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(six degrees)   Kevin Bacon starts a charity. He calls it Six Degrees. Here's to you, Mr. take-a-cliche-and-do-something-good-with-it   ( divider line
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2007-01-24 11:10:28 PM  
Captain Juan

Stonewall Jackson-US Military Academy-New York City-Italy-Rome-Gladiator
2007-01-24 11:12:05 PM  
Welcome to 1992, Knucklepopper
2007-01-24 11:12:23 PM  
You must connect NBA star Steve Nash



(startling music)
2007-01-24 11:13:14 PM  

I could not, for the life of me, find gladiators in the Roman Empire section...I had to click on a link to another page about culture.
2007-01-24 11:13:53 PM  

Mother Teresa links to USA links to internet links to pornography links to fetish pornography links to cartoon pornography links to furry

I win! I win!
2007-01-24 11:14:00 PM  
zalasur: Welcome to 1992, Knucklepopper

Jajaja! gimme a break dude! That's fantastic and I just found it, so what if it is so '90s!
2007-01-24 11:14:10 PM  
mmontour: I can sort of claim a 2 as well - I was an extra in Hot Pursuit with Wendy Gazelle, who was in Queens Logic (1991) with Kevin Bacon.

Does this work? I've hired Jim Kisicki for videos I've directed. He was in Telling Lies in America with Bacon. It's all performance-related, so I'm giving myself credit as a 2 under the loose definition of 6 degrees.
2007-01-24 11:15:34 PM  
DeusA: I got the Jackson-Gladiator link in three degrees

Stonewall Jackson
links to
links to
Roman Empire
links to

Damn, not only beaten by 10 seconds, but by one degree and in the right direction to boot!
2007-01-24 11:16:00 PM  
labman won this thread way early.
2007-01-24 11:16:25 PM  
I've got a real Bacon number of 2. I was in a movie (Strike The Tent) with Eli Wallach, who's in the upcoming Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon.

I swear I had a Bacon number of 1, but I've been drinking... I've also been in a movie with Mickey Rooney, who I thought was in a Kevin Bacon movie. But who knows?

(Google, that's who. But again... I've been drinking.)
2007-01-24 11:17:25 PM  
I'm 3 from Kevin Bacon. A former colleague of mine met him while extra-ing in a film he was in. I'm also 3 from Hitler and 2 from Stalin.

/here's to tenuous links and awkward gerunds.
2007-01-24 11:18:53 PM  
You must connect NBA star Steve Nash

We shall do no such thing.
2007-01-24 11:20:27 PM  
Here's to you, Mr. take-a-cliche-and-do-something-good-with-it

GUY. YOU FORGOT THE GUY! It should be:
Here's to you, Mr. take-a-cliche-and-do-something-good-with-it guy.

Dude, and I'm a chick, and I'm the only one who caught this awful faux pas?

/for shame.
2007-01-24 11:20:40 PM  
I don't think I'm anything from Kevin Bacon, but I am two from George W. Bush.
2007-01-24 11:20:52 PM  
we shall do no such thing

oh please!
2007-01-24 11:21:39 PM  
Since I got "Mother Teresa to Furries" someone try to six-degrees-of-wikipedia "mildew to M.C. Escher".

Go on. I dare you.
2007-01-24 11:21:46 PM  
Gladiators is linked in the section on Titus

Mother Theresa seems to be furry-proof... lucky woman.
2007-01-24 11:21:54 PM  
Gavino: I'm 3 from Kevin Bacon. A former colleague of mine met him while extra-ing in a film he was in.

Wouldn't that make you 2 degrees away?
2007-01-24 11:21:57 PM  
I met charlie sheen once. According to (pops)I have a 3, since Charlie is a two.

Charlie Sheen was in Three Musketeers, The (1993)with Oliver Platt, Oliver Platt was in Loverboy (2005) with Kevin Bacon

So I guess everyone here is a 4, since I posted here. Well, then I guess we're all 3 since noazark is a 2.

/not that I care, just high
//it is a cool idea though, get whatever your cause is, a little light
///hope it works out
////notice there's no musical links to him/and/or bacon brothers....
//Slashie's help I can't stop
//Ok, I'm good now
//Just one more
//ahhh that's the stuff!!!!11!!!one!
2007-01-24 11:22:40 PM  
If you're 2 from Bush, tell him to stop talking about ethanol and get moving on biodiesel.


Oh, and if you want to reduce consumption TODAY, drop the damn speed limit!

Oooooh, then we'd actually have to sacrifice something! NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
2007-01-24 11:24:39 PM  
Lost in Editing

How about mildew and MC Pee Pants?
2007-01-24 11:27:25 PM  
bluedevil: Now, someone do Mother Teresa to Furries!

Going the other way is easy: "Furry_fandom" to "1910s" to "1910" to "Mother_Teresa".
2007-01-24 11:29:47 PM  
how about me to your mom, oh wait, already did that
2007-01-24 11:32:22 PM  
Interesting to only me: I thought I was 6 degees from Bacon (including non-show business links), but just remembered someone from local theatre that made it out to Hollywood. I'm actually only 4 degees from Bacon (including stage and screen).

Also only interesting to me: I'm about a million degrees from giving any of my $.
2007-01-24 11:33:25 PM  
Oh ya baby!

2007-01-24 11:34:34 PM  
doh stupid spaces!
2007-01-24 11:34:58 PM  
I got the mildew to Escher in 7, someone can probably get it sooner.
mildew>building defects>Fracture>gemstone>Museum>Illustration>woodcut>M. C. Escher
2007-01-24 11:36:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-01-24 11:40:14 PM  
I once bought beer for Kane Hodder, who played Jason in the first friday the 13th, which starred Kevin Bacon.

2007-01-24 11:44:47 PM  
Whistles "Kevin... Bacon.. Where the fark did he come from?"

/was once a Nancy Vandals fan
//very obscure in an underground-metal-scene way
2007-01-24 11:46:56 PM  
Drew needs to make a Fark charity... 2Chan has The Nevada-Tan Lawyer Defense Fund. 4Chan has /b/tard Anonymous. We need a Fark charity! Adopt a Cliché Kitty, mabye?
2007-01-24 11:47:22 PM  
I have a Bacon of 3.

I know the COO of my company, who starred in "Three O Clock "High, who was in that movie with John Rothman, who was in the movie Picture Perfect with Bacon.

Man..this is fun.

I also have a 3 with both of my film professors from my college days...haha
2007-01-24 11:50:27 PM  
All my money goes to the Human Fund. Money for people


All money money is tied up in change

2007-01-24 11:50:35 PM  
OH come on!

Wouldn't "Bring Home the Bacon" have been a good charity name?!
2007-01-24 11:52:06 PM  
zorak8me and mmontour:

Beautiful, both of you! My faith in the internets increaseth!
2007-01-24 11:54:25 PM  
Kevin Bacon's house is filled with sulphur hexafluoride.
2007-01-24 11:54:59 PM  
mildew>building defects>termites>wood>paper>printmaking>M.C. Escher

Now try going from "speculum (medical)" to "Chicago Cubs"
2007-01-25 12:03:46 AM  
Joe Q Sixpack: Now try going from "speculum (medical)" to "Chicago Cubs"

I'm not going to spend my whole evening doing this, but here's one way:

2007-01-25 12:11:39 AM  
I have a Bacon Number of 4, OneLetter...

Dennis Avner (Stalking Cat) is a former member of my gaming group.

Stalking Cat also appeared on Larry King Live January 2, 2002.

Larry King was then in the Movie 'The Jackal' with David Hayman.

And, finally, David Hayman was in Where the Truth Lies (2005) with Kevin Bacon.

Nifty, no?
2007-01-25 12:12:38 AM  

There is a link farther down the page. Scroll down past the video link & you'll see it.

About Six Degrees
2007-01-25 12:19:53 AM  
I've got nothing but respect for celebrities who decide they've got enough money to start throwing it away.

Interesting point of fact: Kevin Bacon was in my Dad's first grade class. How about that? I'm 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon.
2007-01-25 12:26:09 AM  
I did a play with someone who was in a movie with Kevin Bacon. Does that make me a 1?
2007-01-25 12:34:07 AM  
I have a Bacon Factor of four. My parents met Quentin Tarantino in a hotel lobby in Austin a couple years ago. Quentin Tarantino was in "Four Rooms" with Marisa Tomei, who was "Loverboy" with Kevin Bacon
2007-01-25 12:52:28 AM  
zorak8me: Oh, and if you want to reduce consumption TODAY, drop the damn speed limit!

you don't know much about car efficiency, do you?
2007-01-25 01:03:03 AM  
2007-01-25 01:21:17 AM  
Does his charity pay the medical bills for two 3rd degree burn victims each year?
2007-01-25 01:32:44 AM  
My bacon # is 1

I know what Kevin Bacon's sweat smells like...

Not tellin' how...
2007-01-25 01:34:27 AM  
This's a trap!

Oh yeah, I'm smoooooth.
2007-01-25 01:38:06 AM  
Hero??? sorry but Kevin Bacon is anything but a Hero - the guys a chump = lets call a Spade a Spade.
can you say Keifer (ride my dad's reputation) Sutherland??
2007-01-25 02:17:36 AM  
I'm a 3 cause i met(thrice) bruce campbell whos a 2, so your all allowed to touch me.
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