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(KCRA)   Microwaveable dog meat now available in South Korea. Great dog taste in a fraction of the time.   ( divider line
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2002-07-30 05:30:27 AM  
Firsly, how do you define sentinet or consious? I too have had many years experience with many dogs and I must say that if you know how to bring it out, a dog does have feelings, emotions, and self-awareness; any 7 y/o will tell you that. I would have to say that dogs are consious, cows probably are too, but to a lesser degree due to their less developed, herbivore brain. Also, is a fetus sentient? (I don't want to get started on abortion, just an example) Why don't we save abortions and have stir fry baby? (I want my baby-back-baby-back-baby-back ribs!)

Secondly, we can get so much more use out of a cow than a dog. The average non toy AMERICAN dog weighs maybe, 50 lbs. Now, compare this to the average cow of about 1500 lbs. Then talk surface area for leather; a cow has many times the surface area of a normal 50 lb dog. Now, being since there apperenetly isn't any food in Asia, the dogs over there are surely much smaller and privide hardly any meat. So, instead of harnessing the will of a dog for companionship and it's possible help in the field, herding animals, they take the shortcut and eat the animals that could be helping them. Stupid bastards.

If the dog wasn't starving, it wouldn't have to eat me. If anything (especially if it was my dog) it would probably either stay by my side as long as possible (there have been several documented cases of dogs waiting and looking for their masters long after the person died) or go notify somebody that I was dead. You don't give dogs enough credit. There are situations where, if all else fails, the only way to survive is to kill another and eat it (almost like "Alive") would be acceptable of course.

After they were brough here, why do you think horses were not eaten very ofetn by Native Americans? Because they are more valuable otherwise. With horses, it's a little differant because they are large animals that would provide a lot of meat. But they were eaten very rarely because the Native Americans could use them to catch much more a bountiful prey: bison. I believe horses too are sentient.

If there is an overpopulation of dogs, I can see maybe having to kill some to make it better for evereybody else (including other dogs) aswell as to end their starvation and suffering from all the diseases that go unchecked. So go get some fish and rice and learn to grow a cow and leave the farking dogs alone.

My Second to final note:
If you eat dog every day the rest of your life, PETA might have something to say about it....

Final note:
If I eat your mom's pussy every day for the rest of my life there is not a damn thing you can do about it.
2002-07-30 05:37:52 AM  
ya know, it's shiat like this that makes me think we should just turn north korea loose on those farking mangy south korean biatches.
2002-07-30 06:02:21 AM  
Yeah, um, none of you people are allowed anywhere near my dog. :D

/doesn't really have a dog
2002-07-30 06:04:47 AM  
I have never eaten dog. However, I see nothing wrong with eating one. I probably won't ever eat one, seeing as around these parts dogmeat isn't exactly easy to come by in microwaveable form.

Anyway, back to the argument: is it wrong to eat a dog? You say, "No" because they are more valuable otherwise. However, when the Koreans started eating dog, they had no other food around. The land had been burned to a crisp by the warfare and napalm. All they had were dogs that had been left behind by the GIs, and had begun to breed. Because dogs are opportunistic, they could survive on garbage and scraps. People can't survive on garbage and scraps, and even if they could- what's easier? Foraging in the remnants for food, or eating a juicy dog that has done all the foraging for you?

Also, I think cannabalism is a bad thing, for many good reasons, foremost of which being that people are self aware (sentient). The best test of self awareness is the "Body Mark Test". In this test, an animal is marked with a sharpie on a portion of it's body that it can't normally see. If it then uses a mirror (provided) to expose the mark, it is considered aware of its own existance. Only three animals have passed this test besides humans: bottlenose dolphins, chimps, and orangutans. They have tried it on dogs many times. They always failed. Same deal with horses.

They simply aren't aware of their own existance. And while they do experience pain, and can "learn" to avoid things that cause pain, they can't do so proactively. Animals do feel pain, but there is no mind so to speak inside them to interpret it. So instead of an animal having the same experience as a human, it simply "learns" in the same way that an adaptive computer program can.

Dogs were bred for companionship. So? Does that make them less edible somehow? Does that make it wrong to eat them? Frankly, I don't see how. Many things that man has acheived have been directed toward other ends, and eating an animal that was bred to be a companion is no more wrong than using baking soda to create a rocket.

And regarding your final note: I guess if you're into necrophilia, there really isnt anything anyone can do.
2002-07-30 06:45:44 AM  
It's a dog, don't act so high and mighty.
2002-07-30 10:49:06 AM  
Tairngire, your conveniently representative of many knuckle-dragging morons out there. First for the Body Mark Test, what you idiotically call "the best test of self-awareness." Uh, never mind that this is a derivative of a test used during the Salem Witch Trials, and also never mind that the test was roundly dismissed years ago when peer review noted that infants, the mentally handicapped, dotards and the visually impaired all failed the test. But it doesn't even require those facts to see how stupidly arbitrary it is.

As for eating dogs, anyone who pretends there isn't a hierarchy in the animal kingdom is either, A) stupid or B) an intellectually dishonest idealogue. After stepping on a cockroach, would you feel the same level of compunction as you would after shooting a horse? If the answer is yes, you're a sociopath. If the answer is no, then my point is made. The logic that "We eat (insert animal), so it's okay to eat dogs" is relativistic and silly. If you can't see that the canine relationship to humans is utterly unique in the animal kingdom, then I'll again refer you to A and B above.

The common Korean practice of dog farming involves stringing dogs up and beating them with sticks so their tissues are flooded with adrenaline. This, we're told, improves the taste. They also boil cats alive because it supposedly confers some medicinal value. Anyone who partakes in or defends this practice should be forced to the margins of society. It's a part of their culture they should be utterly ashamed of, just as we have elements of ours that we should divest ourselves of. Like boy bands.

There are many dogs whose lives I'd value over many, many humans. This practice runs counter to a civilized existence. And anyone who equates dogs in relation to human beings with any other animal needs to rethink that position.
2002-07-30 12:22:14 PM  
You're upset that dogs get treated like shiat when they're being "farmed". Guess what they do to chickens? Put them in tight cages that drives them so nuts they start attacking each other. Well that damages the meat, so they clip the beaks off with shears.
I'm not a vegetarian becasue of the cruelty issue, but there are few food animals that don't suffer horribly before making it to the nice styrofoam plastic wrapped containers in your supermarket. To think otherwise is to fool yourself.
2002-07-30 01:17:06 PM  
i'll eat it
2002-07-30 05:36:58 PM  
cause charlie don't eat dog!!! oh wait.....
2002-07-30 06:03:02 PM  
They eat dogs in Micronesia as well.

My grandparents lived on the island of Kosrae for two years serving a mission for the Mormon church. Before they left, the villagers prepared a special farewell dog feast.

My grandpa has it all on video: a bunch of men chasing around a poor stray dog before finally catching it and beating it to death with clubs (I guess it makes it more tender? sorry.). Then they cook the think practically whole wrapped in breadfruit leaves in a dirt pit.

The finale includes a little boy holding a doggie drumstifark and singing into it like a microphone.

I don't REALLY think it's funny, but we all couldn't help laughing our asses off through the whole video.
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