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31436 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jan 2007 at 9:04 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-01-10 09:22:10 AM  
geez britt... that would make another great cooter shot!!
2007-01-10 09:22:32 AM  
Shoot the field goal already!
2007-01-10 09:22:38 AM  
I like to give groups of Japanese gentlemen what I call a "Bukkake target grid" with my hands, like this.
2007-01-10 09:23:01 AM  
Do you think I have "man-hands"?

2007-01-10 09:23:13 AM  
"I rate men on a scale of one to ten. This would be about a 5."
2007-01-10 09:23:29 AM  
Daddy, I need a stack of hundreds this big for the weekend. Thanks.
2007-01-10 09:23:30 AM  
Well two men walk into the room and one gets you from the front and the other one from behind and that's what chinese fingercuffs are.
2007-01-10 09:23:47 AM  
According to the Pauli exclusion principle, no two identical fermions may occupy the same quantum state simultaneously, since if the four quantum numbers are identical, the total wavefunction is antisymmetric. This means that if I can find a guy exactly this long, I can save my friend Pauli from the warped space-time of my nether regions.
2007-01-10 09:24:19 AM  
Smell these and guess which finger was in what orifice.
2007-01-10 09:24:26 AM  
"The area of a perfect square is obtained by multiplying the length of one of its sides by itself."
2007-01-10 09:24:39 AM  
"Make the cocaine line this long."
2007-01-10 09:24:43 AM  
so your right hand makes an L when you... no wait, which way is the L again?
2007-01-10 09:26:03 AM  
"Try to get all the spooge between the uprights...I want to wear this dress later"
2007-01-10 09:27:02 AM  
"...and everyone was taking pictures, so I said 'hell, I'll give them something to photograph,' so I..."
2007-01-10 09:27:20 AM  
So you have point A and point B, just like this, see? *brings fingers together* and THAT'S how a wormhole in quantam physics works.
2007-01-10 09:28:15 AM  
He said my IQ is this many.
2007-01-10 09:28:23 AM  
"It is my dream to be this thin"
2007-01-10 09:28:37 AM  
Matt, you don't know full-blown batshiat crazy...I do!
2007-01-10 09:28:47 AM  
So here I am, sitting on one side of this giant glory hole, and there's George Michael sitting on the other side facing me!
2007-01-10 09:28:58 AM  
Reporter: okay, now put that right one on your forehead.
2007-01-10 09:29:05 AM  
Press 'L' and 'R' simultaneously to block.
2007-01-10 09:30:06 AM  
Step 1) Place hand into an "L" shape with Forefinger and thumb
(no Paris, not 4 fingers, just the first finger)

Step 2) Apply directly to the forhead
Apply directly to the forhead
Apply directly to the forhead
2007-01-10 09:30:40 AM  
Last time I was in Chicago, I ate a slice of foie gras this big!
2007-01-10 09:35:50 AM  
Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. Unless it's at least this big.
2007-01-10 09:36:45 AM  
So I took out two pistols, and I pointed them right at the cop and screamed "In the name of all that is holy and righteous.. kill me now." He laughed.. *sigh* why doesn't ANYONE take me seriously..
2007-01-10 09:38:05 AM  
" Even with her C section she could still spread her lips this wide! Brit is Sooo Hot!"
2007-01-10 09:38:41 AM  
So if there are two number ones, you see, it is eleven.
2007-01-10 09:41:09 AM  
OK, one of these makes an "L" and that makes it my left hand, lets see which one is it...
2007-01-10 09:43:59 AM  
"And that, my friend, is the difference between a square and a rhombus. Not coincidentally, its also how we know the world to be banana-shaped."
2007-01-10 09:50:51 AM  
2007-01-10 09:51:57 AM  
Those pictures of Britney on the Internet are soooo disgusting. I mean you can see her C-section scar and everything! It's *this* big! Gross! I mean get a plastic surgeon!
2007-01-10 09:53:37 AM  
It's like a square, you know?
2007-01-10 09:53:54 AM  
This is the church, and this is the steeple... wait, how does it go again? I keep forgetting!
2007-01-10 09:54:00 AM  
I gave my PR Rep. a wad of hundred-dollar-bills this wide to make me famous.
2007-01-10 09:54:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-01-10 09:56:01 AM  
"My wizard sleeve is *THIS WIDE*!"
2007-01-10 10:01:14 AM  
Why is Ron Jeremy always making THIS gesture??
2007-01-10 10:07:40 AM  
"This is my end zone dance for whenever two goals are scored at once. Its like the thunderdome only two men enter, no men leave."
2007-01-10 10:08:13 AM  
They said it was called a "sandwich", and that people "eat" them...
2007-01-10 10:13:47 AM  
I have a headache this big....
2007-01-10 10:16:08 AM  
Only this much of his cock was consensual the rest of it was rape!
2007-01-10 10:16:49 AM  
I can't believe nobody said this....


2007-01-10 10:18:46 AM  
RIP 1981-2007
2007-01-10 10:23:50 AM  
"If it's not at least this wide, I won't even feel it."
2007-01-10 10:26:14 AM  
"The fish that fell out of my Vagina was THIS BIG!"
2007-01-10 10:28:51 AM  
Two in the pink, *this* many in the stink!
2007-01-10 10:31:54 AM  
"I like it - one in the pink and one in the stink."
2007-01-10 10:35:35 AM  
"Did you hear about how big a fish the one-armed fisherman caught..."
2007-01-10 10:43:49 AM  
" If you look through here, it's like im on tv! I'm still on tv, right?"
2007-01-10 10:51:27 AM  
it's true, my vag is thissssss wide.
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