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(KCRA)   Microwaveable dog meat now available in South Korea. Great dog taste in a fraction of the time.   ( divider line
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2002-07-29 10:06:46 PM
2002-07-29 10:08:35 PM  
Go ahead and eat dog...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-29 10:08:57 PM  
Dattaway: Interesting point, but Whether an animal is a vegetarian or an omnivore or carnavore natuarly it has little sway in commercial processes.

Pigs hens and cows all get fed the same sort of livestock slurry which often contains meat, somtimes even forced canabalisim.

I don't have nurtriotional information but all things being equal dogs can be just as health as cows or chickens or what have you.

Clearly the reason why a lot of western people don't eat dogs is the facts that they are mostly seen as pets as tradition dictates. The same goes for cats and goldfish.

We don't often eat animals which are our pets. Usefull Animals tend to have a single use or role in socity as either pet or livestock not both.

There is nothing wrong with eating dog and quite frankly I fail to see how this is good news anyway. Anyone who has a brain knows some people like to eat dog meat... is it such a surprise that people can use different cooking methods such as microwaving to do this ?

Ignorant Americans.
2002-07-29 10:10:47 PM  
2002-07-29 10:13:55 PM  
Acetylene The ways cattle are raised in a commercial environment is indeed frightening. Every shortcut is taken to maximize growth and profitability. I sure would like to have some Amish friends and get real whole milk and the ability to eat food the way it was meant to be.

I'd hate to see how they make the meat from a puppy slaughter farm. It might make the slaughter farms here in Kansas seem like green fields with happy cows. Mooo.
2002-07-29 10:18:38 PM  

New Soylent Purple.

Now with 20% less people.

(May contain Lassie and/or Fido. Not available in states with beached squid.)

2002-07-29 10:22:12 PM  
Not spiffy:
[image from too old to be available]
From Dog Farm to Soup Bowl
2002-07-29 10:27:04 PM  
I hear dog meat gives you ass cancer.
2002-07-29 10:32:28 PM  
I had horse once before I went vegetarian (well, fish-itarian). It was pretty damn good.

I'm sure dog tastes good too. Is it hypocritical to eat one meat animal and not another?

Chicken, however, is nasty. You don't want to know what they do to those things before they become nuggets.
2002-07-29 10:32:40 PM  
When I saw this article I thought the comments thing would be filled with people saying how disgusting dog-eating is.

Being vegetarian, I got myself riled up and ready to start posting the typical hippy comments like "pigs are loveable too" etc etc.

BUT you damn meat eaters are consistent! Most comments here seem to be in the pro-dogmeat area. Damn it!
2002-07-29 10:32:53 PM  
This is a typical (and highly illegal) dog farm in a Korean countryside. In the city, people raise dogs in smaller numbers, nearly as pets, and then sell them to dog meat traders. It is easy to deceive the dogs and gain their trust, only to betray them in the end.

LMFAO! Damn, Borg9, that's some funny shiat. I just shot beer through my nose.
2002-07-29 10:40:47 PM  
Eating a dog is no better or worse than eating any other animal.

There's a great scene in Roger & Me by Michael Moore where he goes to interview this laid-off chick. She has a sign at the end of her driveway:

Rabbits. Pets or Meat.

As I watched this slack-jawed yokel pull a rabbit out of the warren and smash its head with a pipe and tear its fur off, I realized that this dullard had created a sublimely succinct expression of this false distinction with her hand-painted sign.

Having to justify eating meat by distinguishing between "good" and "bad" animals to eat goes all the way back to the mists of prehistory, to the earliest impulses of those who want some god's permission to kill and eat another living thing so they don't feel so bad about it.

Why do you think two of the most hotly debated topics on these boards are about religion and vegetarianism? It's because eating meat is a belief system, and it's about as logical as your standard religion.

My god/morality sez:
No cows!
No wait, no pigs!
No wait, pigs are OK, but not those cute potbelied ones!
No dogs!

Y'all are just expressing the errors and contradictions inherent in any set of justifications.

And the animals I've trapped/Have all become my pets...
It's OK to eat fish, 'cause they don't have any feelings...

--K. Cobain
2002-07-29 10:40:47 PM  
When I wa stationed in Korea a few years back a bunch of the guys got a dog for my birthday. It wasn't bad, but hardly worth all the fuss. Give me a good tenderloin of beef any day. I also like pig.
2002-07-29 10:47:43 PM  

Young_Fart, I hope you're joking.

Borg9, I agree, especially after looking at that site... so very not spiffy.

Though I'm not a vegetarian, my opinion is that although I don't disagree wholeheartedly with the whole meat-eating thing, the people should at least take decent care of these animals while they live.... or better yet, leave them the hell alone... dogs usually have nice sharp teeth and nice strong jaws... not the type of animal I would raise for consumption.
2002-07-29 10:53:23 PM  
McCarthur shoulda nuked those slope farkers in 1952 and we wouldn't be putting up with this shiat now.
2002-07-29 10:53:32 PM  
Every time I see a URL from this site it looks like "thecrackchannel."
2002-07-29 10:57:21 PM  
Mom says puppy's
Days are through
She's going to throw him
In the stew
Dead puppies
(No, no)
2002-07-29 11:02:39 PM  
i hear it tastes like ferret which happens to taste like koala, and if you cook it right kinda tastes chimpanzee.....mmm mmm good eatin
2002-07-29 11:03:36 PM  
for some reason the primus song "too many puppies" comes to mind
2002-07-29 11:10:46 PM  
I have some perspective on this issue, since I am currently enjoying a year's paid vacation in the Asian paradise of South (and not too VERY south, either) Korea.

Dog farms, highly illegal? Technically, yes...the government banned them at the time of the Seoul Olympics, hoping to escape bad publicity. But I pass a half-dozen dog farms on my morning runs.

Breeds specially bred for meat? The kennels I pass are filled with a variety, including Rottweillers, little yappy ankle-biters, and other recognizable pet breeds.

I've questioned a Korean acquaintance on the subject, 'cause I was frankly curious, and also done some reading. This is what I've learned:

Korea does not have a tradition of treating dogs (or cats, which are considered bad luck animals) as pets. Most of the dogs here were brought over by GI's during the Korean War.

The "tradition" of eating dogs dates back to the Korean War, also. Simple fact was, the country was shredded. Students of history may remember that the war swept from the North/South border all the way down to the southern coast, then back north to the Chinese border, then back south to the middle again. The WHOLE country was torn apart. Food became a real problem. My Korean acquaintance reports that in some rural communities, Korean were reduced to stripping the bark from trees...

But the American soldiers had brought their dogs with them, and left many of them. Dogs breed quickly, grow quickly, and live on scraps and garbage. So the Koreans used them for food.

Now dog-farming is an industry which is trying to defend itself against widespread criticism. In the more progressive areas of South Korea, the popularity of dogs as pets is rising.

There is more politics and money involved than tradition.
2002-07-29 11:11:41 PM  
The only problems I have with this are the brutality of the slughter and the unsanitary conditions of the animals holding/processing.

The brutality if cultural, and over time may or may not be toned down or done away with. The unsanitary conditions are a predictable side-effect of the market being illegal.

I have a couple of gals I work with that are the hard-core dog loving types. You can't even talk rationally with them about this subject. The way I see it, ANYTHING made of meat can also be cute/a pet in someone elses eyes. If you're going to eat one type of animal, don't act shocked when someone prefers a type you may happen to keep as a pet.

I happen to have a couple of guinea pigs. Why? Cause they're the perfect pet. They're lovable, they don't smell if you keep their cage clean, they have a personality (surprising to a lot of folks), and best of all when you're sick of them you can put them back in their cage and be done with them.

However, for my guests who come over (and can stomach it), I also have a very special book on my shelf I keep handy to show for trivia. It's called, "The Guinea Pig: Healing, Food and Ritual In The Andes." Inside you'll find all sorts of neat facts about how guinea pigs are the "chicken of the Andes" down in Peru and thereabouts.

The point being that except for the consumption of a fellow human being, I don't think I'm justified in telling someone else what they can or can't eat. I can voice my opinion, especially about the cruelty, but hey - isn't South Korea a sovereign nation? Don't they have the right to make their own laws?
2002-07-29 11:14:06 PM  
black dogs are supposed to taste the best.
2002-07-29 11:27:04 PM  
'Chow time!'
2002-07-29 11:36:09 PM  
in Soviet Russia, dog microwaves you!
2002-07-29 11:36:35 PM  
This whole thing is sick. If a society found it acceptable to do this, then I want no part of that society. If you disagree, that's fine. That's your opinion. But my opinion is that the owners of these dog meat farms should be killed. That's my opinion.
2002-07-29 11:56:18 PM  
Dog is a filthy animal. But a dog has personality, and personality goes a long way.
2002-07-29 11:56:34 PM  
TheAnusThatAteManhattan: "The point being that except for the consumption of a fellow human being, I don't think I'm justified in telling someone else what they can or can't eat."

I'm not even so sure I'm hard-set against cannibalism. I'll have to admit Id be against the raising and killing of humans solely for food, but if a decent, underpaid, hardworking county coroner wants to bring home choice cuts from his autopsy subjects, who am I to judge?

(bonus points for catching the song reference)
2002-07-30 12:12:49 AM  
...spiffy?!? absolutely DISGUSTING!?!?! *shudder*
2002-07-30 12:34:52 AM  
Bonobo62, I don't care. They're sick bastards in my eyes. Why don't they stick to eating roaches, crickets, and whatever else they can get their hands on.
2002-07-30 12:47:30 AM  
I suspect that, under circumstances of severe privation, most of us would eat a dog if we could catch one. Maybe not our dog. Maybe not even the neighbor's dog. But a dog that we didn't know by name...probably.

Anybody remember the Donner Party?
2002-07-30 12:51:31 AM  
has anyone ate a dog? is it taste good?
2002-07-30 01:01:35 AM  
In soviet russia, dog food tastes like you!!
2002-07-30 01:06:54 AM  
damn you bonobo62! i'll remember that song next week and not remember why.
2002-07-30 01:09:28 AM  
Hell no dog dont taste good. Only thing ive tasted thats POSSIBLY worse than the taste of British pussy. That shiats all salty, probably cause they gotta use lobsters and shiat for dildos, livin on a piece of shiat island like that do. Ugly ass bastards. Fvck you LordChaos, you ugly ass cock sucking biatch. Fvuckin priest. Go molest some more child you farkin pedophile. Jail Bait. Eat me. Burn in hell. Yo, how many people here ever spread some peanut butter between LordChao's mom's asscheeks and tounged that shiat out, now THAT tastes better than dog. After I'm done toungin her bung, I hit that ass raw for a few hours, then make her suck my cock, licking the ass juice off of it. Ahhhh good stuff. Damn now im hungry. Who got some microwave dog?
2002-07-30 01:15:45 AM  
Mmmm, fresh from the farm.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-30 01:36:43 AM  
dear abby!
2002-07-30 02:07:57 AM  
Today after work, I went out and bought you that puppy you've been wanting. But on my way home, I got hungry and I ate him! I'm joking. I'd never buy you a puppy
2002-07-30 02:12:38 AM  
I will never understand why people would limit their culinary experiences.

I've eaten beef, pork, chicken, many types of fish, many types of shellfish, lobster, crab, pheasant, game hen, horse, rabbit, and rattlesnake. Probably some others too.

If dog was ever on the menu, I'd give it a shot.
2002-07-30 02:16:50 AM  
I don't think people should shrink from the reality of what they're doing when they eat meat. It's not a matter of morbidity, it's a fact of nature. Yes, humans kill complex and probably in some sense conscious animals and absorb those trillions of cells and break down the creature's structure for our own use.

Just because you're eating a dog, doesn't mean you're eating a pet. I should think this is obvious.

People keep pigs for pets don't they? Andd 3 foot cows? Those of you who are freaking out over dogs bat not an eye at a burger or BLT. If you aren't the monsters your philosophy would suggest, you are at very least hypocrites.

Jesus hates you.
2002-07-30 02:28:24 AM  
A dog is a dog. It was bred to be a companion, not food, that's what cows, sheep, and pigs are for. We evolved together dog and human just goes together, not inside each other (except for Cujo....)biatch, I have a heard of mini cows. Nobody eats dem nubians. They arent the same as those bigassed cows.Just like those gay little potbellied pigs arent the same as meat pigs. fark you, you dog hatin', pig farkin', pole smokin' slut.

Allah says: I can kick Jesus' ass, biatch.
2002-07-30 02:31:21 AM  
Another thing, remember that story about the farking piece of shiat asshats grilling a kitty? What's wrong with that then? I guess the dued's were just hungry right?... fark you I hope PETA makes an exception and eats your stupidass. You farking asshat, go fark a pig.
2002-07-30 02:34:25 AM  
shiat yea, grilled kitten is good as fark, especially with a honey glaze. Yum.
2002-07-30 03:10:16 AM  
Mmm, puppylicious....

But seriously, I've eaten dog meat (in vietnam) and it was fine. Not being a major carnivore I wouldn't really seek it out, but it wasn't incredibly disgusting. (Though the little tail on the hind quarters did look funny).

I saw a documentary where a journalist set up a stand in a public area which said `Stop the dog slaughter!', had pictures of dogs, and pictures of meat, and literature to hand out. He interviewed people, most of whom were shocked and appalled.

He then changed the sign to `Stop the sheep slaughter', put a picture of a sheep up over the picture of the dog, and interviewed people. They were dumbfounded that anyone could think eating sheep was a bad thing.

Well worth a watch, visit this site for the video.
2002-07-30 03:23:45 AM  
Dogs have also been bred for food, you dumbass. Any breed of dog that doesn't seem like it would serve a purpose 600 years ago? FOOD ANIMAL.

If it doesn't guard, hunt, or track, it was originally intended to be eaten. Just because you think dogs are just the greatest thing since sliced bread doesn't make it so. Did god himself come down and tell you that cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens are supposed to be eaten but dogs were not? No?

And you've only been here 4 days. You need to curb your stupid reactions or you are going to end up sobbing in a corner- or worse. Look what happened to Turcow.
2002-07-30 03:27:59 AM  
dogs will kill their own species to defend their human family. you'd be hard pressed to find any other species that would do the same. in this bond lies the distinction between dogs and herd animals. this is a self evident truth thats been proven time and time again.

if we are going to look at all meat as being fair game for human consumption, then we might as well eat convicts. after all, whats the difference? meat is meat.

the same argument that you will use against eating human is the same argument that dog owners will use against eating dog. all the cultural relativists out there are deluding themselves when they assume they are incapable of understanding the argument being put forward. wanna get closer to the truth? drag your brother or sister into the alley, smash his/her head with a rock, skin and eat. is this becoming any clearer?
2002-07-30 03:42:24 AM  
07-30-02 03:27:59 AM One2eight
if we are going to look at all meat as being fair game for human consumption, then we might as well eat convicts. after all, whats the difference? meat is meat.

This is the exact argument that convinced me to become vegetarian. There is no difference between eating animals and people. Anyone who claims there is is simply a cultural relativist.
2002-07-30 03:54:20 AM  
Tairngire fark you pussy boy. Gay litle dogs like the toy breeds were for noblility and royalty, NOT for hunting protection ect... They were bred in a time where you didn't heed a dog for protection and hunting, that's what guns and soldiers are for. You DO know that we bred dogs of all shapes and sizes, there just weren't Daschunds just roaming the baren deserts of Africa, or poodles stalking prey in the jungles of SE Asia. People didn't start breeding worthless dogs (in the hunter-gaterer sense) untill they didn't need to rely on them for food and just wanted a dog for around the house for companionship.

You know why we didn't need to rely on dogs for food? A simple invetion calle AGRICULTURE. See, that's where you grow an animal (I.E. a cow) that has no other qualities other than meat (have you seen a cow take down a deer or protect little Timmy from a bear?) let it grow, and eventually eat it. But you have to keep some of these animals to make more little animals. During this time you can use that animal for milk, or in a sheep's case clothing. Dogs weren't eaten simply for the fact that they were more valuable alive, where they could do all the things to help us survive.

It just so happens that those farkin' elves in Korea and the like have to many dogs because they don't know how to neuter them. So, they said "Oh, since we don't have any room for cows because all our fields are a bunch of rice swamps, lets eat those stupid looking things running around our streets." Question: Why don't the people in say, NYC eat the rats?

There's more but I think I got the basics of my thoughts down. One more thing, just because my profile says i've been here 4 days, doesn't mean I haven't been visiting this site for the past 2 years. So you can sit the fark down, and suct the fark up you ignorant dicksmack.

They don't call 'em "man's best friend" for nothing.......
2002-07-30 03:56:27 AM  
One2eight, preach it!
2002-07-30 04:21:11 AM  
Toy breeds were indeed intended for royalty (corgis ad nauseum). However, there were dozens of breeds of dog intended solely for the purpose of eatins.

As for your racism and rampant flaming, let me just say this: if you die, a dog WILL eat your corpse. They will not make the distinction of you being "Dog's best friend".

And while I have no real problems with dogs (I have owned several), I still don't see any reason why eating them is wrong. If they taste good, why the hell not? I wouldn't kill my dog and eat it, because I have an emotional attachment. As for other dogs? Pass the barbecue sauce.

With humans, things are on a slightly different playing field. Humans have a concious mind, something that no other animal (besides chimps and dolphins to a much lesser extent) has. Taking another sentient being's life is something that I couldn't ever live with. IS a dog sentient? Not any more than a cow. Thus, there's no real reason not to eat one.

And why don't New Yorkers eat rats? Mainly because they never had a country wide famine. If all food vanished from NY, you can bet people would start eating rats. If they HAD to eat rats for 5 or 6 years, I would bet that more than a few of them would develop a taste for it.

And on a final note:

If I eat dog meat every day for the rest of my life, there is not a damn thing you can do about it.
2002-07-30 04:40:42 AM  
Bobomonkey: Interesting point about the Vietnamese potbellied pigs you mentioned - they were bred, to a small size, specifically for meat purposes.

And, interestingly, during medieval times, rats were a common food for the poor...ratsellers used to walk the streets with a tray of the roasted beasties, much like hotdog vendors in New York today...
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