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(Some Hippo)   Ugly ass - and I mean ugly assed - baby hippo .... alright, the third pic is kinda cute   ( divider line
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2007-01-05 10:04:19 PM  
Check out the second pic:

Father Hippo: "Whoo-hoooo! That's my boy! Takes after his father, he does.."

Mother Hippo: "Umm, honey.. that's the umbilical chord."
2007-01-05 10:23:38 PM  
Aw, I want one!
2007-01-05 11:00:56 PM  
2007-01-05 11:24:45 PM  
Enjoy your cuteness now buddy, because it's all downhill from here!
2007-01-05 11:25:13 PM  
hmm, yeah UGLY, might make a good lawn ornament though.........
2007-01-05 11:25:44 PM  
2007-01-05 11:26:02 PM  
It looks yummy...maybe a little BBQ sauce.
2007-01-05 11:26:06 PM  
I'll bet he runs fast and jumps high!
2007-01-05 11:26:23 PM  
Hippo thread!
2007-01-05 11:26:38 PM  
dammit FS
2007-01-05 11:26:55 PM  
2007-01-05 11:28:41 PM  
Yum! Hippo veal!
2007-01-05 11:29:10 PM  
Wife's relatives in the news again.
2007-01-05 11:31:39 PM  
HAHA! Cute-Overload got Farked!

This amuses me greatly.
2007-01-05 11:32:07 PM  
Quick! Someone post that bit from when the Simpson's go to Africa, and they see the hippo being hatched from an egg!

"I know, but-"

"What did you just see, Lisa?"
2007-01-05 11:33:59 PM  
I'm not the only that thinks it's really adorable, am I?
2007-01-05 11:42:42 PM  
Here come the Hippos!
2007-01-05 11:45:14 PM  
I am so bookmarking that site.

/Girl, obviously.
2007-01-05 11:45:59 PM  

I lol'd.
2007-01-05 11:47:42 PM  
Come on, he's cute!
2007-01-05 11:48:24 PM  
Reed Solomon

Nice web, Mr. house hippo.
2007-01-05 11:50:12 PM  
2007-01-05 11:53:00 PM  
Hippos. One of my favorites.
2007-01-05 11:58:10 PM
2007-01-05 11:59:12 PM  

I read somewhere that when a hippo gets mad, it can forcefully spray fecal matter and/or urine at the source of it's anger ... and then spins it's little tail around to get maximum splatterage.

2007-01-05 11:59:43 PM  
The most deadly beast in the animal kingdon.
2007-01-06 12:00:43 AM  
If only there were some way we could harness their natural the gladiator pit of death!
2007-01-06 12:03:50 AM  
I think it's cute. But, for some strange reasons I am frightened of hippos.

STRYPERSWINE: The most deadly beast in the animal kingdon.

I guess it's rightly so.
2007-01-06 12:10:37 AM
2007-01-06 12:11:18 AM  
Bullshiat, the most deadly beast in the Animal Kingdom:
2007-01-06 12:11:51 AM  
Now that's just wrong.
2007-01-06 12:25:01 AM  
Somebody got a hippo for Christmas
2007-01-06 12:29:45 AM  
Am I the only one who thought of this?
2007-01-06 12:36:56 AM

/I just can't help myself
//Fark clichés are addictive
2007-01-06 12:37:59 AM  
2007-01-06 12:38:07 AM  
That thing looks like one of my bowel movements got up and started walking around.

2007-01-06 12:39:50 AM  
man if I ever saw a hippo in the wild I wouldn't concern myself with pictures, I would be running. I hear stories of hippos basically destroying boats on rivers.

big, strong, aggressive animals who know how to throw their weight around and are surprisingly fast

did I mention sharp teeth?
2007-01-06 12:40:54 AM  
Isn't it breaking some unwritten rule to actually post a link to on Fark?

You're supposed to steal pictures of cats from there, add captions in big letters and post them here to look like you worked really hard to find funny photos.

You're like.. breaking the universe, Submitter!!
2007-01-06 12:55:28 AM

Looks real cute
2007-01-06 12:56:02 AM  
Yeah yeah, it's all cute and cuddly now, but just wait until his freaking razor sharp tusks come in and he mistakes your canoe for an enemy invading his territory...

/or a mate, that might be worse...
2007-01-06 12:59:33 AM  
SuperCatBarf: Hippos are cute.

he got out of a bath? Now that's just silly.
2007-01-06 01:03:32 AM  
Combine Orgasm

Those tusks look to be self-sharpening.

/Note to self:
//Never go to Africa
2007-01-06 01:15:42 AM  
Seems to have a pretty big weiner considering he is a baby hippo. Wow. You must admit, his shlong is slightly large for being a tot. But then again I don't think I've ever seen an elephant dick before.
2007-01-06 01:16:26 AM  
You know?

There are actually some very creative people here on Fark.

I can't figure out why only the people most likely to repeat a worn out cliche for the millionth farking time are the ones allowed to post.
2007-01-06 01:18:04 AM  
What key is best to play the umbilical chord in?
2007-01-06 01:24:37 AM  
TFA neglected to mention if it was Hungry Hungry..
2007-01-06 01:25:52 AM  

The "B Chord" (the B is for birth of course)
2007-01-06 01:53:32 AM  
I love. That website.

It needs more Boxers though.
2007-01-06 01:54:02 AM  
Primate. Yes.
Baby Hippo != Eraserhead baby
2007-01-06 02:18:52 AM  
PegoTheJerk: Father Hippo: "Whoo-hoooo! That's my boy! Takes after his father, he does.."

Mother Hippo: "Umm, honey.. that's the umbilical chord."

And to think that I was about to post about how disgusted I was at the public display of urethro-beastiality.

Who would've thought that a still-attached umbilical chord could look so much like a fish stuck in a dick.
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