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(Some Perv)   Man arrested for taking inappropriate photographs of women at Australian Open, told to fap to the publicly available pictures of Maria Sharapova like everyone else   ( ) divider line
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14308 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2007 at 6:20 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-01-22 06:23:54 PM  
If they don't want men to see their panties, they should play in long pants.
2007-01-22 06:25:08 PM  
What, no pix? crazy....
2007-01-22 06:25:41 PM  
So, where are said pics?
2007-01-22 06:27:10 PM  
This thread needs some Kournikova camel toe pics...
2007-01-22 06:27:42 PM  
Um... It didn't say anything about the man taking pics of the tennis players inappropriately.

Why would you go to a tennis tournament to take upskirt pics of women anyway? Wouldn't you want to go to a club or somewhere that hot girls hang out instead of pretentious tennis skanks?
2007-01-22 06:28:21 PM  

/That is all
2007-01-22 06:28:24 PM  
Atomic Spunk

If they don't want men to see their panties, they should play in long pants.

Exactly. If you're out in public you have no expectation of privacy what-so-ever. Was this guy acting like a dork? Sure, why not. But like Atomic spunk said, if you don't want men to see your panties, wear long pants.
2007-01-22 06:31:19 PM  
I hate it when they interrupt the girls when they are "at the tennis"
2007-01-22 06:31:29 PM  
Digital camera? Feh. He should've gone old-school and taped little mirrors to his shoes instead. That way he could look AND act like a drooling syphilitic mongoloid.
2007-01-22 06:31:39 PM  
Awaits the forthcoming pictures of hot tennis players

2007-01-22 06:33:04 PM  
I suppose I should say something here.
2007-01-22 06:34:24 PM

My own favorite tennis player. I think she got ko'd in the very early rounds.
2007-01-22 06:35:11 PM  
"The man was brought to police attention late this afternoon by a woman who had observed him using a digital camera."

Doesn't just about everyone own a digital camera these days?
2007-01-22 06:37:00 PM  
2007-01-22 06:39:58 PM  
Mmmm... Sharapova...
2007-01-22 06:41:46 PM  
I would like the pics submitted to me to see if they are truly inappropiate.
2007-01-22 06:43:31 PM  
2007-01-22 06:44:10 PM
2007-01-22 06:44:37 PM  
I was trying to take pictures of tennis, but took this one by accident.

/The camera went off prematurely
2007-01-22 06:45:05 PM
2007-01-22 06:45:33 PM  
Maria Kirilenko > Maria Sharapova
2007-01-22 06:45:48 PM  
damn. so small.
2007-01-22 06:47:55 PM  
TFA: a toilet cubical

cubical: adjective. Having the form of a cube.

cubicle: noun. A small space or compartment partitioned off.

editor: noun. Something the Australian Associated Press needs.
2007-01-22 06:47:56 PM
2007-01-22 06:48:08 PM
2007-01-22 06:51:55 PM  
I was at the Australian Open in '98. I went to an Anna Kournikova early round match, and I couldn't believe how many old men were there with cameras, taking shot after shot of Anna (I think she was 16 then). Pretty scuzzy.
2007-01-22 07:01:39 PM  
^ I'm sure you went to an early round match, that's the only kind Anna played. :)
2007-01-22 07:05:03 PM  
Atomic Spunk

If you're out in public you have no expectation of privacy what-so-ever.

Yeah, you kinda do. The guys who make a living of shooting pictures down a womans shirt or up her skirt are violating their privacy. The women aren't making their anatomy public by going out in public. They are intending to keep their private areas private. There's a Judge on TV who always says "Just because you CAN exploit someone, doesn't meen you SHOULD"

/Paparazzi are scum
2007-01-22 07:12:38 PM

not work safe
2007-01-22 07:15:43 PM  
There's a Judge on TV who always says "Just because you CAN exploit someone, doesn't meen you SHOULD"

All hail the wisdom of Judge Judy.
2007-01-22 07:33:53 PM  
Atario, When I RTA I began wondering if it was spelled differently in that country. Good to know I still have my head on.
2007-01-22 07:37:46 PM  
Go to and key in "STEFFI, WILL YOU MARRY ME?"
2007-01-22 07:41:16 PM
2007-01-22 07:50:36 PM  
No! Bad, Afecks. Bad! No dessert for you. Now go to your room and think about what you've done.
2007-01-22 07:52:11 PM  
Malkovich plays tennis?
2007-01-22 08:00:28 PM  
CrunchyFroggerYou misquoted me. I didn't say that!
2007-01-22 08:02:28 PM
2007-01-22 08:16:26 PM  

Like the watch..
2007-01-22 08:32:47 PM  

That's a man, baby!
2007-01-22 08:47:28 PM  
Atomic Spunk

CrunchyFroggerYou misquoted me. I didn't say that!

My mistake friend, I blame a cut/paste error. It was actually Honest Bender who made the comment.

/bad frogger
2007-01-22 08:50:16 PM  
/in other news

Go Murray!

//even though he lost
2007-01-22 08:52:11 PM  
Amelie Mauresmo, my eyes!!! She looks more man than me. (I'm a man.)
2007-01-22 08:57:08 PM  
I suppose it's too much to ask for copies of his pictures.
2007-01-22 09:08:15 PM  
White women kinda look like men.
2007-01-22 09:48:22 PM  

That's a man baby!

/I should know :-D
2007-01-22 09:53:57 PM  
2007-01-22 10:21:17 PM  
^^^ Holy crap not safe for work.
2007-01-22 10:31:51 PM  
Welcome to the Machine: That's a man, baby!

Virtually every other French woman I've ever seen has been absolutely smoking hot. I think we've discovered where they dumped all those barrels of ugly.
2007-01-23 01:28:13 AM  
This guy saw more than me
I went to the Open on Saturday and it rained, and rained, and rained. I saw not one ball. Not ONE.
2007-01-23 09:05:10 AM  
When they reported this on the TV news, they showed a close up shot of a sexy pair of legs in a miniskirt of some random woman at the tennis. :/ Forza news!
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