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3437 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jan 2007 at 8:37 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-01-23 09:21:35 PM  
2007-01-23 09:21:37 PM  
General Specific:
Drudge's copy is legit.
/There's a first time for everything

And New Orleans is not mentioned once.
2007-01-23 09:21:37 PM  
Kennedy looks like he;s gonna finally have a heart attack...-on air-!!!!
2007-01-23 09:21:39 PM  
yet somehow, during our last six years of republican leadership, we've done nothing
2007-01-23 09:21:41 PM  
Alys: Why is Nancy Pelosi blinking a hundred times a minute?

hopefully she's not having a stroke from the speech.
2007-01-23 09:21:46 PM  
have you guys never watched one of these things before they clap and stand for everything get used to it and shut up
2007-01-23 09:21:47 PM  
These are good goals. I can't wait until he's sworn in so he can get started.
2007-01-23 09:21:48 PM  
medi medi medicare..caid..zorg...
2007-01-23 09:21:55 PM  
Don't worry about the earmarks thing, George. The new Congress is already on top it.
2007-01-23 09:21:59 PM  
Who is Cheney looking at?
2007-01-23 09:22:01 PM  

No worse than me wanting put his head through a wall after listening for 5 minutes.

/hold on a sec, there's a knock at the door
2007-01-23 09:22:02 PM  
I thought I saw McCain grinding his teeth as Bush stole one of his pet projects.
2007-01-23 09:22:05 PM  
Ahaha, Ted is hungover! Then again when isn't he?
2007-01-23 09:22:09 PM  
I can see only half of Cheney's face on the TV, but all of Pelosi's face.
Time to buy a 16:9 HDTV, pal.
2007-01-23 09:22:10 PM  
Ted Kenndey looks like he's trying to hold back a head assplosion
2007-01-23 09:22:10 PM  
Next, there is the matter of earmarks. These special interest items are often slipped into bills at the last hour - when not even C-SPAN is watching. In 2005 alone, the number of earmarks grew to over 13,000 and totaled nearly $18 billion.

Funny how this wasn't a problem before you LOST CONTROL OF CONGRESS!
2007-01-23 09:22:11 PM  
we can balance the budget by not having a pet war
2007-01-23 09:22:16 PM  
No Child Left a Dime.
2007-01-23 09:22:16 PM  
It's kind of making me sick listen to the POTUS talk about 'fiscal responsibility' and 'earmarks' when he and the Republican congress are responsible for the bloating, and then the Republicans cheer him.

Now that the Democrats are in charge the fun is over, I guess.
2007-01-23 09:22:17 PM  
2007-01-23 09:22:17 PM  
eff social security, deposit $$ in my 401k!
2007-01-23 09:22:19 PM  
Yeah, who the hell was McCain winking at? He looked like he just won a bet.
2007-01-23 09:22:20 PM  
RyoShin: When he says earmarks, does he mean pork?

Most earmarks are pork, but they're a separate category unto themselves.
2007-01-23 09:22:26 PM  
Has he announced the new gPhone yet?
2007-01-23 09:22:30 PM  
How about no teacher left behind?
2007-01-23 09:22:30 PM  
OMG... Was that Brian Williams sitting next to Connie Chung???

//Might be drunk already
2007-01-23 09:22:30 PM  
BINGO !!!!!
2007-01-23 09:22:30 PM  
You know it's a bad speech when Cheney can't even fake a smile...
2007-01-23 09:22:31 PM  
We must not allow an achievement gap!
2007-01-23 09:22:31 PM  
wow, imagine what would have happened if you had actually funded no child left behind. asshole
2007-01-23 09:22:31 PM  

Maybe it's Morse Code. She's secretly saying "This guy is a farking moron, get me out of here"

And what's with the lip licking too?
2007-01-23 09:22:31 PM  
Did he just say NCLB retained local control? That's the biggest lie ever said in that room.
2007-01-23 09:22:32 PM  

Not only is Nancy a deadhead but she's actually kind of hot!

2007-01-23 09:22:32 PM  
whoa. that lady's hair looks like dark helmet from space balls
2007-01-23 09:22:33 PM  
GIS for "Earmark"
2007-01-23 09:22:38 PM  
Wow, in reading through the Drudge copy (damn, first time I have said that Drudge did something legit, damn) this guy is as stupid as he was on day 1...

/please, let it end
2007-01-23 09:22:40 PM  
Wow, Pelosi was quick on that one
2007-01-23 09:22:46 PM  
Pelagius: Pelosi blinks every time Dubya lies.

She's probably just flinching. They don't have alcohol access like we do.
2007-01-23 09:22:47 PM  
"Oh please, hated Democratic Party, save me from myself." -Oedipus Tex
2007-01-23 09:22:48 PM  
We must increase funds for students... not just the slow ones.
2007-01-23 09:22:50 PM  
Sweet, 'school' and 'NCLB' are both on my card. Anyone else playing SotU bingo?
2007-01-23 09:22:51 PM  
2007-01-23 09:22:51 PM  
What's the approximate time when he'll say the "I-word," the one that ends in a "Q" as in "Fuh."
2007-01-23 09:22:52 PM  
good lord......first lady looks beyond fake
2007-01-23 09:22:52 PM  
shiat, Dubya's going to have a busy 23 months.
2007-01-23 09:22:53 PM  
it's taking all Pelosi has to not bust out in laughter
2007-01-23 09:22:54 PM  
Medicare and Medicare - Medicaid

Damnit, 3 drinks for the price of 2

Oh, wait

Thanks, George!
2007-01-23 09:22:54 PM  
"Our citizens don't much care what side of the aisle we sit on..."

Oh, please. That's the problem. The neocons out there seem to think it's impossible for a Democrat to be anything but a family-destroying, virulent atheist, and worse, they think it's impossible for a Republican to be anything but a fundamentalist Christian working hard to further the evangelical agenda.

/all hail the great divider
//sorry, but listening to this piece of milktoast makes me go "nucular"
2007-01-23 09:22:58 PM  
I don't know about y'all, but I'm watching using this little prop...
[image from too old to be available]
2007-01-23 09:23:01 PM  
Nancy's blinking is starting to scare me... It's like she's sending a secret message...
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