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(Reuters)   New recruits in China are given hats and are told to put them on, with no coaching from anyone. Hilarity ensues   ( ) divider line
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2007-01-12 02:20:41 PM  
I was thinking this article was going to be about condoms... god only knows what they might do with those.
2007-01-12 02:22:44 PM  

I have no idea what you're talking about.

So here's a photo of a new bunch of chinese recruits.

2007-01-12 02:25:06 PM

It seemed that Farkistan Army Recruitment was off to a rough start.

2007-01-12 02:32:04 PM  
Nobody yell "FIRE DRILL!"
2007-01-12 02:32:48 PM  
We need a PS with them all wearing pancakes...
2007-01-12 02:32:54 PM  
Thats wacist.
2007-01-12 02:33:32 PM  
Hey wait, is that Keanu on the left?
2007-01-12 02:36:43 PM  
it's an exercise on free thinking you asshats!
2007-01-12 02:38:02 PM  
Headso: it's an exercise on free thinking you asshats!

Then why are they on their heads, rather than their asses?
2007-01-12 02:50:18 PM  
Maybe they are being punished, told to balance their hat on their head in a difficult way for the whole inspection else be penalized.
2007-01-12 02:51:16 PM  
Nah, that's just the Xinxau Synchronized Hat Drill Team.
2007-01-12 02:52:35 PM  
muninsfire: Then why are they on their heads, rather than their asses?

it is China, how free do you figure they will allow them to think?
2007-01-12 02:54:01 PM  
Headso: it is China, how free do you figure they will allow them to think? a biiiirrrd.....

/But Salge, I can't fry!
2007-01-12 03:57:22 PM  
That should scare them gawdam mongowians.

/keep bustin' down my shiatty wawl
2007-01-12 03:59:12 PM  
can anyone tell what's up with that dude in the middle? is he wanking off back there?
2007-01-12 03:59:25 PM  
You may understand fark, but you do not understand Chiyyy-naaaa!
2007-01-12 04:00:16 PM  
Olaf has it right, it's just asking for some pancakes.
2007-01-12 04:00:22 PM  
front-right is 100% serious bidness
2007-01-12 04:00:29 PM  
God, I wish there were Chinese Nazis. That would be badass.
2007-01-12 04:00:52 PM
2007-01-12 04:01:10 PM  
Is Reuters using the Onion as a source again?
2007-01-12 04:02:17 PM  
For some reason, I don't think the Chinese army is *that* farked up.
2007-01-12 04:02:43 PM  
If it's an exercise in free thinking only the dude in front should get credit.
2007-01-12 04:02:54 PM  
I am so happy to be the Weeners this.
2007-01-12 04:04:03 PM  
They won't need guns. They'll use mind bullets. This is just a training exercise to get them warmed up. Make the hat stand up on your head without touching it.

2007-01-12 04:04:03 PM  
um, more like, "amateur, unfunny blogger makes a joke out of a photo he saw, with no relationship to reality whatsoever, and stupid Farkers take it at face value and believe it."
2007-01-12 04:04:52 PM  
Dahne: I am so happy to be the Weeners this.

Bahahaha, I forgot about that.
2007-01-12 04:05:25 PM  
Suddenly, I'm reminded of that one VG Cats comic...
Comic Here, no pops, too lazy
2007-01-12 04:05:35 PM  
Everyone in each row has their hat on the same way.

Unlikely tag glares at Amusing tag from the shadows.
2007-01-12 04:06:43 PM  
2007-01-12 04:07:11 PM  
KurobeiB/b>, you are not the Weeners.
2007-01-12 04:07:26 PM  
You, your pants aren't pressed, hat upside down. You, you forgot to shave, hat on it's tip.
2007-01-12 04:07:46 PM  
I am calling shenanigans. If told to put the hats on with no instruction on how to wear said hat, all they would have to do is look at their instructors to see how THEY wore the hats.

The douchebag author most likely did a great job of taking a picture of something slightly amusing and putting a stupid caption with it.

As the cliche goes, I work for the Chinese army...
2007-01-12 04:09:21 PM  
Christian Bale: um, more like, "amateur, unfunny blogger makes a joke out of a photo he saw, with no relationship to reality whatsoever, and stupid Farkers take it at face value and believe it."

OR more like "amateur, unfunny blogger makes a joke out of a photo he saw, with no relationship to reality whatsoever, and stupid Farkers carry on the joke for fun while even more stupid Farkers think they're serious and get their panties in a twist."
2007-01-12 04:09:25 PM  
Privates are universal, I guess.
2007-01-12 04:10:23 PM  
ROR ^_^
2007-01-12 04:11:02 PM  
Just because it's Friday afternoon, and we all deserve something better than Chinese soldiers- Scarlett Johansson:
2007-01-12 04:12:57 PM  
Lawdude just made me shed a tear for humanity.
2007-01-12 04:13:46 PM  
I think it's just an inspection, and they flip the hats for some mysterious purpose known only to the cunning minds of the Orient.
2007-01-12 04:14:00 PM  
I lol'd heartily.
2007-01-12 04:14:16 PM  
choice and consequence


Thank you very much!
2007-01-12 04:14:21 PM  
corbell: ROR ^_^

2007-01-12 04:16:03 PM  
Larry caps, guys! Larry caps!
2007-01-12 04:16:41 PM  
Basically what is going on is that the guy checking them out is conducting an inspection. By wearing their hats upside down or sideways, he can tell when someone moves, because the hat will fall off. Anyone who is missing a hat at the end of the inspection is in for a world of shiat.

Once you get the hat balanced on your head its not a hard thing to do, but that inspection will probably take 20 to 25 minutes, and standing ramrod straight for that long is hard. People tend to pass out and land face first on the parade ground in a puddle of blood and teeth. If the guy is an arse he will be bumping into them, tugging on thier uniform, etc. This would really suck on a breezy day.

My guess is that once he's done, he will make the files swap hat positions and do it again. There's lots of cruel little games that are played with recruits like this, such as the 20 minute double arm dress, pillow drill, etc. Most of them are not used by Nato countries anymore, but I'm not surprised that the Chinese are doing it.
2007-01-12 04:18:05 PM  
I'm calling bullshiat... either photoshop or completely unrelated and they invented a story to attach to the picture!
2007-01-12 04:18:29 PM
2007-01-12 04:19:49 PM  
TFA says, Or maybe that isn't what's happening here at all.
2007-01-12 04:20:16 PM  
Balancing their hats to show posture perhaps... pretty spiffy idea.

I would think the side balanced hat gets you extra points.
2007-01-12 04:20:56 PM  
I've got Mozilla's noscript plugin, so I didn't see any article at all, until I unblocked blogspot. And now I'm reminded never to get rid of noscript.
2007-01-12 04:21:23 PM  
But... but...

They're supposed to be Inscrutable!

/wears dissolusionment like a mourning band.

Meow C. Tongue
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