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(   Disabled people may now their ride motorized scooters on public roads in NJ. Insert your favorite "Jersey driver" joke here   ( divider line
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2007-01-27 07:18:33 PM
2007-01-27 07:47:58 PM  
If it's fat people on Wal-Mart scooters, I think you'll see a whole lot of road rage.
2007-01-27 08:08:38 PM  
2007-01-27 08:08:43 PM  
I smell an ATHF episode....
2007-01-27 08:08:49 PM  
Hilarity will ensure.
2007-01-27 08:14:58 PM  
this will end fast...after a few get run over

i almost get in an accident at least once a week in jersey

/never my fault of course
2007-01-27 08:16:07 PM  
You up screwed the headline.

/picturing subby typing away furiously, beady eyes gleaming in the light of the monitor
2007-01-27 08:16:23 PM  
The countdown starts for the first motorized scooter vs SUV fatality in NJ. I give it two weeks.
2007-01-27 08:16:44 PM  
Headline get did I did not.
2007-01-27 08:21:07 PM  
submitter: Disabled people may now their ride motorized scooters on public roads in NJ.

As long as they remememember they are still 'pedestrians'. "Outa the way grandma, you're holding up 2 miles of traffic."
2007-01-27 08:26:36 PM  
That is not
2007-01-27 08:34:31 PM  
2007-01-27 08:35:40 PM  
I didn't know Yoda submitted stories to Fark.

/from NJ
//exit 36, if you must know
2007-01-27 08:36:18 PM

2007-01-27 08:38:19 PM  
Oldsterz on scooters can't be any worse than the bicycle nazis intentionally farking up traffic in Seattle.
2007-01-27 08:39:52 PM  
What this really means is that drivers in NJ are now responsible for avoiding slow-moving basket cases on the highway... not just the old Chevy Citations, but the wheelchairs too.
2007-01-27 08:40:34 PM
2007-01-27 08:43:35 PM  
You never see that here in Atlanta. I can't imagine why.
2007-01-27 08:47:16 PM  
I'm very happy that this law passed because now I can ride my scooter again," the 10th-grade boy said. "It feels so good that I actually did something about it, too."
Well you better get out of my way cause Im not slowiiiiiiing down
2007-01-27 09:16:33 PM  
You mean they weren't allowed to until now? I always see them whizzing down the highway to Wal Mart.
2007-01-27 09:18:44 PM  
George Costanza unavailable for comment.
2007-01-27 09:29:50 PM  
Charles Lee - I LOL'ed

2007-01-27 09:39:34 PM  
There's a girl that drives hers around all over the place in my town. I never thought it was illegal, and apparently neither do the cops.

/Jeresy driver (w/ Pennsy tags as a decoy)
//best drivers in teh world
///learned in the Ellisburg Circle
2007-01-27 09:43:30 PM  
Why does disabled people next to speeding traffic with no barrier in between seem like a good idea?
2007-01-27 09:49:40 PM  
big whoop, we've been doing that in Tennessee for years.
2007-01-27 09:49:56 PM  

because it's easier to steal their wallets during rush hour can just step out, steal, get back in car.

/stealing candy from a baby? hell no
//stealing money from a cripple? depends....
2007-01-27 09:50:22 PM  
This summer, I will be riding around with an air horn in my car, it's opened season on old people.
2007-01-27 10:00:05 PM  
And what about insurance? What if he causes an accident? This is not fair to the regular drivers who have to carry insurance.
2007-01-27 10:07:39 PM  
I'll keep my eye out for 'em on the turnpike.
2007-01-27 10:09:11 PM  
Riiiiiiight....just what this state needs. Bad enough anyone doing anything +/- 5 mph of the speed limit in this area of the state winds up in a ditch. Car vs motorcycle is bad enough, thanks guys.

/I could calculate your chances of survival, but you won't like it.
2007-01-27 10:09:39 PM  
Drove through Jersey with the family on the way to New York City.

Waiting for the Holland Tunnel, car began to overheat. Pulled to the shoulder, and this woman decided to start driving on it. At about 70 mph. The other cars were going about 10. Almost crashed into us, then pulled around us, then swore at us.

Then I got to see a car drive over a corner of sidewalk/grass while a cop was at the gas station kitty-corner. Didn't move.

On the plus side, we got to stop by the Quik Stop on the ride home.


damn. I thought it was a stereotype, but... wow. Boston was better, for chrissakes.
2007-01-27 10:19:05 PM  
Should increase the average driver skill of NJ up to about Massachusetts level.
2007-01-27 10:53:02 PM  

This may be the last thing he sees. Bad idea.

2007-01-27 11:23:33 PM  
I learned to drive in Jersey. Then I moved to Boston. I no longer have issues with Jersey drivers.
2007-01-27 11:27:48 PM  
I have designed and built these little mobility vehicle for almost 20 years and this is indeed an incredibly stupid idea. I've seen them nailed by cars, trucks and yes, even buses and it was NEVER their fault, just ask those that lived to sue. This is a Stupid law that just made someone in the legislature feel good.
2007-01-27 11:34:05 PM  
Okay okay okay okay. Jersey driver joke, let's go.

What do you call a NJ driver who cruises truck stops for homosexual encounters?
2007-01-28 12:27:47 AM  
sr71: What do you call a NJ driver who cruises truck stops for homosexual encounters?

Distracted behind the wheel.

/yuk yuk.
//Hates Jersey... Get off my land!
2007-01-28 12:51:06 AM  
This won't end well. This Farker may end up on the giving end of Fark headlines.
2007-01-28 12:57:38 AM  

What do you call a NJ driver who cruises truck stops for homosexual encounters?

2007-01-28 01:56:30 AM  
For many years NJ ranked as the SAFEST DRIVING STATE in the union (per capita).
2007-01-28 02:46:28 AM  
The state of New Jersey won't trust an able bodied person to pump their own gas, but will allow disabled people on the freeway in a motorized wheelchair.

Go figure.
2007-01-28 02:50:23 AM  


I would like to think Steven Hawking would be smart enough not to try. If I'm wrong let's hope he remembers when he come to Jersey not to drive the dammed thing down the wrong side of the road.
2007-01-28 04:30:44 AM  
The scooter drivers are only allowed on streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or less. Let the kid scoot around his sub-division so he can feel like "one of the guys"

In my neighborhood he would get scooter-jacked.
2007-01-28 06:44:13 AM
2007-01-28 09:21:40 AM  
my 2 bits:

2 fatsos ride around state street in madison WI all day and my friend yells "lazy"to their faces!
others are truely handicap
but never on the street.

then there was that dude at Olympic stadium who would sell used pencil to the timmish cry of "hellllp"
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