polish than Hebrew during Borat. Although, Borat speaking Hebrew would make the joke even funnier.
2007-01-30 04:39:06 PM  
Since when does providing millions of dollars of free world-wide exposure equal copywrite infringement?
2007-01-30 04:39:26 PM  
I'm waiting for Cohen to acknowledge that without Martin and Ackroyd, he'd be nothing.

/Swinging Czechoslovakian brothers FTW
2007-01-30 04:41:43 PM  
ALI G has been on tv since almost ten years...

subby has been famous for -1!!!!1111!!!
2007-01-30 04:41:53 PM  

Sascha... his parents must have wanted a girl.

Sascha is a Russian boys name. Clicky!
2007-01-30 04:46:07 PM  
yeah...cohen's been around at various levels relative to the radar (from way under to just under, to "underground", to just above ground, and finally to firmly entrenched above ground), so his fifteen minutes really should have been up a while ago. even should his star fade it's more the case of...well, a star fading, like plenty of stars have, rather than a runaway bride kind of 15 minutes of fame being up.

I thought I heard more Polish than Hebrew during Borat. Although, Borat speaking Hebrew would make the joke even funnier.

i've heard that borat speaks a mostly impromptu combination of hebrew and yiddish. yiddish, being a mostly hebrew/german hybrid, could certainly sound like polish. also, he could have been speaking a ton of polish for all i know.

/cohen's funny
2007-01-30 04:49:31 PM  
FrancoFile: I'm waiting for Cohen to acknowledge that without Martin and Ackroyd, he'd be nothing.

Why? He never claimed to be an original. Does he really need to explicitly mention his elders in order to be legitimized in your view?
2007-01-30 04:50:11 PM  
No way of telling, really, how long the guys career is gonna be. i suppose it depends on whether he can deliver the goods in the future when hes no longer the controversial young comedian.

example: tom green looked like he was gonna be huge there for a while and the last i saw of him he was doing segments for leno; good to have a job but in no way is he currently king of the world.
on the other hand eddie murphy was also really big, disappeared and is now probably bigger than before, with star billing and whatnot.

you know, if i was to try getting filthy stinking rich in the entertainment industry i would probably shoot for making reliably popular family comedies rather than try to second-guess the fickle tastes of slowly-aging-very-hip young people. ymmv.
2007-01-30 04:51:39 PM  
orrinbloquy: The difference is that Kaufman didn't need to huddle with scriptwriters to do his schtic

Bob Zmuda

Zmuda is best known as Andy Kaufman's sidekick, co-writer and friend. Zmuda occasionally portrayed Kaufman's Tony Clifton character on stage and for television appearances (it's rumored that it was actually Zmuda playing Clifton when he appeared on Late Night with David Letterman).
2007-01-30 04:54:08 PM  
I have read that Cohen has some Polish background, thus the jagshemash etc.
2007-01-30 04:54:15 PM  
Talking Baseball
Gracious comedians and actors who are "edgy" acknowledge those who broke ground before them - either slyly in-character, or explicitly in interviews. Never heard Borat thank Ackroyd, Martin, Kaufman, or even the Catskills generation. Jewish humor told by a Jew is hardly new, and the only way he knows to make his funny is to consistently push the envelope of good taste.
I dunno, maybe the professional courtesy bit doesn't happen in Britain. The guy seems way too full of himself.
2007-01-30 04:55:01 PM  
he's still got a ways to go. isn't he making a bruno movie? plus, i thought his character was done well in talladega nights.

'borat' might be done, but cohen sure isn't.
2007-01-30 04:56:46 PM  
making $ hundreds of millions in 15 minutes? subby doesn't know what he wants.
2007-01-30 05:15:03 PM  
I think the guy's a genius for convincing everyone his racial humor is somehow satire.

Besides his Clifton character, there is very little that Kaufman did that was funny.
2007-01-30 05:16:54 PM  
dont think we can copyright a sound, shultzies!
any song can be used after 25 years
2007-01-30 05:18:19 PM  
lame headline and pretty naive.

The guy is not Paul Hogan or Yahoo Serious, he's a Cambridge grad that knows how to shag your mom.
2007-01-30 05:21:22 PM  
Andy Kaufman was unfunny, IMO, but next to this mook Cohen, he's the Sir Laurence Olivier of comedians.
2007-01-30 05:21:54 PM  
what would be a sequel to "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan"?
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Made Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan"!
2007-01-30 05:58:00 PM  
That's bull -- I was saying "wa wa wee wa" back in 1982.
2007-01-30 06:05:43 PM  
I think the only way Cohen could make me laugh is if he was hung upside down with fork up his butt.
2007-01-30 06:18:35 PM  
Even if his fifteen minutes are almost up, it will have been more profitable than the work of the next 100 generations of subby's family (combined).

/but at least you're cooler than Cohen.
//can i hang with you?
///maybe play twister?
2007-01-30 06:38:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
What what what?!
2007-01-30 06:41:28 PM  
Please, oh God, PLEASE, let a condition of settlement of this suit that Cohen enters permanent hermitage, never to be heard from again.
2007-01-30 07:11:54 PM  
if "Borat" owes anyone, it's Tom Green. Some of the bits are EXACTLY the same
2007-01-30 07:37:26 PM  
Actually, Sasha Baron Cohen has been doing something similar to Borat since at least 1994. So it would be a bit more fair to say his seven million eight-hundred-eighty-four thousand minutes are almost up. But just as Borat. He'll make other characters.
2007-01-30 07:46:16 PM  
Cohen/Ali G/Borat going away?

We can only BE so lucky.

Being funny by making humiliating of people not in on the joke will only go so far(I hope)

Andy Kaufman? Hack.
2007-01-30 08:21:37 PM  
Ali G has been around since 2000, his 15 minutes are going to last 10 years (of pure hilarity). I cant wait until the bruno character is released in movie form on the american public. Sasha Baron Cohen was also the only reason talladega nights was funny, Will Farrel (Who I think is funny as well ) produced very few laughs. He is a very funny and very clever guy who does not need writers to be funny. Seriously, Have you ever hung out with a bunch of brits? Their humour and linguistic skill are amazing, and Sasha is the best of the bunch
Some scattered thoughts from me......
2007-01-30 09:33:01 PM  
I liked the British and HBO version of Da Ali G show, and I think Borat is the best character of the three, but the movie was a huge disappointment to me. Tired jokes, and a hurried story line compared to his interviews on the TV show.
2007-01-30 09:43:17 PM  
who the fark are these people who hate Cohen. he is one of the funniest comedians out there. go text your picks into American Idols you white bread eating asshats.

jesus h christ what the hell happened to this countries view of entertainment. with all this incredibly unorginial crap on tv nowdays cohen is a breath of fresh air. only old people and republicans dont get his humor
2007-01-31 12:35:56 AM  
jesus h christ what the hell happened to this countries view of entertainment.

Yes, apparently, everyone's got to have the same kind of sense of humor as you. Humor is subjective, jackass. I find him funny personally but not the divinity that you apparently think he is.
2007-01-31 12:49:16 AM  
who the fark are these people who hate Cohen


USA Weekend Box-Office Summary
26 January 2007
Rank Title Weekend Gross
1. Epic Movie (2007) $18.6M $18.6M
2. Smokin' Aces (2006) $14.6M $14.6M
3. Night at the Museum (2006) $9.56M $217M

Any questions?
2007-01-31 11:00:51 AM  
Any questions?

Yes. When did America get so homogenized? The people who don't like Sascha 'Borat' Cohen are the same people who kept Everybody Loves Raymond on the air for 10 years...

Newsflash! Nobody loved Raymond. They were just too sleepy to change the channel.
2007-01-31 12:48:33 PM  

Thanks. You have really helped me understand. Before today, I did not realize that when new movies come out and replace older ones for top gross receipts, this really means that people now HATE the older movies.

Do you have a newsletter?
2007-01-31 02:49:41 PM  

I think what Deece was pointing out is that the people who don't find Cohen funny are the approximately 2,325,000 people who went to see Epci Movie on its opening day. I think he is implying that people who would pay to see Epic Movie wouldn't know funny if it hit them in the face.

/I used $8 as an average movie ticket price
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