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(NCBuy)   Mark McGrath of SugarRay is too claustrophobic to swim with sharks in a cage. More like he is afraid of the damn sharks.   ( divider line
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2282 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jul 2002 at 1:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-29 01:01:09 AM  
Lol... i hate pussy people who say they don't want to 'Go in that haunted house, cause I don't want to get in trouble for tresspassing' and shiat.
2002-07-29 01:03:27 AM  
More like what the hell, who's Mark McGrath, why do I care, where am I going, where have I come from, etc.
2002-07-29 01:03:29 AM  
*shrugs* who cares, maybe he just doesn't want to muss up his hair. yes muss not mess.

that or he's a pussy
2002-07-29 01:03:30 AM  
Sure, go ahead and laugh. It's always funny until somebody loses an arm.
2002-07-29 01:04:00 AM  
Why was he on the program if he was afraid of sharks?
2002-07-29 01:04:09 AM  

It's bad not to want to swim in a shark cage now?

Wake me up when they throw Bush out of office, he's destroying everyone's IQs.

2002-07-29 01:04:11 AM  
"However, Marven said the singer later overcame his nerves when he 'caught a baby shark and stroked it.'"

Somehow, that just doesn't sound right.
2002-07-29 01:04:14 AM  
huhuhuhu "stroked a shark!"
2002-07-29 01:05:04 AM  
Sounds like somebody should have pushed him in with a bait-ball!

2002-07-29 01:07:26 AM  
hey glod is that glod as in terry pratchett glod?
and so as i'm not thread jacking....

2002-07-29 01:12:31 AM  

Sean Connery actually swam unprotected (no cage or anything) in a small pool with sharks to get a certain shot for Thunderball.
2002-07-29 01:13:03 AM  
Mark McGrath = PUSSY!
2002-07-29 01:16:40 AM  
How many of you would do it?

That's what I thought.

Really, if you were there in person and about to get in? I hate the guy but give him a break - those cages look awful flimsy when you're about to get in one with a bunch of sharks swimming around.

Dammit there I go again - who the hell thought that this was newsworthy in the first place? I gotta get some sleep.
2002-07-29 01:19:24 AM  
GreasyP - I'd do it in a heart beat.
2002-07-29 01:21:40 AM  
GreasyP: Looks like somebody has a crush on Mark....
2002-07-29 01:23:38 AM  
However, Marven said the singer later overcame his nerves when he "caught a baby shark and stroked it."

Ooh....... another dead kitten!
2002-07-29 01:28:01 AM  
07-29-02 01:19:24 AM Andonbray
GreasyP - I'd do it in a heart beat.

C'mon man...Its HIT IT!!
2002-07-29 01:29:07 AM  
Haha, Z0mb13, gold.
2002-07-29 01:33:06 AM  
Freddie F - If I had said "hit it" then I'm not sure who or what would I have been referring to? None of the possibilities for that really interests me.
How about this: I'd go diving in the shark cage if the opportunity presented itself.
2002-07-29 01:34:12 AM  
I could swim with sharks no problem, but, you know, the water's really cold...
2002-07-29 01:40:07 AM  
Hmm, all I can think about is which of the following makes you sound like more of a pussy:

(In a-matter-of-fact tone) "Well frankly, I don't want to do this because cage or no cage, I don't like the idea of being 3 inches away from a shark's jaw."
(indignant macho voice)"Hell no! I ain't afraid of no gull darn SHARKS! You all know I stroked a shark back in '83! Its the small enclosed spaces that I don't like being in... I sure as HELL am not afraid of small enclosed spaces... I just don't like being in them... yeah... that's it... its my fear of personal discomfort that is preventing me from going!
2002-07-29 01:44:30 AM  
I'm stroking my shark right now. Don't tell..........
2002-07-29 01:45:23 AM  
In Soviet Russia, shark strokes YOU!
2002-07-29 01:49:28 AM  
Sec: Piss in your scuba suit to heat up.
2002-07-29 01:56:57 AM  
Do the sharks have frickin laser beams on their heads?
2002-07-29 02:00:17 AM  
Well, considering claustrophobia is the fear of small, enclosed spaces, being stuffed in a shark cage kinda qualifies, would it not?

I would do it, it'd be an awesome experience, but you kinda can't say he's a pussy because he's claustrophobic, it's two entirely different things.

Doesn't make me have any more respect for Sugar Ray though.
2002-07-29 02:01:30 AM  
Fishbulb: 'Fraid not, but they're slightly mutated. =p

Dahne's little Corner of the Web
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2002-07-29 02:05:32 AM  
this was sufficiently stupid.
2002-07-29 02:07:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
For lack of any ideas on the current contest.
2002-07-29 02:10:05 AM  
Mark McGrath is too damn smart to get in the cage.

Nothing wrong with that.
2002-07-29 02:14:13 AM  
07-29-02 02:00:17 AM GCD
"Well, considering claustrophobia is the fear of small, enclosed spaces, being stuffed in a shark cage kinda qualifies, would it not?"

I don't think so. I wouldn't consider a shark cage as being a closed of or confining space. It is just a basket made of metal bars. I'm no authority on phobias but I don't think that was the real problem.
2002-07-29 02:22:57 AM  
he just wanted to stroke nigel marven's baby shark.
2002-07-29 02:50:05 AM  
All the macho things he would say
All the girls thought he wasn't gay
All the doubts of mark being a fag
Have gone out the window
2002-07-29 04:10:41 AM  
Does this moron ever drive a car? Go to the bathroom? Both are usually about as roomy as a shark cage.

He won't go in a cage??? Those cages are not flimsy at all.. they're made to withstand a direct attack.. even a shark barreling straight into it at full speed will only severely dent them, unless it's made of chicken wire.

I'll bet money that the only place he's clausterphobic is in a shark cage in the water, because he's a Sugar Pu55y.

Best quote wasn't even the 'he stroked a baby shark line'.. it's this..

"...McGrath never said he was afraid of doing it but pleaded not to, saying he was too claustrophobic and that he was a city boy who didn't know how to dive."

Pleaded not to = Pu55y
City boy who didn't know how to dive?? All you do is put the regulator in your mouth and breath.. and I KNOW he has to be familiar with putting things in his mouth.
2002-07-29 07:11:32 AM  
"You go inside the cage..cage goes in the go in the water. Shark's in the water. Our shark."
2002-07-29 07:21:56 AM  
"Sean Connery actually swam unprotected (no cage or anything) in a small pool with sharks to get a certain shot for Thunderball."

People do this at Sea World all the time. Those folks, as well as Mr. Connery's handlers, are well versed on when and how much those sharks were last fed. In the middle of the ocean, you may or may not be looking at some very very hungry sharks.

BTW, sharks don't kill for sport in case you didn't know. All that stuff in Jaws 3 was fiction. lol
2002-07-29 08:31:39 AM  
... So i assume he's gonna need a bigger boat?
2002-07-29 08:54:15 AM  
"You go inside the cage..cage goes in the go in the salsa. Shark's in the salsa. Salsa Shark."
2002-07-29 08:56:07 AM  
Kyleh: wait wait, jaws was fiction? that's my favorite documentary!
2002-07-29 10:37:30 AM  
Maybe he was just afraid of shrinkage.

[image from too old to be available]
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